DC Comics Timelines

Welcome to the ultimate hub of DC Comics timelines and other various timelines related to this superhero universe. This list compiles all of the DC trade paperbacks in a chronological reading order. Additionally, this page also includes fan favorites like the DC Extended Universe or the Arrowverse shows. We hope you enjoy! let us know on our contact page if there’s another DC timeline you would like to see. In addition, don’t forget to visit our Marvel page for a similar list of Marvel Comics.

Our Most Popular Timelines

These are the most important timelines that deal with the comics, including the all-inclusive main continuity timeline, our recommended reading timeline, and more!

vertigo comics reading order banner art

An imprint of DC Comics, Vertigo has been the home for more adult content in comic form. Though many characters have weaved themselves in and out of DC continuity.

dc events and recommended reading banner art

Reading everything is pretty much impossible. But if you want the best of the best, and the most important events, use this DC reading order.

dc main continuity reading order banner art

The ultimate DC reading order, this DC Comics Main Continuity timeline assembles all the main DC graphic novels together into one place.

DC Timelines by Category

Though most of DC Comics are…well, comics, there are many timelines that fit better under different media types, such as film, television, and video games. Here are some of those timelines. You’ll also find individual timelines for certain eras, alternate timelines, characters, and teams.

  • DC Film
  • DC Television
  • DC Games
  • Eras and Alternate Timelines
  • DC Characters

DC Film Franchises

These are the main film-based timelines set in DC Universes. Whether you’re a fan of the DC Extended Universe or the old Nolan films, or even the animated movie universe, you’ll find those here.

banner image with wonder woman that says dc extended universe

What’s in the DC Extended Universe Timeline? The DC Extended Universe timeline is fairly new, but there are huge plans for the franchise that we’ll see unfold in the future….

banner for classic dc movies timeline

Whether it’s Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the Man of Steel, or Tim Burton’s enchanting new take on Batman, chances are one of these films informed your childhood view of these…

dc animated movie universe timeline banner art

DC may not have had 100% success with their live-action film universe, but they’ve seen resounding success with their DC animated movie universe. Take a look!

nolanverse timeline banner art

Though there aren’t many entries in this timeline, the Batman Nolanverse is perhaps one of the best versions of the character thus far.

DC Television Franchises

DC has been very successful on television. These timelines assemble various television franchises based on DC character. From the animated Batman: The Animated Series, to the more modern Arrowverse, you’ll find a wealth of content here.

arrowverse banner image with a collection of superheroes and text that says The Arrowverse Timeline

What started as a small, gritty realization of one of DC’s minor characters, the Green Arrow, has turned into a huge television universe. This is the Arrowverse episode viewing order (as well as a few books and comics), putting it all together.

banner art for the timeline of batman '66, green hornet, and wonder woman '77

By today’s standards, these three television shows might make many of us shake our heads in bewilderment, but they are absolutely instrumental in establishing these characters as household names. And…

young justice episode order banner art

One of the most critically-acclaimed animated shows of all time, the series was strong enough to warrant a re-boot years later.

gotham episode order banner art

A Gotham before Batman, this show tried a curiously new angle in the Batman mythos. Whether or not it succeeded is up to you.

smallville timeline banner art

Running for a massive 10 seasons, Smallville paved the way for live-action Superhero television, the forerunner of hit successes like the Arrowverse.

young justice episode order banner art

Starting with the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) is what made many of us fall in love with DC’s characters.

DC Video Game Franchises

These are the main video-game-based timelines for the DC Universe. Right now, there are only two main video game franchises that fit into this category, but who knows, there will probably be more to come.

arkham timeline banner art

One of the few times that a superhero story has worked well in video games. The Batman Arkham games are among the most fun open-world games currently in existence.

dc injustice timeline banner art

An alternate reality where Superman lives to see himself become the villain. This DC Injustice timeline follows the hit video games and their comic tie-ins.

DC Eras and Time Periods

The main continuity timeline above can be a lot to take in. That’s why we’ve broken it down into some of these smaller timelines. These also include a few alternate universe timelines that you might be interested in, such as the Amalgam universe, or the Earth One universe.

banner with a lot of superheroes on it and text that reads DC Rebirth timeline

Following the Convergence event and DC You, Rebirth started a new timeline that brought in the Watchmen. Read more about DC’s exciting new direction.

dc icons timelines banner art

Young adult books surrounding DC’s most legendary icons, we hope you enjoy this reading order of the DC Icons series.

amalgam universe reading order banner art

The Amalgam Universe is a mashup of Marvel and DC characters. This timeline includes those stories as well as the Marvel vs. DC stories that have popped up from time to time.

dc silver age reading order banner art

The Silver age brought us some of the more recognizable versions of our favorite characters, such as the Flash or Green Lantern.

dc golden age banner art

Ever wanted to read through the very beginnings of your favorite DC characters like Batman and Superman? This is where you start.

elseworlds reading order bannera art

The Elseworlds are a series of stories that don’t fit in regular continuity, but some of them are very interesting…

dc bronze reading order banner art

The Bronze Age is where authors and artists really began to dig deeper into these characters, giving us some of the most classic stories we have.

new 52 reading order banner art

After Flashpoint, the DC Universe was rebooted into the New 52. Here is the reading order for that era.

dc year one reading order banner art

The Earth One universe is a new interpretation of DC’s characters, set in a more realistic world. Start over with your favorite characters!

dark knight universe reading order banner art

The Dark Knight Universe contains one of the most classic Dark Knight comics around. Delve into this darker universe by Frank Miller.

flashpoint reading order banner art

Continuing the DC main continuity from the Infinit Crisis event to the game-changing Flashpoint reboot.

infinite crisis reading order banner art

What’s in the Underworld Unleashed to Infinite Crisis Timeline? Here is the timeline for the DC trade paperbacks from Underworld Unleashed (just after Zero Hour) to Infinite Crisis. The Infinite…

zero hour reading order banner art

What is in the Crisis – Zero Hour Timeline? This Crisis through Zero Hour timeline records the trades between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour. Crisis was DC’s first…

DC Characters

Perhaps you’re drawn to one character in particular. That is why we have a variety of character timelines available here, arranged in alphabetical order. We hope you enjoy!

batwoman reading order banner art

Batwoman is a relatively recent addition to the Bat family, but she has quickly become iconic in her role, resulting eventually in a show in the Arrowverse and so much more!!

world's finest reading order banner art

What better team-up can you have then Batman and Superman. One of the first superhero team-ups, these World’s Finest have been around since the Golden Age of DC Comics.

watchmen timeline banner art

An alternate, darker timeline, the original Watchmen comic became a hit sensation. They were later expanded in prequel books, and included in DC’s Rebirth.

swamp thing reading order banner art

One of the DC Universe’s darkest characters, he quickly became one of its most interesting. He is the protector of the Green.

teen titans reading order banner art

Possibly DC’s second most well-known team, the Teen Titans bring most of the teenage sidekicks together, along with some other, unique teenage superheroes.

supergirl reading order banner art

Supergirl is perhaps the most important member of the Superfamily, next to Superman himself. In fact, she’s even more powerful than Superman in several ways…

superboy reading order banner art

Superboy is an interesting character, mostly due to him being just as powerful as Superman, but a bit less mentally stable…

suicide squad reading order banner art

Suicide Squad recently came into popularity because of the film, but they’ve been around for a long time, forced to fight for the “good” guys.

shazam reading order banner art

One of DC’s earliest heroes, Shazam brings a youthful innocence that is still very popular with all ages.

sandman reading order banner art

Made famous by Neil Gaiman, the Sandman is one of the more strange characters in DC’s lineup. Read his essential stories.

red robin reading order banner art

Besides Dick Grayson, Tim Drake is perhaps the most well known Robin. Read through his stories in this timeline.

red hood reading order banner art

Jason Todd, the second Robin, met a tragic fate at the hands of the Joker. But it wasn’t the end for him. He later returned as the Red Hood.

nightwing reading order banner art

Dick Grayson, the first Robin, later became a powerful superhero in his own right. In many ways, he’s all but a step up on Batman himself.

new gods reading order banner art

Originally created by Jack Kirby, the New Gods and their storyline have become a staple of DC Comics literature.

martian manhunter reading order banner art

Believe it or not, Martian Manhunter is far more powerful than Superman, and he’s an integral member of the Justice League. Learn more about the last son of Mars.

legion of superheroes reading order banner art

The Legion of Superheroes gives us a glimpse of the future of the DC Universe, where heroes are plentiful and far better organized.

lobo reading order banner art

The universe’s baddest bounty hunter. This Lobo reading order is perfect for fans of the more R-rated side of the DC Universe.

justice society reading order banner art

Even older than the Justice League, the Justice Society was one of the first superhero team-up groups. Today those superheroes live on Earth 2.

justice league reading order banner art

DC’s most famous team. The Justice Leauge is where the best of the best team-up to fight all sorts of galactic-scaled threats. Read through the most interesting stories.

joker reading order banner art

The clown prince of crime, and easily Batman’s most terrifying foe, the Joker is one of the few villains that definitely deserves his own timeline.

hawkman reading order banner art

Hawkman and Hawkgirl have one of the most complicated histories in DC Comics. Hopefully, you enjoy this timeline to help make sense of it.

hellblazer reading order banner art

Looking into the darker side of DC Comics, Hellblazer, aka Constantine, will be one of the first characters you meet.

harley quinn reading order banner art

A fan favorite from the very beginning, Harley Quinn is a relative newcomer to the DC Universe, but one of today’s most interesting characters.

green lantern reading order banner art

In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Read all the Green Lantern Corp stories in chronological order.

dc's trinity reading order banner art

DC’s big three include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. See them all in action as DC’s Trinity in this reading order.

lucifer reading order banner art

In the DC/Vertigo universe, Lucifer, aka the devil, is one of the most powerful superheroes. If you can even call him that.

batman and the outsiders reading order banner art

Batman always was a bit of a loner on the Justice League. So it makes sense that he would form his own team of outsiders.

flash reading order banner art

The fastest man alive, the Flash has been one of the more popular DC characters, making his way into multiple corners of pop culture.

green arrow reading order banner art

Also known as the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow is today’s modern Robin Hood. Delve into his stories.

deathstroke reading order banner art

Easily one of the coolest villains in the DC Universe, Deathstroke is a lot like Batman himself, except he uses his skills and gadgets for evil.

damian wayne reading order banner art

Ever had trouble keeping all the Robin’s straight? Well, Damian Wayne should be easy to remember because he’s the only one actually related to Batman.

cyborg reading order banner art

His life as a superhero began with a tragic accident. This Cyborg reading order is your one-stop source for his story.

wonder woman reading order banner art

Perhaps the most famous and popular female superhero, Wonder Woman is an inspiration to us all. Read through all the major stories throughout her history.

superman reading order banner art

The superhero who started it all, read through all of the major Superman trade paperbacks in chronological order!

catwoman reading order banner art

More than a nemesis to Batman, Catwoman has evolved to be an extremely enticing character in her own right.

blue beetle reading order banner art

One of DC’s most underrated characters, the Blue Beetle is one of our personal favorites here at All Timelines.

booster gold reading order banner art

Some find him annoying, others endearing. But Booster Gold is certainly a splash character from DC Comics.

black canary reading order banner art

With a scream like a banshee, Black Canary is nothing to sneer at. She’s one of the toughest superheroes out there, and has appeared in various DC adaptations, most noteably the show, Arrow.

batman beyond reading order banner art

In the near future, Bruce Wayne is an old man, and he is succeeded as Batman by another. Delve into this exciting and dangerous future.

batman reading order banner art

Perhaps the most popular DC character, this reading order takes all of the major stories of the Dark Knight and places them in order.

aquaman reading order banner art

He’s come a long way from being the butt of every superhero joke. Aquaman is perhaps the fiercest superhero in the Justice League.

batgirl episode order banner art

Batgirl has been through a lot throughout DC’s pages. But whether she’s in a wheelchair or out fighting crime, she’s still one of the best crime-fighters in Gotham.

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