The Batman ’66, Green Hornet, and Wonder Woman ’77 Timeline

By today’s standards, these three television shows might make many of us shake our heads in bewilderment, but they are absolutely instrumental in establishing these characters as household names. And even today, they still retain that classic camp that is such a great part of superhero comics. This is the timeline of Batman ’66.

What’s on the Batman ’66/Green Hornet/Wonder Woman ’77 Timeline?

As the title of this timeline suggests, there are three main shows that we include on this list.

  • Batman ’66: The central show on this list is also the first to air. It became hugely popular and made Batman a household name.
  • Green Hornet ’66: Though this show was short lived, it featured actors like Bruce Lee and crosses over with Batman at one point.
  • Wonder Woman ’77: While this show happened a decade later, and there’s little in the show itself to connect it to this universe, its nature fits the spirit of this timeline, and there is a comic that does link the two.

We’ve also included some additional comics that cemented Batman ’66 with other shows, including Green Hornet and Wonder Woman. There are other shows that cross over in these comics, but we’ve left those shows off the list simply because it would get out of hand, and they’re not necessarily superhero or DC related. Lastly, we also include the two animated films that were produced more recently just before Adam West’s death.

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