The Batman ’66, Green Hornet, and Wonder Woman ’77 Timeline

banner art for the timeline of batman '66, green hornet, and wonder woman '77

By today’s standards, these three television shows might make many of us shake our heads in bewilderment, but they are absolutely instrumental in establishing these characters as household names. And even today, they still retain that classic camp that is such a great part of superhero comics. This is the timeline of Batman ’66.

What’s on the Batman ’66/Green Hornet/Wonder Woman ’77 Timeline?

As the title of this timeline suggests, there are three main shows that we include on this list.

  • Batman ’66: The central show on this list is also the first to air. It became hugely popular and made Batman a household name.
  • Green Hornet ’66: Though this show was short lived, it featured actors like Bruce Lee and crosses over with Batman at one point.
  • Wonder Woman ’77: While this show happened a decade later, and there’s little in the show itself to connect it to this universe, its nature fits the spirit of this timeline, and there is a comic that does link the two.

We’ve also included some additional comics that cemented Batman ’66 with other shows, including Green Hornet and Wonder Woman. There are other shows that cross over in these comics, but we’ve left those shows off the list simply because it would get out of hand, and they’re not necessarily superhero or DC related. Lastly, we also include the two animated films that were produced more recently just before Adam West’s death.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Wonder Woman 1.01: Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von GuntherTV EpisodeBarry Crane1976-04-21Wonder Woman 77This first season takes place in the 1940s.
2Wonder Woman 1.02: Fausta: The Nazi Wonder WomanTV EpisodeBarry Crane1976-04-28Wonder Woman 77
3Wonder Woman 1.03: Beauty on ParadeTV EpisodeRichard Kinon1976-10-13Wonder Woman 77
4Wonder Woman 1.04: The Feminum Mystique: Part 1TV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1976-11-06Wonder Woman 77
5Wonder Woman 1.05: The Feminum Mystique: Part 2TV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1976-11-08Wonder Woman 77
6Wonder Woman 1.06: Wonder Woman vs. GargantuaTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1976-12-18Wonder Woman 77
7Wonder Woman 1.07: The Pluto FileTV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1976-12-25Wonder Woman 77
8Wonder Woman 1.08: The Last of the Two Dollar BillsTV EpisodeStuart Margolin1977-01-08Wonder Woman 77
9Wonder Woman 1.09: Judgment from Outer Space: Part 1TV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-01-15Wonder Woman 77
10Wonder Woman 1.10: Judgment from Outer Space: Part 2TV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-01-17Wonder Woman 77
11Wonder Woman 1.11: Formula 407TV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1977-01-22Wonder Woman 77
12Wonder Woman 1.12: The BushwackersTV EpisodeStuart Margolin1977-01-29Wonder Woman 77
13Wonder Woman 1.13: Wonder Woman in HollywoodTV EpisodeBruce Bilson1977-02-16Wonder Woman 77
14Batman 1.01: Hi Diddle RiddleTV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-01-12Batman 66
15Batman 1.02: Smack in the MiddleTV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-01-13Batman 66
16Batman 1.03: Fine Feathered FinksTV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-01-19Batman 66
17Batman 1.04: The Penguin's a JinxTV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-01-20Batman 66
18Batman 1.05: The Joker Is WildTV EpisodeDon Weis1966-01-26Batman 66
19Batman 1.06: Batman Is RiledTV EpisodeDon Weis1966-01-27Batman 66
20Batman 1.07: Instant FreezeTV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-02-02Batman 66
21Batman 1.08: Rats Like CheeseTV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-02-03Batman 66
22Batman 1.09: Zelda the GreatTV EpisodeNorman Foster1966-02-09Batman 66
23Batman 1.10: A Death Worse Than FateTV EpisodeNorman Foster1966-02-10Batman 66
24Batman 1.11: A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler AwayTV EpisodeTom Gries1966-02-16Batman 66
25Batman 1.12: When the Rat's Away the Mice Will PlayTV EpisodeTom Gries1966-02-17Batman 66
26Batman 1.13: The Thirteenth HatTV EpisodeNorman Foster1966-02-23Batman 66
27Batman 1.14: Batman Stands PatTV EpisodeNorman Foster1966-02-24Batman 66
28Batman 1.15: The Joker Goes to SchoolTV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-03-02Batman 66
29Batman 1.16: He Meets His Match, The Grisly GhoulTV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-03-03Batman 66
30Batman 1.17: True or False-FaceTV EpisodeWilliam A. Graham1966-03-09Batman 66
31Batman 1.18: Holy Rat RaceTV EpisodeWilliam A. Graham1966-03-10Batman 66
32Batman 1.19: The Purr-fect CrimeTV EpisodeJames Sheldon1966-03-16Batman 66
33Batman 1.20: Better Luck Next TimeTV EpisodeJames Sheldon1966-03-17Batman 66
34Batman 1.21: The Penguin Goes StraightTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1966-03-23Batman 66
35Batman 1.22: Not Yet, He Ain'tTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1966-03-24Batman 66
36Batman 1.23: The Ring of WaxTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-03-30Batman 66
37Batman 1.24: Give 'Em the AxeTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-03-31Batman 66
38Batman 1.25: The Joker Trumps an AceTV EpisodeRichard C. Sarafian1966-04-06Batman 66
39Batman 1.26: Batman Sets the PaceTV EpisodeRichard C. Sarafian1966-04-07Batman 66
40Batman 1.27: The Curse of TutTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-04-13Batman 66
41Batman 1.28: The Pharaoh's in a RutTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-04-14Batman 66
42Batman 1.29: The Bookworm TurnsTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-04-20Batman 66
43Batman 1.30: While Gotham City BurnsTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-04-21Batman 66
44Batman 1.31: Death in Slow MotionTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-04-27Batman 66
45Batman 1.32: The Riddler's False NotionTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-04-28Batman 66
46Batman 1.33: Fine Finny FiendsTV EpisodeTom Gries1966-05-04Batman 66
47Batman 1.34: Batman Makes the ScenesTV EpisodeTom Gries1966-05-05Batman 66
48Batman: The MovieFilmLeslie H. Martinson1966-07-30Batman 66
49Batman 2.01: Shoot a Crooked ArrowTV EpisodeSherman Marks1966-09-07Batman 66
50Batman 2.02: Walk the Straight and NarrowTV EpisodeSherman Marks1966-09-08Batman 66
51The Green Hornet 1.01: The Silent GunTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1966-09-09Green Hornet
52Batman 2.03: Hot Off the GriddleTV EpisodeDon Weis1966-09-14Batman 66
53Batman 2.04: The Cat and the FiddleTV EpisodeDon Weis1966-09-15Batman 66
54The Green Hornet 1.02: Give 'Em Enough RopeTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1966-09-16Green Hornet
55Batman 2.05: The Minstrel's ShakedownTV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-09-21Batman 66
56Batman 2.06: Barbecued Batman?TV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-09-22Batman 66
57The Green Hornet 1.03: Programmed for DeathTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-09-23Green Hornet
58Batman 2.07: The Spell of TutTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-09-28Batman 66
59Batman 2.08: Tut's Case is ShutTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-09-29Batman 66
60The Green Hornet 1.04: Crime WaveTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-09-30Green Hornet
61Batman 2.09: The Greatest Mother of Them AllTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1966-10-05Batman 66
62Batman 2.10: Ma ParkerTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1966-10-06Batman 66
63The Green Hornet 1.05: The Frog Is a Deadly WeaponTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1966-10-07Green Hornet
64Batman 2.11: The Clock King's Crazy CrimesTV EpisodeJames Neilson1966-10-12Batman 66
65Batman 2.12: The Clock King Gets CrownedTV EpisodeJames Neilson1966-10-13Batman 66
66The Green Hornet 1.06: Eat, Drink, and Be DeadTV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-10-14Green Hornet
67Batman 2.13: An Egg Grows in GothamTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1966-10-19Batman 66
68Batman 2.14: The Yegg Foes in GothamTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1966-10-20Batman 66
69The Green Hornet 1.07: Beautiful Dreamer: Part 1TV EpisodeAllen Reisner1966-10-21Green Hornet
70Batman 2.15: The Devil's FingersTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-10-26Batman 66
71Batman 2.16: The Dead RingersTV EpisodeLarry Peerce1966-10-27Batman 66
72The Green Hornet 1.08: Beautiful Dreamer: Part 2TV EpisodeAllen Reisner1966-10-28Green Hornet
73Batman 2.17: Hizzonner the PenguinTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1966-11-02Batman 66
74Batman 2.18: Dizzoner the PenguinTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1966-11-03Batman 66
75Batman 2.19: Green IceTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1966-11-09Batman 66
76Batman 2.20: Deep FreezeTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1966-11-10Batman 66
77The Green Hornet 1.09: The Ray Is for KillingTV EpisodeWilliam Beaudine1966-11-11Green Hornet
78Batman 2.21: The Impractical JokerTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-11-16Batman 66
79Batman 2.22: The Joker's ProvokersTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-11-17Batman 66
80The Green Hornet 1.10: The Preying MantisTV EpisodeNorman Foster1966-11-18Green Hornet
81Batman 2.23: Marsha, Queen of DiamondsTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-11-23Batman 66
82Batman 2.24: Marsha's Scheme of DiamondsTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-11-24Batman 66
83The Green Hornet 1.11: The Hunters and the HuntedTV EpisodeWilliam Beaudine1966-11-25Green Hornet
84Batman 2.25: Come Back, ShameTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1966-11-30Batman 66
85Batman 2.26: It's How You Play the GameTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1966-12-01Batman 66
86The Green Hornet 1.12: Deadline for DeathTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1966-12-02Green Hornet
87Batman 2.27: The Penguin's NestTV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-12-07Batman 66
88Batman 2.28: The Bird's Last JestTV EpisodeMurray Golden1966-12-08Batman 66
89The Green Hornet 1.13: The Secret of the Sally BellTV EpisodeRobert L. Friend1966-12-09Green Hornet
90Batman 2.29: The Cat's MeowTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-12-14Batman 66
91Batman 2.30: The Bat's Kow TowTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1966-12-15Batman 66
92The Green Hornet 1.14: Freeway to DeathTV EpisodeAllen Reisner1966-12-16Green Hornet
93Batman 2.31: The Puzzles Are ComingTV EpisodeJeffrey Hayden1966-12-21Batman 66
94Batman 2.32: The Duo is SlummingTV EpisodeJeffrey Hayden1966-12-22Batman 66
95The Green Hornet 1.15: May the Best Man LoseTV EpisodeAllen Reisner1966-12-23Green Hornet
96Batman 2.33: The Sandman ComethTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1966-12-28Batman 66
97Batman 2.34: The Catwoman GoethTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1966-12-29Batman 66
98The Green Hornet 1.16: The Hornet and the FireflyTV EpisodeAllen Reisner1966-12-30Green Hornet
99Batman 2.35: The Contaminated CowlTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-04Batman 66
100Batman 2.36: The Mad Hatter Runs AfoulTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-05Batman 66
101The Green Hornet 1.17: Seek, Stalk and DestroyTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1967-01-06Green Hornet
102Batman 2.37: The Zodiac CrimesTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-11Batman 66
103Batman 2.38: The Joker's Hard TimesTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-12Batman 66
104The Green Hornet 1.18: Corpse of the Year: Part 1TV EpisodeJames Komack1967-01-13Green Hornet
105Batman 2.39: The Penguin DeclinesTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-18Batman 66
106Batman 2.40: That Darn CatwomanTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-19Batman 66
107Batman 2.41: Scat! Darn CatwomanTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-01-25Batman 66
108Batman 2.42: Penguin Is a Girl's Best FriendTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-01-26Batman 66
109The Green Hornet 1.19: Corpse of the Year: Part 2TV EpisodeJames Komack1967-01-27Green Hornet
110Batman 2.43: Penguin Sets a TrendTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-02-01Batman 66
111Batman 2.44: Penguin's Disastrous EndTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-02-02Batman 66
112The Green Hornet 1.20: Ace in the HoleTV EpisodeWilliam Beaudine1967-02-03Green Hornet
113Batman 2.45: Batman's AnniversaryTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-02-08Batman 66
114Batman 2.46: A Riddling ControversyTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-02-09Batman 66
115The Green Hornet 1.21: Bad Bet on a 459-SilentTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1967-02-10Green Hornet
116Batman 2.47: The Joker's Last LaughTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-02-15Batman 66
117Batman 2.48: The Joker's EpitaphTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-02-16Batman 66
118The Green Hornet 1.22: Trouble for Prince CharmingTV EpisodeWilliam Beaudine1967-02-17Green Hornet
119Batman 2.49: Catwoman Goes to CollegeTV EpisodeRobert Sparr1967-02-22Batman 66
120Batman 2.50: Batman Displays His KnowledgeTV EpisodeRobert Sparr1967-02-23Batman 66
121The Green Hornet 1.23: Alias The ScarfTV EpisodeAllen Reisner1967-02-24Green Hornet
122Batman 2.51: A Piece of the ActionTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-03-01Batman 66
123Batman 2.52: Batman's SatisfactionTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-03-02Batman 66
124The Green Hornet 1.24: Hornet Save ThyselfTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1967-03-03Green Hornet
125Batman 2.53: King Tut's CoupTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-03-08Batman 66
126Batman 2.54: Batman's WaterlooTV EpisodeJames B. Clark1967-03-09Batman 66
127The Green Hornet 1.25: Invasion from Outer Space: Part 1TV EpisodeDarrell Hallenbeck1967-03-10Green Hornet
128Batman 2.55: Black Widow Strikes AgainTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-03-15Batman 66
129Batman 2.56: Caught in the Spider's DenTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-03-16Batman 66
130The Green Hornet 1.26: Invasion from Outer Space: Part 2TV EpisodeDarrell Hallenbeck1967-03-17Green Hornet
131Batman 2.57: Pop Goes the JokerTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1967-03-22Batman 66
132Batman 2.58: Flop Goes the JokerTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1967-03-23Batman 66
133Batman 2.59: Ice SpyTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-03-29Batman 66
134Batman 2.60: The Duo DefyTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-03-30Batman 66
135Batman 3.01: Enter Batgirl, Exit PenguinTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-09-14Batman 66
136Batman 3.02: Ring Around the RiddlerTV EpisodeSam Strangis1967-09-21Batman 66
137Batman 3.03: The Wail of the SirenTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1967-09-28Batman 66
138Batman 3.04: The Sport of PenguinsTV EpisodeSam Strangis1967-10-05Batman 66
139Batman 3.05: A Horse of Another ColorTV EpisodeSam Strangis1967-10-12Batman 66
140Batman 3.06: The Unkindest Tut of AllTV EpisodeSam Strangis1967-10-19Batman 66
141Batman 3.07: Louie, the LilacTV EpisodeGeorge Waggner1967-10-26Batman 66
142Batman 3.08: The Ogg and ITV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-11-02Batman 66
143Batman 3.09: How to Hatch a DinosaurTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-11-09Batman 66
144Batman 3.10: Surf's Up! Joker's Under!TV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-11-16Batman 66
145Batman 3.11: The Londinium LarceniesTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-11-23Batman 66
146Batman 3.12: The Foggiest NotionTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-11-30Batman 66
147Batman 3.13: The Bloody TowerTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-12-07Batman 66
148Batman 3.14: Catwoman's Dressed to KillTV EpisodeSam Strangis1967-12-14Batman 66
149Batman 3.15: The Ogg CoupleTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-12-21Batman 66
150Batman 3.16: The Funny Feline FeloniesTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1967-12-28Batman 66
151Batman 3.17: The Joke's on CatwomanTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1968-01-04Batman 66
152Batman 3.18: Louie's Lethal Lilac TimeTV EpisodeSam Strangis1968-01-11Batman 66
153Batman 3.19: Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime ClubTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1968-01-18Batman 66
154Batman 3.20: Penguin's Clean SweepTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1968-01-25Batman 66
155Batman 3.21: The Great EscapeTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1968-02-01Batman 66
156Batman 3.22: The Great Train RobberyTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1968-02-08Batman 66
157Batman 3.23: I'll Be a Mummy's UncleTV EpisodeSam Strangis1968-02-22Batman 66
158Batman 3.24: The Joker's Flying SaucerTV EpisodeSam Strangis1968-02-29Batman 66
159Batman 3.25: The Entrancing Dr. CassandraTV EpisodeSam Strangis1968-03-07Batman 66
160Batman 3.26: Minerva, Mayhem and MillionairesTV EpisodeOscar Rudolph1968-03-14Batman 66
161Batman: Return of the Caped CrusadersFilmRick Morales2016-10-10Batman 66
162Batman vs. Two-FaceFilmRick Morales2017-10-10Batman 66
163Batman '66 Vol. 1Graphic NovelJeff Parker2014-04-08Batman 66
164Batman '66 Vol. 2Graphic NovelJeff Parker2014-04-28Batman 66
165Batman '66 Vol. 3Graphic NovelJeff Parker2015-12-08Batman 66
166Batman '66 Vol. 4Graphic NovelJeff Parker2016-05-17Batman 66
167Batman '66 Vol. 5Graphic NovelJeff Parker2016-12-13Batman 66
168Batman '66 Meets the Green HornetGraphic NovelKevin Smith2015-03-24Batman 66/Green Hornet
169Batman '66 Meets the Man from U.N.C.L.E.Graphic NovelJeff Parker2016-09-13Batman 66
170Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs. PeelGraphic NovelIan Edginton 2017-09-27Batman 66
171Wonder Woman 2.01: The Return of Wonder WomanTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-09-16Wonder Woman 77
172Wonder Woman 2.02: Anschluss '77TV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-09-23Wonder Woman 77
173Wonder Woman 2.03: The Man Who Could Move the WorldTV EpisodeBob Kelljan1977-09-30Wonder Woman 77
174Wonder Woman 2.04: The Bermuda Triangle CrisisTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1977-10-07Wonder Woman 77
175Wonder Woman 2.05: KnockoutTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1977-10-14Wonder Woman 77
176Wonder Woman 2.06: The Pied PiperTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-10-21Wonder Woman 77
177Wonder Woman 2.07: The Queen and the ThiefTV EpisodeJack Arnold1977-10-28Wonder Woman 77
178Wonder Woman 2.08: I Do, I DoTV EpisodeBob Kelljan1977-11-11Wonder Woman 77
179Wonder Woman 2.09: The Man Who Made VolcanoesTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-11-18Wonder Woman 77
180Wonder Woman 2.10: Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Caffey1977-12-02Wonder Woman 77
181Wonder Woman 2.11: Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2TV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1977-12-09Wonder Woman 77
182Wonder Woman 2.12: The Deadly ToysTV EpisodeDick Moder1977-12-30Wonder Woman 77
183Wonder Woman 2.13: Light-Fingered LadyTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1978-01-06Wonder Woman 77
184Wonder Woman 2.14: Screaming JavelinTV EpisodeMichael Caffey1978-01-20Wonder Woman 77
185Wonder Woman 2.15: Diana's Disappearing ActTV EpisodeMichael Caffey1978-02-03Wonder Woman 77
186Wonder Woman 2.16: Death in DisguiseTV EpisodeMichael Caffey1978-02-10Wonder Woman 77
187Wonder Woman 2.17: IRAC Is MissingTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1978-02-17Wonder Woman 77
188Wonder Woman 2.18: Flight to OblivionTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1978-03-03Wonder Woman 77
189Wonder Woman 2.19: Seance of TerrorTV EpisodeDick Moder1978-03-10Wonder Woman 77
190Wonder Woman 2.20: The Man Who Wouldn't TellTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1978-03-31Wonder Woman 77
191Wonder Woman 2.21: The Girl from IlandiaTV EpisodeDick Moder1978-04-07Wonder Woman 77
192Wonder Woman 2.22: The Murderous MissileTV EpisodeDick Moder1978-04-21Wonder Woman 77
193Wonder Woman 3.01: My Teenage Idol Is MissingTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1978-09-22Wonder Woman 77
194Wonder Woman 3.02: Hot WheelsTV EpisodeDick Moder1978-09-29Wonder Woman 77
195Wonder Woman 3.03: The Deadly StingTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1978-10-06Wonder Woman 77
196Wonder Woman 3.04: The Fine Art of CrimeTV EpisodeDick Moder1978-10-13Wonder Woman 77
197Wonder Woman 3.05: Disco DevilTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1978-10-20Wonder Woman 77
198Wonder Woman 3.06: FormicidaTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1978-11-03Wonder Woman 77
199Wonder Woman 3.07: Time BombTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1978-11-10Wonder Woman 77
200Wonder Woman 3.08: Skateboard WizTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1978-11-24Wonder Woman 77
201Wonder Woman 3.09: The Deadly DolphinTV EpisodeSigmund Neufeld Jr.1978-12-01Wonder Woman 77
202Wonder Woman 3.10: Stolen FacesTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1978-12-15Wonder Woman 77
203Wonder Woman 3.11: Pot of GoldTV EpisodeGordon Hessler1978-12-22Wonder Woman 77
204Wonder Woman 3.12: Gault's BrainTV EpisodeGordon Hessler1978-12-29Wonder Woman 77
205Wonder Woman 3.13: Going, Going, GoneTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1979-01-12Wonder Woman 77
206Wonder Woman 3.14: Spaced OutTV EpisodeIvan Dixon1979-01-26Wonder Woman 77
207Wonder Woman 3.15: The Starships Are ComingTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1979-02-02Wonder Woman 77
208Wonder Woman 3.16: Amazon Hot WaxTV EpisodeRay Austin1979-02-16Wonder Woman 77
209Wonder Woman 3.17: The Richest Man in the WorldTV EpisodeDon McDougall1979-02-19Wonder Woman 77
210Wonder Woman 3.18: A Date with DoomsdayTV EpisodeCurtis Harrington1979-03-10Wonder Woman 77
211Wonder Woman 3.19: The Girl with a Gift for DisasterTV EpisodeAlan Crosland, Jr.1979-03-17Wonder Woman 77
212Wonder Woman 3.20: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 1TV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1979-05-28Wonder Woman 77
213Wonder Woman 3.21: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 2TV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1979-05-29Wonder Woman 77
214Wonder Woman 3.22: The Man Who Could Not DieTV EpisodeJohn Newland1979-08-28Wonder Woman 77
215Wonder Woman 3.23: Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 1TV EpisodeJohn Newland1979-09-04Wonder Woman 77
216Wonder Woman 3.24: Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 2TV EpisodeJohn Newland1979-09-11Wonder Woman 77
Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77Graphic NovelJeff Parker2017-10-03Wonder Woman 77