Fandom Timelines

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While mythology is the main focus of this website, we can’t ignore the fact that many modern stories follow mythic structure and are heavily inspired by modern mythology. For example, stories like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and most superhero stories all follow the Hero’s Journey.

While we can’t possibly create an encyclopedia of all fandoms (for that we recommend the wikis at, we do have a lot of timelines to help categorize and make sense of these incredible stories.

Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the greatest modern mythologies, as George Lucas was a student of mythology as he created the story of the space epic, meticulously following the hero’s journey. Many of our timelines follow this franchise.

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DC Comics

When Superman first graced the pages of comic books in the late thirties, the world quickly realized that they had found something the didn’t know they needed. Today superheroes are a staple of modern pop-culture, and we owe a lot of that to DC Comics.

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Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics created some of the most memorable superheroes by combining the elements of mythology found in all superheroes with those elements that make us more human, grounding their characters and making them far more popular.

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There are a lot more timelines than just these three areas. If you want to go through all the timelines alphabetically or by category, go to this page.