The Amalgam Universe Timeline (DC vs. Marvel)

The Amalgam Universe is a mashup of Marvel and DC characters. This timeline includes those stories as well as the Marvel vs. DC stories that have popped up from time to time.

What’s in the Amalgam Universe Timeline?

The Amalgam Universe timeline collects all of the trade paperbacks in this universe consisting of combination characters from both Marvel and DC. Here are all the comics in the Amalgam Universe. This timeline also includes the DC and Marvel crossovers that came out around the same time. We’ve listed these in our recommended reading order.

Some often find it surprising that Marvel and DC would put aside their rivalry to create this shared universe between them. Both companies co-own many of the characters. That means both companies would have to collaborate if we ever see these characters again. Hopefully this won’t be the end of collaboration between Marvel and DC.

This timeline, like the others that center around trade paperbacks, does not include the authors. Each trade paperback may have more than one. They also do not include the dates. We do this because the release dates of the trade paperbacks do not necessarily reflect the original dates of the comics. And if you liked this timeline, don’t forget to visit the other comic-book timelines, like our DC and Marvel pages. These two pages are our hub for all things DC or Marvel related.

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