Nolanverse Timeline

Though there aren’t many entries in this timeline, the Batman Nolanverse is perhaps one of the best versions of the character thus far.

What’s on the Nolanverse Timeline?

Normally we wouldn’t include the Nolanverse series of Batman films, because it’s such a small timeline. However, the impact of this trilogy on fans has been enormous; we couldn’t leave it out. Additionally, there is a lesser-known animated film collection that takes place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. So those who want the “complete” Nolanverse experience can have something else to add.

Fans call these movies the Nolanverse timeline because Christopher Nolan directed them. The films had a more realistic take on the Batman mythos, something that fans readily embraced. This realistic setting is so different from other superheroes, that creators decided to establish a completely different universe for their primary shared continuity. Given the success of this trilogy, many fans were hoping that DC would continue expanding it. But creators thought differently given the differences in tone. That said, the Nolanverse stands on its own, and doesn’t need DC to connect it to any other universe.

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