Booster Gold Reading Order

Some find him annoying, others endearing. But Booster Gold is certainly a splash character from DC Comics.

What’s on this Booster Gold Reading Order?

Booster Gold is a character from the future who, shall we say, wasn’t very good. So he went back in time to a time period where his technology gave him an edge. And he ended up annoying a number of superheroes along the way.

This timeline attempts to assemble all of the major stories involving Booster Gold. While this timeline doesn’t attempt to include every story this character appears in, it does try to get the main comics.

Where to Start?

You can start anywhere you like on this timeline. You can start with the classic stuff, or move on to the more recent comics. When you see the Volumes begin to start over with number 1, that’s often a good place to start.

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