DC: Infinite Crisis – Flashpoint Timeline

Continuing the DC main continuity from the Infinit Crisis event to the game-changing Flashpoint reboot.

What’s in the Infinite Crisis to Flashpoint Timeline?

This Infinite Crisis to Flashpoint timeline details the trade paperbacks from Infinite Crisis to the Flashpoint event that started the New 52. These are two of the biggest events in DC’s recent history, especially the Flashpoint event, that even received an animated film adaptation, which is also included on this timeline. Even though the animated film made some creative changes, it’s still included to give you an idea of the creative process behind the adaptation of a comic to film.

As with other comic timelines, the date and author are omitted since there may be multiple dates/authors for each trade. We hope you enjoy this timeline. And if you can’t get enough DC Comics, visit our DC Comics hub for all our related timelines.

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  1. This timeline is way off!!! Batman The Long Halloween occurred WAY before Infinite Crisis and actually happened during Batman’s second year of crime fighting


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