Smallville Episode Order

Running for a massive 10 seasons, Smallville paved the way for live-action Superhero television, the forerunner of hit successes like the Arrowverse.

What’s in the Smallville Timeline?

This Smallville timeline covers the entire episode order for the show, Smallville. This timeline also includes all of the tie-in materials for the show. This includes several tie-in comics, novels, webisodes, and the Season 11 comic that continued after the show left network television.

Though some people have wondered, this show does not take place in the same universe as other television shows from DC, such as the Arrowverse, GothamSupergirl, and other DC shows. The Smallville timeline is an isolated TV universe, though it is still very large, since the show lasted for 10 seasons.  Use this timeline to get the full Smallville viewing experience. While we don’t anticipate any further updates to this timeline, you never know. As always, if you’re interested in more timelines like this Smallville timeline, we recommend visiting our DC Comics Hub.

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