DC Comics: Dark Knight Universe Timeline

The Dark Knight Universe contains one of the most classic Dark Knight comics around. Delve into this darker universe by Frank Miller.

What’s in the Dark Knight Universe Timeline?

The Dark Knight Universe timeline started with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. There have been several comics in that universe since then, including Year One which is considered canon in both this universe, and the primary DC run. Though there are only a few trade paperbacks in this timeline, there are several more that may be forthcoming. The most recent addition is the Master Race which was Frank Miller’s first return to this universe in years. There may be more in the future.

This timeline, like the other comic timelines, does not include the author or dates, since the authors and dates of the trade paperbacks are not necessarily the same as the original comics.

Where to Start?

In this universe, there is no question which comic you should start with. You should start with The Dark Knight Returns. However, you might also consider starting with Batman: Year One which is canon in two universes. For many, The Dark Knight Returns is the only good piece of fiction in this universe. It’s a dark and gritty universe. Additionally, if you like this universe, you might also like the Earth One universe.

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