The Arkham Universe Timeline

One of the few times that a superhero story has worked well in video games. The Batman Arkham games are among the most fun open-world games currently in existence.

What’s in the Arkham Universe Timeline?

The Arkham Universe timeline is a popular series of video games with transmedia tie-ins. So far, this list only includes the Batman games and its tie-ins, but rumors suggest that Rocksteady Games may produce more games set in this universe, but with other superheroes. Let’s hope Arkham Knight is not the last game included on this list.

You will find a lot of tie-in material for this universe. There are several ongoing comics (unusual for tie-in comics), many mobile games, a few novels, and even an animated film. Additionally, if you enjoyed this timeline, check out some of our others like the Halo timeline.

Where to Start?

Recently, Rocksteady Games released a new remastered version of the first two games. The collection, Return to Arkham, is probably the best starting point for this sub-franchise. Then you should move on to Arkham Knight, or some of the tie-in material. Completionists can try Arkham Origins as well, though fans love it less.

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  1. I just learned that “Assault on Arkham” may have taken place after, “A matter of Family.” Also there are several other DLCs on the Arkham Knight pack. There is, “The Harley Quinn Story,” “The Red Hood Story,” “A Flip of a Coin,” “Catwoman’s Revenge,” and “GCPD Lockdown.” Also Arkham VR actually takes place, BEFORE “Arkham knight.”


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