matrix timeline banner art

The Matrix Timeline

The Matrix came as a surprise breakout in 1999, a completely original story that took audiences by storm. It has since spawned multiple sequels, an animated collection of short films and many comics. This is

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James Bond Timeline

Ian Fleming launched a new genre of literature with his James Bond books of the 1950s and ’60s. With Sean Connery taking up the role in film, and successive actors taking over the roll throughout

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Indiana Jones Timeline

Apart from Star Wars, Indiana Jones is by far the most beloved and successful franchise created by George Lucas. The films cemented Harrison Ford’s career, and the franchise has gone on to produce a television

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Power Rangers Episode Order

Power Rangers started as a (slightly) controversial kids show in the 90s, but has since become a hit sensation, spawning multiple spin-off series and even a feature film. This is the Power Rangers episode order.

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Sherlock Timeline and Chronology

While the character of Sherlock Holmes has existed for over a century, his popularity increased dramatically in recent years thanks to this modernized version of the character, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. This is the Sherlock episode

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Stargate Episode Order

Stargate started as a film, but eventually became known for its long-running television, becoming one of the top sci-fi shows of its time, right up there with Star Trek. This is the Stargate episode order.

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The Walking Dead Episode Order

The Walking Dead took the world by storm when it first launched, eventually becoming the most watched work of fiction on television. While the show differs from the comics in some ways, it still has

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