Reckoners Reading Order

While Brandon Sanderson is known for his epic fantasy Cosmere setting and huge, door-stopper novels, he has also ventured into the realm of superhero fiction.

What’s on the Reckoners Reading Order?

The Reckoners series is a trilogy of books, and one short story, by Brandon Sanderson. These books tell the story about a world where superheroes are common, but there’s a twist. They are all bad. Instead, the heroes are just ordinary people, trying to fight people with powers as best they can. These are the Reckoners.

This series is not part of Sanderson’s Cosmere epic fantasy saga. Instead it stands alone, which is why it has its own timeline. And it’s pretty obvious to know where to start. Start at the beginning. This is actually a really good series for those who want to understand what’s the big deal about Brandon Sanderson, but don’t want a huge multi-book commitment. This series reads easy.

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