Oz Reading Order

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The wonderful world of Oz has long been a place for children to escape, long before the 1939 film took us there on the big screen. And the tradition of Oz-related books has continued long into the present. This is the Oz reading order.

What’s on the Oz Reading Order?

Oz originated in 1900 when L. Frank Baum wrote the first book in the series. It was quickly followed up with multiple illustrated books. Following Baum, several other authors wrote Oz books in his place, and are considered canonical by the Baum estate. This timeline only includes the canonical books, and not side-stories like the musical Wicked.

As with our other timelines, be sure to let us know if there’s something we can correct or improve. We love to hear all of your feedback. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy this reading order for the wonderful world of Oz.

Where to Start?

As with many of the timelines, we recommend you start from the beginning with the Wizard of Oz. Baum’s original books are the core place to start, and if you enjoy them you can continue with the other canonical books.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1The Wonderful Wizard of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1900-05-17Baum Era
2The Marvelous Land of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1904-07-05Baum Era
3Ozma of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1907-07-30Baum Era
4Dorothy and the Wizard in OzNovelL. Frank Baum1908-06-18Baum Era
5The Road to OzNovelL. Frank Baum1909-07-10Baum Era
6The Emerald City of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1910-07-20Baum Era
7Little Wizard Stories of OzAnthologyL. Frank Baum1914-01-01Baum Era
8The Patchwork Girl of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1913-07-01Baum Era
9Tik-Tok of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1914-06-19Baum Era
10The Scarecrow of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1915-06-06Baum Era
11Rinkitink in OzNovelL. Frank Baum1916-01-01Baum Era
12The Lost Princess of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1917-01-01Baum Era
13The Tin Woodman of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1918-01-01Baum Era
14The Magic of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1919-06-07Baum Era
15Glinda of OzNovelL. Frank Baum1920-07-10Baum Era
16The Royal Book of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1921-01-01ThompsonStill considered canonical.
Kabumpo in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1922-01-01Thompson
18The Cowardly Lion of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1923-01-01Thompson
Grampa in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1924-01-01Thompson
The Lost King of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1925-01-01Thompson
The Hungry Tiger of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1926-01-01Thompson
22The Gnome King of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1927-01-01Thompson
23The Giant Horse of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1928-01-01Thompson
24Jack Pumpkinhead of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1929-01-01Thompson
25The Yellow Knight of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1930-01-01Thompson
26Pirates in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1931-01-01Thompson
27The Purple Prince of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1932-01-01Thompson
28Ojo in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1933-01-01Thompson
29Speedy in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1934-01-01Thompson
30The Wishing Horse of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1935-01-01Thompson
31Captain Salt in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1936-01-01Thompson
32Handy Mandy in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1937-01-01Thompson
33The Silver Princess in OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1938-01-01Thompson
34Ozoplaning with the Wizard of OzNovelRuth Plumly Thompson1939-01-01Thompson
35The Wonder City of OzNovelJohn R. Neill1940-01-01Post Baum/Thompson
36The Scalawagons of OzNovelJohn R. Neill1941-01-01Post Baum/Thompson
37Lucky Bucky in OzNovelJohn R. Neill1942-01-01Post Baum/Thompson
38The Magical Mimics in OzNovelJack Snow1946-01-01Post Baum/Thompson
39The Shaggy Man of OzNovelJack Snow1949-01-01Post Baum/Thompson
40The Hidden Valley of OzNovelRachel R. Cosgrove1951-01-01Post Baum/Thompson
41Merry Go Round in OzNovelEloise Jarvis McGraw1963-10-12Post Baum/Thompson
42The Emerald Wand of OzNovelSherwood Smith2005-01-01Post Baum/ThompsonEndorsed as canonicle by Baum estate.
43Trouble Under OzNovelSherwood Smith2006-01-01Post Baum/ThompsonEndorsed as canonicle by Baum estate.
44Sky Pyrates Over OzNovelSherwood Smith2014-01-11Post Baum/ThompsonEndorsed as canonicle by Baum estate.