Saga of Recluce Reading Order

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If you’re into long epic fantasy series, here’s another great one for you. The Saga of Recluce is the brain child of L. E. Modesitt, Jr. another epic fantasy author along the lines of Brandon Sanderson or Robert Jordon. If you’re looking for another world to escape into, you’ve come to the right place. This is the Saga of Recluce reading order.

What’s on the Saga of Recluce Reading Order?

This is the unofficial timeline for the Saga of Recluce reading order, which lists all of the books in this series written by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. These books were not released in chronological order, but thankfully the author made it very clear what the chronological order was for the series.

Where to Start?

Those who want to experience the full chronology of the Saga of Recluce should follow the chronological order, but don’t hesitate to sort this table by year to get the release order. When asked, Modesitt did say that the release order is probably the best order to experience his books.

As always, if you like this timeline, be sure to check out our others, such as Sanderson’s Cosmere timeline. And be sure to let us know if you see anything that needs to be fixed.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Magi'i of CyadorNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2000-04-221
2Scion of CyadorNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2000-09-098
3Fall of AngelsNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1996-06-01401
4The Chaos BalanceNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1997-09-01403
5Arms-CommanderNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2010-01-05415
6Cyador's HeirsNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2014-05-20425
7Heritage of CyadorNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2014-11-18433
8The Mongrel MageNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2017-10-31675
9Outcasts of OrderNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2018-06-19677
10The Mage-Fire WarNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2019-08-13679
11The Towers of SunsetNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1992-08-01900
12The White OrderNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1998-05-011190
13The Magic EngineerNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1994-03-011200
14Colors of ChaosNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1999-01-011205
15Natural OrdermageNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2007-09-181500
16Mage-Guard of HamorNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2008-07-221503
17The Order WarNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1995-01-011650
18The Wellspring of ChaosNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2004-04-171710
19OrdermasterNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.2004-12-231712
20The Magic of RecluceNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1991-05-011850
21The Death of ChaosNovelL. E. Modesitt Jr.1995-10-011855
22Recluce TalesAnthologyL. E. Modesitt Jr.2017-01-03