Solar Cycle Reading Order

Gene Wolfe is considered a master at his craft, and that is profoundly apparent in the Solar Cycle, a collection of several series that all take place in the same universe. This is the Solar Cycle reading order.

What’s on the Solar Cycle Reading Order?

The Solar Cycle timeline takes all of the books written in the series by Gene Wolfe and places them in a chronological list. The series consists of several smaller series set within the same universe. It all started with the Book of the Sun series, and took off from there with several other series following. Though the series remain rather separate from each other, they are still part of the same continuity.

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Where to Start?

Since there are several series in this timeline, you might not know which to start with. In that case, we recommend you start with the first series that Wolfe wrote: The Book of the New Sun.

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