Realm of the Elderlings Reading Order

In the realm of epic fantasy, one of the top handful of authors is Robin Hobb. Her work has pioneered the genre in modern times, and is considered one of the very best. This is a chronological timeline of her Realm of the Elderlings universe, a world featuring several individual series.

What’s in the Realm of the Elderlings Reading Order?

This is the unofficial Realm of the Elderlings reading order, featuring the books written by Robin Hobb. The series takes place on the world of Eda and El, and Hobb has written several series set within the same universe, and they are all listed here. Most of Hobb’s books have existed in this world.

Thankfully most of the books were released in chronological order. There are a few short stories and such that take place earlier, or in between books. We recommend publication order, though you won’t be too confused if you follow chronologically.

As with all our timelines, be sure to check the others out if you liked this one. We recommend the Wheel of Time timeline.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1HomecomingShort StoryRobin Hobb2011-10-31PrequelsCollected in The Inheritance and Other Stories
2The Willful Princess and the Piebald PrinceNovelRobin Hobb2013-01-01Prequels
3Cat's MeatShort StoryRobin Hobb2011-10-31PrequelsCollected in The Inheritance and Other Stories
4Assassin's ApprenticeNovelRobin Hobb1995-04-01Farseer Trilogy
5Words Like CoinsShort StoryRobin Hobb2009-01-01Farseer TrilogyCollected in A Fantasy Medley
6Blue BootsShort StoryRobin Hobb2010-11-16Farseer TrilogyCollected in Songs of Love and Death
7Royal AssassinNovelRobin Hobb1996-03-21Farseer Trilogy
8Assassin's QuestNovelRobin Hobb1997-03-03Farseer Trilogy
9The InheritanceShort StoryRobin Hobb2011-10-31Farseer TrilogyCollected in The Inheritance and Other Stories
10Ship of MagicNovelRobin Hobb1998-01-09Liveship Traders Trilogy
11The Mad ShipNovelRobin Hobb1998-11-19Liveship Traders Trilogy
12Ship of DestinyNovelRobin Hobb2000-08-01Liveship Traders Trilogy
13Fool's ErrandNovelRobin Hobb2001-10-15Tawny Man Trilogy
14The Golden FoolNovelRobin Hobb2002-10-21Tawny Man Trilogy
15Fool's FateNovelRobin Hobb2003-11-01Tawny Man Trilogy
16Dragon KeeperNovelRobin Hobb2009-06-25Rain Wild Chronicles
17Dragon HavenNovelRobin Hobb2010-03-04Rain Wild Chronicles
18City of DragonsNovelRobin Hobb2011-09-01Rain Wild Chronicles
19Blood of DragonsNovelRobin Hobb2013-03-01Rain Wild Chronicles
20Fool's AssassinNovelRobin Hobb2014-08-12Fitz and the Fool Trilogy
21Fool's QuestNovelRobin Hobb2015-08-11Fitz and the Fool Trilogy
22Assassin's FateNovelRobin Hobb2017-05-04Fitz and the Fool Trilogy