Stranger Things Timeline

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What started as a simple love letter to the 80s, quickly blossomed into one of Netflix’s biggest hits. This is the Stranger Things timeline.

What’s on the Stranger Things Timeline?

Stranger Things has grown to become a modern television phenomenon since it first debuted in 2016. The show mixed elements of science fiction, horror, 80s movies, and the plain collaborative fun of D&D. With clear influences from old movies involving a cast of young people (like Goonies, E.T., etc.) the show manages to feel nostalgic but still fresh.

This timeline assembles every story element in the Stranger Things universe. This consists primarily of the television show. However, we do have several books and comics to add to the timeline as well. And given the popularity of the series, we can probably expect a lot more in the future.

Where to Start?

The obvious place to start is with season 1 of the show. The prequels will help give some context, but might not be the best place to start.

As always, if you see something on this timeline that needs adding, deleting, or changing, please let us know. We love to hear your feedback. And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, such as our Buffy the Vampire Slayer timeline.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Stranger Things: Suspicious MindsNovelGwenda Bond2019-02-051969
2Stranger Things: SIX Graphic NovelJody Houser2019-11-26
3Stranger Things 1.01: The Vanishing of Will ByersTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2016-07-151983
4Stranger Things 1.02: The Weirdo on Maple StreetTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2016-07-151983
5Stranger Things 1.03: Holly, JollyTV EpisodeShawn Levy2016-07-151983
6Stranger Things 1.04: The BodyTV EpisodeShawn Levy2016-07-151983
7Stranger Things 1.05: The Flea and the AcrobatTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2016-07-151983
8Stranger Things 1.06: The MonsterTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2016-07-151983
9Stranger Things 1.07: The BathtubTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2016-07-151983
10Stranger Things 1.08: The Upside DownTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2016-07-151983
11Will Byers: Secret FilesBookMatthew J. Gilbert2019-09-24
12Stranger Things: The Other SideGraphic NovelJody Houser2019-05-07
13Stranger Things: The GameGame2017-10-04Available for free on iOS and Android.
14Stranger Things: Zombie BoysGraphic NovelGreg Pak 2020-01-21
15Stranger Things: Into the FireGraphic NovelJody Houser2020-07-28
16Stranger Things 2.01: MADMAXTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2017-10-271984
17Stranger Things 2.02: Trick or Treat, FreakTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2017-10-271984
18Stranger Things 2.03: The PollywogTV EpisodeShawn Levy2017-10-271984
19Stranger Things 2.04: Will the WiseTV EpisodeShawn Levy2017-10-271984
20Stranger Things 2.05: Dig DugTV EpisodeAndrew Stanton2017-10-271984
21Stranger Things 2.06: The SpyTV EpisodeAndrew Stanton2017-10-271984
22Stranger Things 2.07: The Lost SisterTV EpisodeRebecca Thomas2017-10-271984
23Stranger Things 2.08: The Mind FlayerTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2017-10-271984
24Stranger Things 2.09: The GateTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2017-10-271984
25Stranger Things: The BullyGraphic NovelGreg Pak 2020-09-01
26Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School YearbookBook2019-03-26
27How to Survive in a Stranger Things WorldBookMatthew J. Gilbert2018-11-13
28Darkness on the Edge of TownNovelAdam Christopher 2019-05-28
29Runaway MaxNovelBrenna Yovanoff 2019-06-04
30Stranger Things: Science CampGraphic NovelJody Houser2021-05-04
31Stranger Things 3.01: Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?TV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2019-07-041985
32Stranger Things 3.02: Chapter Two: The Mall RatsTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2019-07-041985
33Stranger Things 3.03: Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing LifeguardTV EpisodeShawn Levy2019-07-041985
34Stranger Things 3.04: Chapter Four: The Sauna TestTV EpisodeShawn Levy2019-07-041985
35Stranger Things 3.05: Chapter Five: The FlayedTV EpisodeUta Briesewitz2019-07-041985
36Stranger Things 3.06: Chapter Six: E Pluribus UnumTV EpisodeUta Briesewitz2019-07-041985
37Stranger Things 3.07: Chapter Seven: The BiteTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2019-07-041985
38Stranger Things 3.08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of StarcourtTV EpisodeThe Duffer Brothers2019-07-041985