Buffyverse Canon Timeline

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Debuting in the ’90s, Buffy became (and still is for many) the poster child for strong, independent kick-a** women.  Though the show has long been off the air, it still lives on through comics and other mediums. This is the Buffverse canon timeline.

What’s on the Buffyverse Canon Timeline?

There is a large expanded universe for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, in addition to the two television shows: Buffy and Angel. However, the vast majority of these novels, comics, and other media tie-ins, is not canon as it often contradicts itself and the shows.

Thankfully, some of the Buffy expanded universe has been designated as canon by creator Joss Whedon, most of which are comics. You can find those, and a list of all the Buffy/Angel episodes in chronological order in the list below. As always, if something is missing or we got something wrong, don’t forget to let us know on our contact page. And if you enjoyed this timeline, perhaps you will enjoy some of our others, including the Harry Potter timeline.

Recommended Order

While we list these timelines chronologically by default, that is not always the way we recommend. For Buffy, we recommend starting with the original show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then you can start Angel once that kicks in. Read the comics when you feel you understand and enjoy the show.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Tales of the SlayersGraphic NovelJoss Whedon, Amber Benson, Jane Espenson, David Fury, Rebecca Rand Kirshner, Doug Petrie2002-02-20Tie-ins
2Tales of the VampiresGraphic NovelJoss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, Brett Matthews, Ben Edlund, Sam Loeb2004-12-14Tie-ins
3The OriginGraphic NovelDan Brereton, Christopher Golden1999-09-28Tie-ins
4Buffy 1.01: Welcome to the HellmouthTV EpisodeCharles Martin Smith1997-03-10Buffy
5Buffy 1.02: The HarvestTV EpisodeJohn T. Kretchmer1997-03-10Buffy
6Buffy 1.03: WitchTV EpisodeStephen Cragg1997-03-17Buffy
7Buffy 1.04: Teacher's PetTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-03-24Buffy
8Buffy 1.05: Never Kill a Boy on the First DateTV EpisodeDavid Semel1997-03-31Buffy
9Buffy 1.06: The PackTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-04-07Buffy
10Buffy 1.07: AngelTV EpisodeScott Brazil1997-04-14Buffy
11Buffy 1.08: I, Robot... You, JaneTV EpisodeStephen Posey1997-04-28Buffy
12Buffy 1.09: The Puppet ShowTV EpisodeEllen S. Pressman1997-05-05Buffy
13Buffy 1.10: NightmaresTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-05-12Buffy
14Buffy 1.11: Out of Mind, Out of SightTV EpisodeReza Badiyi1997-05-19Buffy
15Buffy 1.12: Prophecy GirlTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1997-06-02Buffy
16Buffy 2.01: When She Was BadTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1997-09-15Buffy
17Buffy 2.02: Some Assembly RequiredTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-09-22Buffy
18Buffy 2.03: School HardTV EpisodeJohn T. Kretchmer1997-09-29Buffy
19Buffy 2.04: Inca Mummy GirlTV EpisodeEllen S. Pressman1997-10-06Buffy
20Buffy 2.05: Reptile BoyTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt1997-10-13Buffy
21Buffy 2.06: HalloweenTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-10-27Buffy
22Buffy 2.07: Lie to MeTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1997-11-03Buffy
23Buffy 2.08: The Dark AgeTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-11-10Buffy
24Buffy 2.09: What's My Line, Part 1TV EpisodeDavid Solomon1997-11-17Buffy
25Buffy 2.10: What's My Line, Part 2TV EpisodeDavid Semel1997-11-24Buffy
26Buffy 2.11: TedTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1997-12-08Buffy
27Buffy 2.12: Bad EggsTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt1998-01-12Buffy
28Buffy 2.13: SurpriseTV EpisodeMichael Lange1998-01-19Buffy
29Buffy 2.14: InnocenceTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1998-01-20Buffy
30Buffy 2.15: PhasesTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1998-01-27Buffy
31Buffy 2.16: Bewitched, Bothered and BewilderedTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1998-02-10Buffy
32Buffy 2.17: PassionTV EpisodeMichael Gershman1998-02-24Buffy
33Buffy 2.18: Killed by DeathTV EpisodeDeran Sarafian1998-03-03Buffy
34Buffy 2.19: I Only Have Eyes for YouTV EpisodeJames Whitmore Jr.1998-04-28Buffy
35Buffy 2.20: Go FishTV EpisodeDavid Semel1998-05-05Buffy
36Buffy 2.21: Becoming, Part 1TV EpisodeJoss Whedon1998-05-12Buffy
37Buffy 2.22: Becoming, Part 2TV EpisodeJoss Whedon1998-05-19Buffy
38Buffy 3.01: AnneTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1998-09-29Buffy
39Buffy 3.02: Dead Man's PartyTV EpisodeJames Whitmore Jr.1998-10-06Buffy
40Buffy 3.03: Faith, Hope and TrickTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1998-10-13Buffy
41Buffy 3.04: Beauty and the BeastsTV EpisodeJames Whitmore Jr.1998-10-20Buffy
42Buffy 3.05: HomecomingTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt1998-11-03Buffy
43Buffy 3.06: Band CandyTV EpisodeMichael Lange1998-11-10Buffy
44Buffy 3.07: RevelationsTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1998-11-17Buffy
45Buffy 3.08: Lovers WalkTV EpisodeDavid Semel1998-11-24Buffy
46Buffy 3.09: The WishTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt1998-12-08Buffy
47Buffy 3.10: AmendsTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1998-12-15Buffy
48Buffy 3.11: GingerbreadTV EpisodeJames Whitmore Jr.1999-01-12Buffy
49Buffy 3.12: HelplessTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-01-19Buffy
50Buffy 3.13: The ZeppoTV EpisodeJames Whitmore Jr.1999-01-26Buffy
51Buffy 3.14: Bad GirlsTV EpisodeMichael Lange1999-02-09Buffy
52Buffy 3.15: ConsequencesTV EpisodeMichael Gershman1999-02-16Buffy
53Buffy 3.16: DoppelganglandTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1999-02-23Buffy
54Buffy 3.17: EnemiesTV EpisodeDavid Grossman1999-03-16Buffy
55Buffy 3.18: EarshotTV EpisodeRegis Kimble1999-09-21Buffy
56Buffy 3.19: ChoicesTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-05-04Buffy
57Buffy 3.20: The PromTV EpisodeDavid Solomon1999-05-11Buffy
58Buffy 3.21: Graduation Day, Part 1TV EpisodeJoss Whedon1999-05-18Buffy
59Buffy 3.22: Graduation Day, Part 2TV EpisodeJoss Whedon1999-07-13Buffy
60Buffy 4.01: The FreshmanTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1999-10-05Buffy
61Angel 1.01: City of...TV EpisodeJoss Whedon1999-10-05Angel
62Buffy 4.02: Living ConditionsTV EpisodeDavid Grossman1999-10-12Buffy
63Angel 1.02: Lonely HeartsTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-10-12Angel
64Buffy 4.03: The Harsh Light of DayTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-10-19Buffy
65Angel 1.03: In the DarkTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1999-10-19Angel
66Buffy 4.04: Fear, ItselfTV EpisodeTucker Gates1999-10-26Buffy
67Angel 1.04: I Fall to PiecesTV EpisodeVern Gillum1999-10-26Angel
68Buffy 4.05: Beer BadTV EpisodeDavid Solomon1999-11-02Buffy
69Angel 1.05: Rm w/a VuTV EpisodeScott McGinnis1999-11-02Angel
70Buffy 4.06: Wild at HeartTV EpisodeDavid Grossman1999-11-09Buffy
71Angel 1.06: Sense & SensitivityTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-11-09Angel
72Buffy 4.07: The InitiativeTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-11-16Buffy
73Angel 1.07: Bachelor PartyTV EpisodeDavid Straiton1999-11-16Angel
74Buffy 4.08: PangsTV EpisodeMichael Lange1999-11-23Buffy
75Angel 1.08: I Will Remember YouTV EpisodeDavid Grossman1999-11-23Angel
76Buffy 4.09: Something BlueTV EpisodeNick Marck1999-11-30Buffy
77Angel 1.09: HeroTV EpisodeTucker Gates1999-11-30Angel
78Buffy 4.10: HushTV EpisodeJoss Whedon1999-12-14Buffy
79Buffy 4.11: DoomedTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-01-18Buffy
80Angel 1.10: Parting GiftsTV EpisodeJames A. Contner1999-12-14Angel
81Angel 1.11: SomnambulistTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe2000-01-18Angel
82Buffy 4.12: A New ManTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2000-01-25Buffy
83Angel 1.12: ExpectingTV EpisodeDavid Semel2000-01-25Angel
84Angel 1.13: SheTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2000-02-08Angel
85Buffy 4.13: The I in TeamTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-02-08Buffy
86Buffy 4.14: Goodbye IowaTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2000-02-15Buffy
87Angel 1.14: I've Got You Under My SkinTV EpisodeR.D. Price2000-02-15Angel
88Angel 1.15: The ProdigalTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green2000-02-22Angel
89Buffy 4.15: This Year's GirlTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2000-02-22Buffy
90Buffy 4.16: Who Are YouTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2000-02-29Buffy
91Angel 1.16: The RingTV EpisodeNick Marck2000-02-29Angel
92Buffy 4.17: SuperstarTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2000-04-04Buffy
93Angel 1.17: EternityTV EpisodeRegis B. Kimble2000-04-04Angel
94Buffy 4.18: Where the Wild Things AreTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2000-04-25Buffy
95Buffy 4.19: New Moon RisingTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-05-02Buffy
96Angel 1.18: Five by FiveTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-04-25Angel
97Angel 1.19: SanctuaryTV EpisodeMichael Lange2000-05-02Angel
98Buffy 4.20: The Yoko FactorTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2000-05-09Buffy
99Buffy 4.21: PrimevalTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-05-16Buffy
100Buffy 4.22: RestlessTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2000-05-23Buffy
101Angel 1.20: War ZoneTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2000-05-09Angel
102Angel 1.21: Bline DateTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright2000-05-16Angel
103Angel 1.22: To Shanshu in L. A.TV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2000-05-23Angel
104Angel 2.01: JudgmentTV EpisodeMichael Lange2000-09-26Angel
105Buffy 5.01: Buffy vs. DraculaTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2000-09-26Buffy
106Angel 2.02: Are You Now or Have You Ever BeenTV EpisodeDavid Semel2000-10-03Angel
107Buffy 5.02: Real MeTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2000-10-03Buffy
108Angel 2.03: First ImpressionsTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-10-10Angel
109Buffy 5.03: The ReplacementTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-10-10Buffy
110Angel 2.04: UntouchedTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2000-10-17Angel
111Buffy 5.04: Out of My MindTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2000-10-17Buffy
112Angel 2.05: Dear BoyTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2000-10-24Angel
113Buffy 5.05: No Place Like HomeTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2000-10-24Buffy
114Angel 2.06: Guise Will be GuiseTV EpisodeKrishna Rao2000-11-07Angel
115Buffy 5.06: FamilyTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2000-11-07Buffy
116Angel 2.07: DarlaTV EpisodeTim Minear2000-11-14Angel
117Buffy 5.07: Fool for LoveTV EpisodeNick Marck2000-11-14Buffy
118Angel 2.08: The Shroud of RahmonTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2000-11-21Angel
119Buffy 5.08: ShadowTV EpisodeDan Attias2000-11-21Buffy
120Angel 2.09: The TrialTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green2000-11-28Angel
121Buffy 5.09: Listening to FearTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2000-11-28Buffy
122Angel 2.10: ReunionTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2000-12-19Angel
123Buffy 5.10: Into the WoodsTV EpisodeMarti Noxon2000-12-19Buffy
124Angel 2.11: RedefinitionTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2001-01-16Angel
125Buffy 5.11: TriangleTV EpisodeChristopher Hibler2001-01-09Buffy
126Angel 2.12: Blood MoneyTV EpisodeR.D. Price2001-01-23Angel
127Buffy 5.12: CheckpointTV EpisodeNick Marck2001-01-23Buffy
128Angel 2.13: Happy AnniversaryTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2001-02-06Angel
129Buffy 5.13: Blood TiesTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2001-02-06Buffy
130Angel 2.14: The Thin Dead LineTV EpisodeScott McGinnis2001-02-13Angel
131Buffy 5.14: CrushTV EpisodeDan Attias2001-02-13Buffy
132Angel 2.15: RepriseTV EpisodeJames Whitmore Jr.2001-02-20Angel
133Buffy 5.15: I Was Made to Love YouTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2001-02-20Buffy
134Angel 2.16: EpiphanyTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright2001-02-27Angel
135Buffy 5.16: The BodyTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2001-02-27Buffy
136Angel 2.17: DisharmonyTV EpisodeFred Keller2001-04-17Angel
137Buffy 5.17: ForeverTV EpisodeMarti Noxon2001-04-17Buffy
138Angel 2.18: Dead EndTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2001-04-24Angel
139Buffy 5.18: InterventionTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2001-04-24Buffy
140Angel 2.19: BelongingTV EpisodeTuri Meyer2001-05-01Angel
141Angel 2.20: Over the RainbowTV EpisodeFred Keller2001-05-08Angel
142Buffy 5.19: Tough LoveTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2001-05-01Buffy
143Buffy 5.20: SpiralTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2001-05-08Buffy
144Angel 2.21: Through the Looking GlassTV EpisodeTim Minear2001-05-15Angel
145Buffy 5.21: The Weight of the WorldTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2001-05-15Buffy
146Buffy 5.22: The GiftTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2001-05-22Buffy
147Angel 2.22: There's No Place Like Plrtz GlrbTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2001-05-22Angel
148Angel 3.01: HeartthrobTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2001-09-24Angel
149Angel 3.02: That Vision ThingTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2001-10-01Angel
150Buffy 6.01: Bargaining, Part OneTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2001-10-02Buffy
151Buffy 6.02: Bargaining, Part TwoTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2001-10-02Buffy
152Angel 3.03: That Old Gang of MineTV EpisodeFred Keller2001-10-08Angel
153Buffy 6.03: After LifeTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2001-10-09Buffy
154Angel 3.04: Carpe NoctemTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2001-10-15Angel
155Buffy 6.04: FloodedTV EpisodeDouglas Petrie2001-10-16Buffy
156Angel 3.05: FredlessTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2001-10-22Angel
157Buffy 6.05: Life SerialTV EpisodeNick Marck2001-10-23Buffy
158Angel 3.06: BillyTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2001-10-29Angel
159Buffy 6.06: All the WayTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2001-10-30Buffy
160Angel 3.07: OffspringTV EpisodeTuri Meyer2001-11-05Angel
161Buffy 6.07: Once More, with FeelingTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2001-11-06Buffy
162Angel 3.08: QuickeningTV EpisodeSkip Schoolnik2001-11-12Angel
163Buffy 6.08: Tabula RasaTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2001-11-13Buffy
164Angel 3.09: LullabyTV EpisodeTim Minear2001-11-19Angel
165Buffy 6.09: SmashedTV EpisodeTuri Meyer2001-11-20Buffy
166Buffy 6.10: WreckedTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2001-11-27Buffy
167Angel 3.10: DadTV EpisodeFred Keller2001-12-10Angel
168Buffy 6.11: GoneTV EpisodeDavid Fury2002-01-08Buffy
169Angel 3.11: BirthdayTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2002-01-14Angel
170Angel 3.12: ProviderTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2002-01-21Angel
171Buffy 6.12: Doublemeat PalaceTV EpisodeNick Marck2002-01-29Buffy
172Angel 3.13: Waiting in the WingsTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2002-02-04Angel
173Buffy 6.13: Dead ThingsTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-02-05Buffy
174Buffy 6.14: Older and Far AwayTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2002-02-12Buffy
175Angel 3.14: CoupletTV EpisodeTim Minear2002-02-18Angel
176Angel 3.15: LoyaltyTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-02-25Angel
177Buffy 6.15: As You WereTV EpisodeDouglas Petrie2002-02-26Buffy
178Angel 3.16: Sleep TightTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2002-03-04Angel
179Buffy 6.16: Hell's BellsTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2002-03-05Buffy
180Buffy 6.17: Normal AgainTV EpisodeRick Rosenthal2002-03-12Buffy
181Angel 3.17: ForgivingTV EpisodeTuri Meyer2002-04-15Angel
182Angel 3.18: Double or NothingTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2002-04-22Angel
183Angel 3.19: The PriceTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2002-04-29Angel
184Buffy 6.18: EntropyTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-04-30Buffy
185Angel 3.20: A New WorldTV EpisodeTim Minear2002-05-06Angel
186Buffy 6.19: Seeing RedTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2002-05-07Buffy
187Angel 3.21: BenedictionTV EpisodeTim Minear2002-05-13Angel
188Buffy 6.20: VillainsTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2002-05-14Buffy
189Angel 3.22: TomorrowTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2002-05-20Angel
190Buffy 6.21: Two to GoTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2002-05-21Buffy
191Buffy 6.22: GraveTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-05-21Buffy
192Buffy 7.01 LessonsTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2002-09-24Buffy
193Buffy 7.02 Beneath YouTV EpisodeNick Marck2002-10-01Buffy
194Angel 4.01: Deep DownTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2002-10-06Angel
195Buffy 7.03 Same Time, Same PlaceTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-10-08Buffy
196Angel 4.02: Ground StateTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2002-10-13Angel
197Buffy 7.04 HelpTV EpisodeRick Rosenthal2002-10-15Buffy
198Angel 4.03: The House Always WinsTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2002-10-20Angel
199Buffy 7.05 SelflessTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2002-10-22Buffy
200Angel 4.04: Slouching Toward BethlehemTV EpisodeSkip Schoolnik2002-10-27Angel
201Angel 4.05: SupersymmetryTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2002-11-03Angel
202Buffy 7.06 HimTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2002-11-05Buffy
203Angel 4.06: Spin the BottleTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2002-11-10Angel
204Buffy 7.07 Conversations with Dead PeopleTV EpisodeNick Marck2002-11-12Buffy
205Angel 4.07: Apocalypse, NowishTV EpisodeVern Gillum2002-11-17Angel
206Buffy 7.08 SleeperTV EpisodeAlan J. Levi2002-11-19Buffy
207Buffy 7.09 Never Leave MeTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2002-11-26Buffy
208Buffy 7.10 Bring on the NightTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2002-12-17Buffy
209Buffy 7.11 ShowtimeTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2003-01-07Buffy
210Angel 4.08: Habeas CorpsesTV EpisodeSkip Schoolnik2003-01-15Angel
211Buffy 7.12 PotentialTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2003-01-21Buffy
212Angel 4.09: Long Day's JourneyTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2003-01-22Angel
213Angel 4.10: AwakeningTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2003-01-29Angel
214Buffy 7.13 The Killer in MeTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2003-02-04Buffy
215Angel 4.11: SoulessTV EpisodeSean Astin2003-02-05Angel
216Buffy 7.14 First DateTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2003-02-11Buffy
217Angel 4.12: CalvaryTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2003-02-12Angel
218Buffy 7.15 Get it DoneTV EpisodeDouglas Petrie2003-02-18Buffy
219Buffy 7.16 StorytellerTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2003-02-25Buffy
220Angel 4.13: SalvageTV EpisodeJefferson Kibbee2003-03-05Angel
221Angel 4.14: ReleaseTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2003-03-12Angel
222Buffy 7.17 Lies My Parents Told MeTV EpisodeDavid Fury2003-03-25Buffy
223Angel 4.15: OrpheusTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2003-03-19Angel
224Angel 4.16: PlayersTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2003-03-26Angel
225Angel 4.17: Inside OutTV EpisodeSteven S. DeKnight2003-04-02Angel
226Angel 4.18: Shiny Happy PeopleTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2003-04-09Angel
227Buffy 7.18 Dirty GirlsTV EpisodeMichael Gershman2003-04-15Buffy
228Angel 4.19: The Magic BulletTV EpisodeJeffrey Bell2003-04-16Angel
229Angel 4.20: SacrificeTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2003-04-23Angel
230Buffy 7.19 Empty PlacesTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2003-04-29Buffy
231Angel 4.21: Peace OutTV EpisodeJefferson Kibbee2003-04-30Angel
232Buffy 7.20 TouchedTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2003-05-06Buffy
233Angel 4.22: HomeTV EpisodeTim Minear2003-05-07Angel
234Buffy 7.21 End of DaysTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2003-05-13Buffy
235Buffy 7.22 ChosenTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2003-05-20Buffy
236Angel 5.01: ConvictionTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2003-10-01Angel
237Angel 5.02: Just RewardsTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2003-10-08Angel
238Angel 5.03: UnleashedTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2003-10-15Angel
239Angel 5.04: Hell BoundTV EpisodeSteven S. DeKnight2003-10-22Angel
240Angel 5.05: Life of the PartyTV EpisodeBill L. Norton2003-10-29Angel
241Angel 5.06: The Cautionary Tale of Numero CincoTV EpisodeJeffrey Bell2003-11-05Angel
242Angel 5.07: LineageTV EpisodeJefferson Kibbee2003-11-12Angel
243Angel 5.08: DestinyTV EpisodeSkip Schoolnik2003-11-19Angel
244Angel 5.09: Harm's WayTV EpisodeVern Gillum2004-01-14Angel
245Angel 5.10: Soul PurposeTV EpisodeDavid Boreanaz2004-01-21Angel
246Angel 5.11: DamageTV EpisodeJefferson Kibbee2004-01-28Angel
247Angel 5.12: You're WelcomeTV EpisodeDavid Fury2004-02-04Angel
248Angel 5.13: Why We FightTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2004-02-11Angel
249Angel 5.14: Smile TimeTV EpisodeBen Edlund2004-02-18Angel
250Angel 5.15: A Hole in the WorldTV EpisodeJoss Whedon2004-02-25Angel
251Angel 5.16: ShellsTV EpisodeSteven S. DeKnight2004-03-03Angel
252Angel 5.17: UnderneathTV EpisodeSkip Schoolnik2004-04-14Angel
253Angel 5.18: OriginTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2004-04-21Angel
254Angel 5.19: Time BombTV EpisodeVern Gillum2004-04-28Angel
255Angel 5.20: The Girl in QuestionTV EpisodeDavid Greenwalt2004-05-05Angel
256Angel 5.21: Power PlayTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2004-05-12Angel
257Angel 5.22: Not Fade AwayTV EpisodeJeffrey Bell2004-05-19Angel
258Angel: Season Six, Vol. 1Graphic NovelBrian Lynch, Joss Whedon2015-10-27Tie-ins
259Angel: Season Six, Vol. 2Graphic NovelJoss Whedon, Brian Lynch, Kelley Armstrong2016-08-30Tie-ins
260SpikeGraphic NovelBrian Lynch2012-07-31Tie-ins
261Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 1Graphic NovelJoss Whedon2010-12-01Tie-ins
262Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 2Graphic NovelBrian K. Vaughan, Joss Whedon2008-06-03Tie-ins
263Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 3Graphic NovelDrew Goddard, Joss Whedon2008-11-18Tie-ins
264Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 4Graphic NovelJoss Whedon, Jeph Loeb2009-05-05Tie-ins
265Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 5Graphic NovelJane Espenson, Steven S. DeKnight, Drew Z. Greenberg, Jim Krueger, Doug Petrie2009-09-29Tie-ins
266Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 6Graphic NovelJane Espenson, Joss Whedon2010-03-02Tie-ins
267Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 7Graphic NovelBrad Meltzer2010-10-05Tie-ins
268Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 8Graphic NovelJoss Whedon, Scott Allie2011-05-31Tie-ins
269FrayGraphic NovelJoss Whedon2003-12-09Tie-ins
270Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 1Graphic NovelAndrew Chambliss, Joss Whedon2012-07-03Tie-ins
271Angel & Faith, Vol. 1Graphic NovelChristos Gage2012-06-19Tie-ins
272Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 2Graphic NovelAndrew Chambliss, Joss Whedon2012-12-04Tie-ins
273Angel & Faith, Vol. 2Graphic NovelChristos Gage2012-11-20Tie-ins
274Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 3Graphic NovelAndrew Chambliss, Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg2013-05-07Tie-ins
275Angel & Faith, Vol. 3Graphic NovelChristos Gage2013-04-16Tie-ins
276Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 4Graphic NovelAndrew Chambliss2013-10-08Tie-ins
Angel & Faith, Vol. 4Graphic NovelChristos Gage2013-09-17Tie-ins
278Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Vol. 5Graphic NovelAndrew Chambliss2014-03-18Tie-ins
279Angel & Faith, Vol. 5Graphic NovelChristos Gage2014-03-11Tie-ins
280Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 1Graphic NovelChristos Gage, Nicholas Brendon2014-11-25Tie-ins
281Angel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 1Graphic NovelVictor Gischler2015-01-06Tie-ins
282Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 2Graphic NovelChristos Gage, Nicholas Brendon2015-04-21Tie-ins
283Angel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 2Graphic NovelVictor Gischler2015-05-26Tie-ins
284Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 3Graphic NovelChristos Gage, Nicholas Brendon2015-09-29Tie-ins
285Angel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 3Graphic NovelVictor Gischler2015-10-27Tie-ins
286Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 4Graphic NovelChristos Gage, Nicholas Brendon2016-02-23Tie-ins
287Angel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 4Graphic NovelVictor Gischler2016-03-22Tie-ins
288Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 5Graphic NovelChristos Gage2016-07-26Tie-ins
289Angel & Faith Season 10, Vol. 5Graphic NovelVictor Gischler2016-08-23Tie-ins
290Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Vol. 6Graphic NovelChristos Gage2016-12-27Tie-ins
291Angel Season 11, Vol. 1Graphic NovelCorinna Bechko2017-08-22Tie-ins
292Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11, Vol. 1: The Spread of Their EvilGraphic NovelChristos Gage2017-08-15Tie-ins
293Angel Season 11, Vol. 2Graphic NovelCorinna Bechko2018-01-16Tie-ins
294Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11, Vol. 2: One Girl in All the WorldGraphic NovelChristos Gage2018-02-20Tie-ins
295Angel Season 11, Vol. 3Graphic NovelCorinna Bechko2018-04-17Tie-ins
296Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11: Giles - Girl BlueGraphic NovelErika Alexander, Joss Whedon2018-09-18Tie-ins
297Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12: The ReckoningGraphic NovelChristos Gage, Joss Whedon2018-12-24Tie-ins