Buffyverse Canon Timeline

Debuting in the ’90s, Buffy became (and still is for many) the poster child for strong, independent kick-a** women.  Though the show has long been off the air, it still lives on through comics and other mediums. This is the Buffverse canon timeline.

What’s on the Buffyverse Canon Timeline?

There is a large expanded universe for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, in addition to the two television shows: Buffy and Angel. However, the vast majority of these novels, comics, and other media tie-ins, is not canon as it often contradicts itself and the shows.

Thankfully, some of the Buffy expanded universe has been designated as canon by creator Joss Whedon, most of which are comics. You can find those, and a list of all the Buffy/Angel episodes in chronological order in the list below. As always, if something is missing or we got something wrong, don’t forget to let us know on our contact page. And if you enjoyed this timeline, perhaps you will enjoy some of our others, including the Harry Potter timeline.

Recommended Order

While we list these timelines chronologically by default, that is not always the way we recommend. For Buffy, we recommend starting with the original show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then you can start Angel once that kicks in. Read the comics when you feel you understand and enjoy the show.

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