Red Rising Reading Order

Though the Red Rising series is a more recent addition to science fiction literature, it has already proven itself to be one of the best, combining science fiction with dystopian fiction on a galactic scale. This is the Red Rising reading order.

What’s on the Red Rising Reading Order?

This Red Rising reading order covers all of the material set in the Red Rising universe created by Pierce Brown. The series consists of an initial trilogy and other spin-off material from that trilogy. Pierce Brown is currently writing the sequel trilogy, and what we know of that trilogy also resides on this timeline.

You will also find a prequel comic series on this timeline. There is also a film in the works, but we will not include that until closer to its release.

Right now, the Red Rising universe is not that big. However, we can expect it to grow a lot in the future, thanks to its popularity. Author Pierce Brown is also very young for a first-time author, so I’m sure we can expect a lot from him.

Where to start reading the Red Rising books?

This is an easy question. Start with the original trilogy: Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star. This is where the series started, and should be the first introduction to this universe.

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