Dagger and the Coin Reading Order

A more recent fantasy, the Dagger and Coin series takes much of what we love about fantasy and gives us a fresh take on it. If you’re looking for your next epic fantasy read, look no further.

What’s on the Dagger and the Coin Reading Order?

The Dagger and Coin reading order includes all of the books in this series written by Daniel Abraham. This series only consists of five large books at the moment, but the series is also relatively new. The newest book was only released in 2016. So we can probably expect a lot more from this series in the future.

Daniel Abraham is also gaining a lot of spotlight because of the SyFy show, The Expanse, which is based on the series by Abraham and co-writer Ty Franck, with their pen name James S. A. Corey. Due to this increased popularity, I think we’ll see his universes explode in popularity in the future.

It’s easy to know where to start with this timeline. Start at the beginning. Additionally, if you liked this timeline, check out some of our other timelines, such as our Dark is Rising timeline.

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Where to Start the Dagger and Coin series?

Obviously, since this is a single-series timeline, we recommend you start at the beginning, with The Dragon’s Path.

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