The Dark is Rising Reading Order

The Dark is Rising series has won numerous awards, and has become one of the first fantasy book series to appeal to a middle-grade audience, yet still remain entertaining for adults as well! This is the Dark is Rising reading order. Enjoy!

What’s on The Dark is Rising Reading Order?

The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper only consists of 5 books, but they are some of the best fantasy books ever written for younger readers. I highly recommend each and every one of them. They start with Over Sea, Under Stone, though some of the most important characters in the series don’t arrive until later books.

However, they all read well in order, so we hope you enjoy this timeline that puts them all together. If you see anything that isn’t right, be sure to let us know. You can do this on our contact page. We love to hear your feedback and we try to respond to every email if we can.

Where to Start Reading the Dark is Rising Series?

It’s easy to say where to start on this timeline. Start at the beginning. However, The Dark is Rising can be read on its own, even though it’s the second book in the series.

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  1. Begin with the dark is rising, then go back to over sea, under stone. There is a revelation about one of the main characters at the end of Over Sea Under Stone, that hits so much better when you have already gotten to know them through The Dark is Rising.


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