The Dark Universe Timeline

The Dark Universe is the perfect example of a studio going all in on the shared universe trend…and failing miserably. Is it dead or not? Only time will tell. This is the Dark Universe timeline.

What’s on the Dark Universe Timeline?

As of right now, there isn’t much on the Dark Universe timeline. Universal started the franchise with a stealth prequel, Dracula Untold, which ended up bombing critically and financially.

As of result, Universal kind of brushed that under the couch and instead made the Tom Cruise version of the Mummy the new launchpad. And…that flopped too.

Now it appears that they’re still making movies along the same theme, but it’s unclear if those will be in continuity with the first two films, or if they will reboot entirely. Only time will tell.

Is the Dark Universe Dead?

It’s hard to say. Clearly, Universal is not moving full steam ahead anymore. But they are making an Invisible Man film, which had previously been on the docket for the Dark Universe. We’ll just have to see if that film ends up being part of the same universe, or start it’s own thing.

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