Ender’s Game Timeline and Reading Order

Wherever you see lists of the top science fiction books of all time, Ender’s Game inevitably makes the top three. The book spawned a maxi-series known as the Enderverse, which is one of the best military and hard science fiction series of all time. This is the Ender’s Game Reading Order.

What’s on the Ender’s Game Timeline?

The Ender’s Series by Orson Scott Card (also known as the Enderverse, Ender Saga, or the Ender Universe) has grown to be quite large, especially considering one author has been responsible for most of it. This Ender’s Game timeline takes all of those books, short stories, comics, and the film to form a cohesive reading order for you to easily follow.

There are a lot of difference series within the Enderverse. First, you have several prequel series. Then you have Ender’s Game that started it all. But from there you have two diverging series, one focusing on Ender, and another on his schoolmates. The two are even slightly different sci-fi genres. But they’re both very good.

Where to Start the Enderverse?

While I do recommend starting with Ender’s Game on this series, that doesn’t mean reading it through chronologically won’t be a ton of fun. In fact, I would recommend reading Ender’s Game (so you know what the big deal is), then start reading the rest of the series chronologically. Because it gets good. Both of the two series that branch out from Ender’s Game are highly recommended.

As always, if you see something you would change, be sure to let us know. And if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of our others, such as the Foundation reading order.

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