Chronicles of Prydain Reading Order

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Besides Tolkien’s Middle-earth, few 20th century fantasy series have been around as long as the Chronicles of Prydain. Though a smaller series, it has stuck around since the sixties, even inspiring the Disney film, The Black Cauldron. Check it out!

What’s in the Chronicles of Prydain Reading Order?

The Chronicles of Prydain is a series of older fantasy books by Lloyd Alexander. It is best known for the Disney adaptation of the Black Cauldron.

The entire series consists of only five novels, but also eight short stories. The short stories fleshed out the world of Prydain, and take place before the series of books, so they are placed in that order. The novels draw on a lot of Welsh mythology, despite not being retellings of those myths.

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Where to start?

Even though there are a lot of short stories that come first chronologically, the best place to start is with the books. Start with The Book of Three, and proceed from there. Once you have read a few books, and have a handle on the world, you can read the short stories.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Coll and His White PigShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
2The Truthful HarpShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
3The FoundlingShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
4The Rascal CrowShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
5The Smith, the Weaver, and the HarperShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
6The StoneShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
7The SwordShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
8The True EnchanterShort StoryLloyd Alexander1999-05-15Stories
9The Book of ThreeNovelLloyd Alexander1964-03-12Chronicles
10The Black CauldronNovelLloyd Alexander1965-08-05Chronicles
11The Castle of LlyrNovelLloyd Alexander1966-03-03Chronicles
12Taran WandererNovelLloyd Alexander1967-08-24Chronicles
13The High KingNovelLloyd Alexander1968-10-27Chronicles