James Cameron’s Avatar Timeline

While there has been a massive amount of time that passed between 2009’s Avatar and its sequels, no one can deny that the film sparked a 3D phenomenon. There are a few crossmedia tie-ins as well, which is why we’re including on this Avatar timeline.

What’s on the Avatar Timeline?

Although the amount of media for the world of Avatar is small, it may likely expand greatly in the near future. Once the sequel films have been released, we can probably expect much more.

This timeline takes all of the announced media and includes it in the timeline, despite the fact that there is little concrete information to go on at the moment. James Cameron repeatedly delays the upcoming sequels to the first Avatar which came out in 2009.

However, they are still on track and scheduled to finish soon. We can expect a lot more media to hit the shelves once this happens.

At the moment, this timeline consists only of the films other media available. Steven Gould is slated to write some , though we don’t have a release date for any of them yet. They will likely come out after the next Avatar sequel, and once the scripts come out for the future films.

As with our other timelines, let us know if there’s a problem and we’ll fix it. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this Avatar timeline. If you do, please consider checking out some of our other timelines, including the Back to the Future timeline.

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