Back to the Future Timeline

When it comes to this timeline, we can’t help but say “it’s heavy Doc.” Back to the Future has been capturing our hearts and taking them back or forward in time since 1985 (or 1955 depending on how you look at it). This is the Back to the Future timeline.

What’s on the Back to the Future Timeline?

This Back to the Future timeline contains all the media we currently have on the subject. One of these days, I’m going to have a timeline of events that track the time-travel of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. But for right now, all I have is this Back to the Future timeline. It includes the animated series, the video game, and comics based on the series. Some of these are hard to find. So if you want to see the entire franchise in chronological order, good luck.

The canonicity of the show, game, and comics are under debate. However, since there is no official word on canon for Back to the Future we can assume they are canon. Additionally, the fact that there haven’t been any new films to contradict them. Furthermore, we could assume that they are an alternate timeline.

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Where to Start Back to the Future?

In this case, the answer to this question is obvious, and also happens to work with the order we placed all the items on this timeline. Start with the first trilogy of films. After that the animated series, the Telltale game, and the comics are all good places to dive in. But only after…

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