Myst Timeline and Chronology

While many younger people might not remember, the original Myst game used to be the best-selling game, until the Sims outsold it in 2002. But for many years, this franchise was at the top of its game, and who knows, we might have more to add to this Myst timeline in the future.

What’s on the Myst timeline?

The Myst timeline is not very extensive so far. Myst started out as an innovative game in 1993. Many call it the father of today’s open-world games. The game became incredibly popular and spawned several sequels. Ubisoft eventually acquired the company, and more sequels followed.

However, the last installment of the franchise came out in 2005. Legendary is allegedly developing a television series, but we have little information on that now. This timeline includes all of the games, as well as several novels that came out in the late ’90s. They have since repacked those novel into a single collection called The Myst Reader.

Where to start?

The best place to start with this franchise is the first game: Myst. There are several remastered versions, and you want the Masterpiece Edition. You can find this at the link below or on other gaming websites like GOG or Steam. Then play Riven. After those two games, you’ll have the background you need to fully appreciate The Myst Reader.

We hope you enjoy this Myst timeline, and if you did, be sure to check out some of our other timelines, such as the Doom timeline.

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