Mass Effect Timeline in Chronological Order

The Mass Effect franchise started in 2007, but has since grown to include multiple games, comics, novels, and even an anime film. It’s become one of the most innovative RPG game franchises of all time, and one of our favorites here at All Timelines. This is the Mass Effect timeline.

What’s on the Mass Effect Timeline?

This list attempts to create a reading order (or in some cases viewing/playing order) for all major pieces of Mass Effect in chronological order. This includes primarily all video games, novels, films, and comic books.

This list does not attempt to split up any media so that they are read congruently, but rather focuses on an easy to follow reading/playing/watching list. In the event that two works cover the exact same time-frame the one published first is read first.

Additionally the placement within the timeline is often based on where the work ends rather than where it begins. There may be a few exceptions which may be pointed out individually.

Where to Start the Mass Effect Franchise

As with many video gaming franchises, this is a hard question to answer. Naturally, for the story at least, the best place to begin is the first game. But many consider Mass Effect 2 to be the pinacle of the franchise’s acheivement. Plus, the latest game is usually going to have better graphics and potential improvements of its own.

That said, we do recommend the first game, if you haven’t played any of them. In terms of gameplay, it’s simpler than the others, but it’s also crucial to begin to understand the shear scope of these games.

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