Battlestar Galactica Timeline

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Battlestar Galactica is a franchise that started small, but with a reboot managed to become one of the most well-beloved sci-fi franchises of all time. This is the Battlestar Galactica timeline and episode order.

What’s on the Battlestar Galactica Timeline?

This is the Battlestar Galactica timeline that includes both the original series and the 2003 reboot in chronological order. While the original series and the reboot do not intermingle from a canon standpoint, I like to think they exist in the same universe because of the line, “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” Because of that line, I assume that the original BSG is the “before” referenced, taking place thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years before the reboot.

Of course, that is all part of my head canon, and nothing official. Regardless, this timeline is a great place to start if you want to watch all of the Galactica media in order.

And if you liked this timeline, we recommend you check out some of the others. The Star Trek timeline for example. Furthermore, if you found anything on this timeline that needs improving, let us know. If you see something that needs to be added, taken away, or changed, we want to know about it. You can do this on our contact page.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this Battlestar Galactica timeline.

Where to Start Watching Battlestar Galactica?

Usually, reboots aren’t the best place to start, but in this case, we’ll make an exception. The Battlestar Galactica 2004 reboot is exactly where you should start this franchise. Then, if you want, you can go back and watch the original.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Battlestar Galactica 1.01: Saga of a Star World, Part 1TV EpisodeRichard A. Colla1978-09-17The Original Series
2Battlestar Galactica 1.02: Saga of a Star World, Part 2TV EpisodeRichard A. Colla1978-09-17The Original Series
3Battlestar Galactica 1.03: Saga of a Star World, Part 3TV EpisodeRichard A. Colla1978-09-17The Original Series
4Battlestar Galactica 1.04: Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 1TV EpisodeChristian I. Nyby II1978-09-24The Original Series
5Battlestar Galactica 1.05: Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2TV EpisodeChristian I. Nyby II1978-10-01The Original Series
6Battlestar Galactica 1.06: The Lost WarriorTV EpisodeRod Holcomb1978-10-08The Original Series
7Battlestar Galactica 1.07: The Long PatrolTV EpisodeChristian I. Nyby II1978-10-15The Original Series
8Battlestar Galactica 1.08: Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1TV EpisodeAlan J. Levi1978-10-22The Original Series
9Battlestar Galactica 1.09: Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 2TV EpisodeAlan J. Levi1978-10-29The Original Series
10Battlestar Galactica 1.10: The Magnificent WarriorsTV EpisodeChristian I. Nyby II1978-11-12The Original Series
11Battlestar Galactica 1.11: The Young LordsTV EpisodeDonald Bellisario1978-11-19The Original Series
12Battlestar Galactica 1.12: The Living Legend, Part 1TV EpisodeVince Edwards1978-11-26The Original Series
13Battlestar Galactica 1.13: The Living Legend, Part 2TV EpisodeVince Edwards1978-12-03The Original Series
14Battlestar Galactica 1.14: Fire in SpaceTV EpisodeChristian I. Nyby II1978-12-17The Original Series
15Battlestar Galactica 1.15: War of the Gods, Part 1TV EpisodeDaniel Haller1979-01-14The Original Series
16Battlestar Galactica 1.16: War of the Gods, Part 2TV EpisodeDaniel Haller1979-01-21The Original Series
17Battlestar Galactica 1.17: The Man with Nine LivesTV EpisodeRod Holcomb1979-01-28The Original Series
18Battlestar Galactica 1.18: Murder on the Rising StarTV EpisodeRod Holcomb1979-02-18The Original Series
19Battlestar Galactica 1.19: Greetings from Earth, Part 1TV EpisodeRod Holcomb1979-02-25The Original Series
20Battlestar Galactica 1.20: Greetings from Earth, Part 2TV EpisodeRod Holcomb1979-02-25The Original Series
21Battlestar Galactica 1.21: Baltar's EscapeTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1979-03-11The Original Series
22Battlestar Galactica 1.22: Experiment in TerraTV EpisodeRod Holcomb1979-03-18The Original Series
23Battlestar Galactica 1.23: Take the CelestraTV EpisodeDaniel Haller1979-04-01The Original Series
24Battlestar Galactica 1.24: The Hand of GodTV EpisodeDonald Bellisario1979-04-29The Original Series
25Battlestar Galactica 2.01: Galactica Discovers Earth, Part 1TV EpisodeSidney Hayers1980-01-27Galactica 1980
26Battlestar Galactica 2.02: Galactica Discovers Earth, Part 2TV EpisodeSidney Hayers1980-02-03Galactica 1981
27Battlestar Galactica 2.03: Galactica Discovers Earth, Part 3TV EpisodeSidney Hayers1980-02-10Galactica 1982
28Battlestar Galactica 2.04: The Super Scouts, Part 1TV EpisodeVince Edwards1980-03-16Galactica 1983
29Battlestar Galactica 2.05: The Super Scouts, Part 2TV EpisodeSigmund Neufeld Jr.1980-03-23Galactica 1984
30Battlestar Galactica 2.06: SpaceballTV EpisodeBarry Crane1980-03-30Galactica 1985
31Battlestar Galactica 2.07: The Night the Cylons Landed, Part 1TV EpisodeSigmund Neufeld Jr.1980-04-13Galactica 1986
32Battlestar Galactica 2.08: The Night the Cylons Landed, Part 2TV EpisodeBarry Crane1980-04-20Galactica 1987
33Battlestar Galactica 2.09: Space CroppersTV EpisodeDaniel Haller1980-04-27Galactica 1988
34Battlestar Galactica 2.10: The Return of StarbuckTV EpisodeRon Satlof1980-05-04Galactica 1989
35Caprica 1.01: Pilot, Part 1TV EpisodeJeffrey Reiner2010-01-22Reboot Prequel
36Caprica 1.02: Pilot, Part 2TV EpisodeJeffrey Reiner2010-01-22Reboot Prequel
37Caprica 1.03: RebirthTV EpisodeJonas Pate2010-01-29Reboot Prequel
38Caprica 1.04: Reins of a WaterfallTV EpisodeRonald D. Moore2010-02-05Reboot Prequel
39Caprica 1.05: GravedancingTV EpisodeMichael Watkins2010-02-19Reboot Prequel
40Caprica 1.06: There is Another SkyTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2010-02-26Reboot Prequel
41Caprica 1.07: Know Thy EnemyTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2010-03-05Reboot Prequel
42Caprica 1.08: The Imperfections of MemoryTV EpisodeWayne Rose2010-03-12Reboot Prequel
43Caprica 1.09: Ghosts in the MachineTV EpisodeWayne Rose2010-03-19Reboot Prequel
44Caprica 1.10: End of LineTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2010-03-26Reboot Prequel
45Caprica 1.11: UnvanquishedTV EpisodeEric Stoltz2010-10-05Reboot Prequel
46Caprica 1.12: RetributionTV EpisodeJonas Pate2010-10-12Reboot Prequel
47Caprica 1.13: Things We Lock AwayTV EpisodeTim Hunter2010-10-19Reboot Prequel
48Caprica 1.14: False LaborTV EpisodeJohn Dahl2010-10-26Reboot Prequel
49Caprica 1.15: BlowbackTV EpisodeOmar Madha2010-11-02Reboot Prequel
50Caprica 1.16: The DirteatersTV EpisodeJohn Dahl2010-11-09Reboot Prequel
51Caprica 1.17: The Heavens Will RiseTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2010-11-16Reboot Prequel
52Caprica 1.18: Here Be DragonsTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2010-11-23Reboot Prequel
53Caprica 1.19: ApotheosisTV EpisodeJonas Pate2010-11-30Reboot Prequel
54Blood and ChromeFilmJonas Pate2012-11-09Reboot Prequel
55The Miniseries, Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2003-12-08Reboot
56The Miniseries, Part 2TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2003-12-09Reboot
57Battlestar Galactica 1.01: 33TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2004-10-18Reboot
58Battlestar Galactica 1.02: WaterTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2004-10-25Reboot
59Battlestar Galactica 1.03: Bastille DayTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2004-11-01Reboot
60Battlestar Galactica 1.04: Act of ContritionTV EpisodeRod Hardy2004-11-08Reboot
61Battlestar Galactica 1.05: You Can't Go Home AgainTV EpisodeSergio Mimica-Gezzan2004-11-15Reboot
62Battlestar Galactica 1.06: LitmusTV EpisodeRod Hardy2004-11-22Reboot
63Battlestar Galactica 1.07: Six Degrees of SeparationTV EpisodeRobert Young2004-11-29Reboot
64Battlestar Galactica 1.08: Flesh and BoneTV EpisodeBrad Turner2004-12-06Reboot
65Battlestar Galactica 1.09: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me DownTV EpisodeEdward James Olmos2004-12-13Reboot
66Battlestar Galactica 1.10: The Hand of GodTV EpisodeJeff Woolnough2005-01-03Reboot
67Battlestar Galactica 1.11: Colonial DayTV EpisodeJonas Pate2005-01-10Reboot
68Battlestar Galactica 1.12: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2005-01-17Reboot
69Battlestar Galactica 1.13: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2005-01-24Reboot
70Battlestar Galactica 2.01: ScatteredTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2005-07-15Reboot
71Battlestar Galactica 2.02: Valley DarknessTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2005-07-22Reboot
72Battlestar Galactica 2.03: FraggedTV EpisodeSergio Mimica-Gezzan2005-07-29Reboot
73Battlestar Galactica 2.04: ResistanceTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2005-08-05Reboot
74Battlestar Galactica 2.05: The FarmTV EpisodeRod Hardy2005-08-12Reboot
75Battlestar Galactica 2.06: Home, Part 1TV EpisodeSergio Mimica-Gezzan2005-08-19Reboot
76Battlestar Galactica 2.07: Home, Part 2TV EpisodeJeff Woolnough2005-08-26Reboot
77Battlestar Galactica 2.08: Final CutTV EpisodeRobert Young2005-09-09Reboot
78Battlestar Galactica 2.09: Flight of the PhoenixTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2005-09-16Reboot
79Battlestar Galactica 2.10: PegasusTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2005-09-23Reboot
80Battlestar Galactica 2.11: Resurrection Ship, Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-01-06Reboot
81Battlestar Galactica 2.12: Resurrection Ship, Part 2TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-01-13Reboot
82Battlestar Galactica 2.13: EpiphaniesTV EpisodeRod Hardy2006-01-20Reboot
83Battlestar Galactica 2.14: Black MarketTV EpisodeJames Head2006-01-27Reboot
84Battlestar Galactica 2.15: ScarTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2006-02-03Reboot
85Battlestar Galactica 2.16: SacrificeTV EpisodeRey Villalobos2006-02-10Reboot
86Battlestar Galactica 2.17: The Captain's HandTV EpisodeSergio Mimica-Gezzan2006-02-17Reboot
87Battlestar Galactica 2.18: DownloadedTV EpisodeJeff Woolnough2006-02-24Reboot
88Battlestar Galactica 2.19: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-03-03Reboot
89Battlestar Galactica 2.20: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-03-10Reboot
90Battlestar Galactica 3.01: OccupationTV EpisodeSergio Mimica-Gezzan2006-10-06Reboot
91Battlestar Galactica 3.02: PrecipiceTV EpisodeSergio Mimica-Gezzan2006-10-06Reboot
92Battlestar Galactica 3.03: Exodus, Part 1TV EpisodeFélix Enríquez Alcalá2006-10-13Reboot
93Battlestar Galactica 3.04: Exodus, Part 2TV EpisodeFélix Enríquez Alcalá2006-10-20Reboot
94Battlestar Galactica 3.05: CollaboratorsTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-10-27Reboot
95Battlestar Galactica 3.06: TornTV EpisodeJean de Segonzac2006-11-03Reboot
96Battlestar Galactica 3.07: A Measure of SalvationTV EpisodeBill Eagles2006-11-10Reboot
97Battlestar Galactica 3.08: HeroTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-11-17Reboot
98Battlestar Galactica 3.09: Unfinished BusinessTV EpisodeRobert Young2006-12-01Reboot
99Battlestar Galactica 3.10: The PassageTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2006-12-08Reboot
100Battlestar Galactica 3.11: The Eye of JupiterTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2006-12-15Reboot
101Battlestar Galactica 3.12: RaptureTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2007-01-21Reboot
102Battlestar Galactica 3.13: Taking a Break from All Your WorriesTV EpisodeEdward James Olmos2007-01-28Reboot
103Battlestar Galactica 3.14: The Woman KingTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2007-02-11Reboot
104Battlestar Galactica 3.15: A Day in the LifeTV EpisodeRod Hardy2007-02-18Reboot
105Battlestar Galactica 3.16: Dirty HandsTV EpisodeWayne Rose2007-02-25Reboot
106Battlestar Galactica 3.17: MaelstromTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2007-03-04Reboot
107Battlestar Galactica 3.18: The Son Also RisesTV EpisodeRobert Young2007-03-11Reboot
108Battlestar Galactica 3.19: Crossroads, Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2007-03-18Reboot
109Battlestar Galactica 3.20: Crossroads, Part 2TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2007-03-25Reboot
110Razor (Episode 4.01 and 4.02)TV EpisodeFélix Enríquez Alcalá2007-11-24Reboot
111Battlestar Galactica 4.03: He That Believeth in MeTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2008-04-04Reboot
112Battlestar Galactica 4.04: Six of OneTV EpisodeAnthony Hemingway2008-04-11Reboot
113Battlestar Galactica 4.05: The Ties That BindTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2008-04-18Reboot
114Battlestar Galactica 4.06: Escape VelocityTV EpisodeEdward James Olmos2008-04-25Reboot
115Battlestar Galactica 4.07: The Road Less TraveledTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2008-05-02Reboot
116Battlestar Galactica 4.08: FaithTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2008-05-09Reboot
117Battlestar Galactica 4.09: Guess What's Coming to DinnerTV EpisodeWayne Rose2008-05-16Reboot
118Battlestar Galactica 4.10: Sine Qua NonTV EpisodeRod Hardy2008-05-27Reboot
119Battlestar Galactica 4.11: The HubTV EpisodePaul Edwards2008-06-06Reboot
120Battlestar Galactica 4.12: RevelationsTV EpisodeMichael Rymer2008-06-13Reboot
121The PlanFilmEdward James Olmos2010-01-10Reboot
122Battlestar Galactica 4.13: Sometimes a Great NotionTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2009-01-16Reboot
123Battlestar Galactica 4.14: A Disquiet Follows My SoulTV EpisodeRonald D. Moore2009-01-23Reboot
124Battlestar Galactica 4.15: The OathTV EpisodeJohn Dahl2009-01-30Reboot
125Battlestar Galactica 4.16: Blood on the ScalesTV EpisodeWayne Rose2009-02-06Reboot
126Battlestar Galactica 4.17: No ExitTV EpisodeGwyneth Horder-Payton2009-02-13Reboot
127Battlestar Galactica 4.18: DeadlockTV EpisodeRobert Young2009-02-20Reboot
128Battlestar Galactica 4.19: Someone to Watch Over MeTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2009-02-27Reboot
129Battlestar Galactica 4.20: Islanded in a Stream of StarsTV EpisodeEdward James Olmos2009-03-06Reboot
130Battlestar Galactica 4.21: Daybreak, Part 1TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2009-03-13Reboot
131Battlestar Galactica 4.22: Daybreak, Part 2TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2009-03-20Reboot
132Battlestar Galactica 4.23: Daybreak, Part 3TV EpisodeMichael Rymer2009-03-20Reboot