Star Trek Order: How to Watch the Movies and Series

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It’s time to boldly go where no one has gone before. This post will tell you how to watch all the Star Trek movies and shows in the best way possible. Whether you’re a hardcore Trek fan who wants to know the chronological order or someone new to this franchise, I’ve got something for you.

What’s in the Star Trek Viewing Order?

Trek creators only consider the episodes and films to be canonical in the Star Trek universe so we display them here in chronological order according to stardate (though stardate definitions have changed over time, so we work with what we have).

This list attempts to create a viewing order for all Star Trek television and films, but does not attempt to split up any episodes to view congruently. Instead, it focuses on an easy to follow viewing list. In the event that two works cover the exact same timeframe we first list the one published first. Additionally the placement within the timeline is often based on where the work ends rather than where it begins. There may be a few exceptions which will be pointed out in individual reviews. This timeline includes:

  • The Films
  • The Original Series (TOS)
  • The Next Generation (TNG)
  • Deep Space Nine (DS9)
  • Voyager (VOY)
  • Enterprise (ENT)
  • Discovery
  • Picard
  • Short Treks
  • Lower Decks
  • Prodigy

So enjoy this table version of the timeline, and continue reading for a detailed breakdown of all this information.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Enterprise 1.01: Broken Bow, Part 1TV EpisodeJames L. Conway2001-09-26April 16, 2151Enterprise
2Enterprise 1.02: Broken Bow, Part 2TV EpisodeJames L. Conway2001-09-26April 16, 2151Enterprise
3Enterprise 1.03: Fight or FlightTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2001-10-03May 6, 2151Enterprise
4Enterprise 1.04: Strange New WorldTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2001-10-102151Enterprise
5Enterprise 1.05: UnexpectedTV EpisodeMike Vejar2001-10-172151Enterprise
6Enterprise 1.06: Terra NovaTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2001-10-242151Enterprise
7Enterprise 1.07: The Andorian IncidentTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2001-10-31June 19, 2151Enterprise
8Enterprise 1.08: Breaking the IceTV EpisodeTerry Windell2001-11-072151Enterprise
9Enterprise 1.09: CivilizationTV EpisodeMike Vejar2001-11-14July 31, 2151Enterprise
10Enterprise 1.10: Fortunate SonTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2001-11-212151Enterprise
11Enterprise 1.11: Cold FrontTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2001-11-28September 9, 2151Enterprise
12Enterprise 1.12: Silent EnemyTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe2002-01-16September 1, 2151Enterprise
13Enterprise 1.13: Dear DoctorTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-01-232151Enterprise
14Enterprise 1.14: Sleeping DogsTV EpisodeLes Landau2002-01-302151Enterprise
15Enterprise 1.15: Shadows of P'JemTV EpisodeMike Vejar2002-02-062151Enterprise
16Enterprise 1.16: Shuttlepod OneTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2002-02-13November 9, 2151Enterprise
17Enterprise 1.17: FusionTV EpisodeRob Heddon2002-02-272151Enterprise
18Enterprise 1.18: Rogue PlanetTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2002-03-202151Enterprise
19Enterprise 1.19: AcquisitionTV EpisodeJames Whitmore, Jr.2002-03-272151Enterprise
20Enterprise 1.20: OasisTV EpisodeJim Charleston2002-04-032151Enterprise
21Enterprise 1.21: DetainedTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2002-04-242151Enterprise
22Enterprise 1.22: Vox SolaTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2002-05-012152Enterprise
23Enterprise 1.23: Fallen HeroTV EpisodePatrick Norris2002-05-08February 9, 2152Enterprise
24Enterprise 1.24: Desert CrossingTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2002-05-08February 12, 2152Enterprise
25Enterprise 1.25: Two Days and Two NightsTV EpisodeMichael Dorn2002-05-15February 18, 2152Enterprise
26Enterprise 1.26: Shockwave, Part ITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2002-05-222152Enterprise
27Enterprise 2.01: Shockwave, Part IITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2002-09-182152Enterprise
28Enterprise 2.02: Carbon CreekTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-09-25April 12, 2152Enterprise
29Enterprise 2.03: MinefieldTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-10-022152Enterprise
30Enterprise 2.04: Dead StopTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2002-10-092152Enterprise
31Enterprise 2.05: A Night In SickbayTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2002-10-162152Enterprise
32Enterprise 2.06: MaraudersTV EpisodeMike Vejar2002-10-302152Enterprise
33Enterprise 2.07: The SeventhTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2002-11-062152Enterprise
34Enterprise 2.08: The CommunicatorTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2002-11-132152Enterprise
35Enterprise 2.09: SingularityTV EpisodePatrick Norris2002-11-20August 14, 2152Enterprise
36Enterprise 2.10: Vanishing PointTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2002-11-272152Enterprise
37Enterprise 2.11: Precious CargoTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2002-12-11September 12, 2152Enterprise
38Enterprise 2.12: The CatwalkTV EpisodeMike Vejar2002-12-18September 18, 2152Enterprise
39Enterprise 2.13: DawnTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2003-01-082152Enterprise
40Enterprise 2.14: StigmaTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2003-02-052152Enterprise
41Enterprise 2.15: Cease FireTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2003-02-122152Enterprise
42Enterprise 2.16: Future TenseTV EpisodeJames Whitmore, Jr.2003-02-192152Enterprise
43Enterprise 2.17: CanamarTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2003-02-262152Enterprise
44Enterprise 2.18: The CrossingTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2003-04-022152Enterprise
45Enterprise 2.19: JudgmentTV EpisodeJames L. Conway2003-04-092152Enterprise
46Enterprise 2.20: HorizonTV EpisodeJames A. Contner2003-04-16January 10, 2153Enterprise
47Enterprise 2.21: The BreachTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2003-04-232153Enterprise
48Enterprise 2.22: CogenitorTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2003-04-302153Enterprise
49Enterprise 2.23: RegenerationTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2003-05-07March 1, 2153Enterprise
50Enterprise 2.24: First FlightTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2003-05-142153Enterprise
51Enterprise 2.25: BountyTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2003-05-14March 21, 2153Enterprise
52Enterprise 2.26: The ExpanseTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2003-05-21April 24, 2153Enterprise
53Enterprise 3.01: The XindiTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2003-09-102153Enterprise
54Enterprise 3.02: AnomalyTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2003-09-172153Enterprise
55Enterprise 3.03: ExtinctionTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2003-09-242153Enterprise
56Enterprise 3.04: RajiinTV EpisodeMike Vejar2003-10-012153Enterprise
57Enterprise 3.05: ImpulseTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2003-10-082153Enterprise
58Enterprise 3.06: ExileTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2003-10-152153Enterprise
59Enterprise 3.07: The ShipmentTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2003-10-292153Enterprise
60Enterprise 3.08: TwilightTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2003-11-052153Enterprise
61Enterprise 3.09: North StarTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2003-11-122153Enterprise
62Enterprise 3.10: SimilitudeTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2003-11-192153Enterprise
63Enterprise 3.11: Carpenter StreetTV EpisodeMike Vejar2003-11-262153Enterprise
64Enterprise 3.12: Chosen RealmTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2004-01-142153Enterprise
65Enterprise 3.13: Proving GroundTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2004-01-21December 6, 2153Enterprise
66Enterprise 3.14: StratagemTV EpisodeMike Vejar2004-02-04December 12, 2153Enterprise
67Enterprise 3.15: HarbingerTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2004-02-11December 27, 2153Enterprise
68Enterprise 3.16: Doctor's OrdersTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2004-02-182154Enterprise
69Enterprise 3.17: HatcheryTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2004-02-25January 8, 2154Enterprise
70Enterprise 3.18: Azati PrimeTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2004-03-032154Enterprise
71Enterprise 3.19: DamageTV EpisodeJames L. Conway2004-04-212154Enterprise
72Enterprise 3.20: The ForgottenTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2004-04-282154Enterprise
73Enterprise 3.21: E²TV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2004-05-052154Enterprise
74Enterprise 3.22: The CouncilTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2004-05-12February 12, 2154Enterprise
75Enterprise 3.23: CountdownTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2004-05-19February 13, 2154Enterprise
76Enterprise 3.24: Zero HourTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2004-05-26February 14, 2154Enterprise
77Enterprise 4.01: Storm Front, Part ITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2004-10-082154Enterprise
78Enterprise 4.02: Storm Front, Part IITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2004-10-152154Enterprise
79Enterprise 4.03: HomeTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2004-10-222154Enterprise
80Enterprise 4.04: BorderlandTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2004-10-29May 17, 2154Enterprise
81Enterprise 4.05: Cold Station 12TV EpisodeMike Vejar2004-11-052154Enterprise
82Enterprise 4.06: The AugmentsTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2004-11-12May 27, 2154Enterprise
83Enterprise 4.07: The ForgeTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2004-11-192154Enterprise
84Enterprise 4.08: AwakeningTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2004-11-262154Enterprise
85Enterprise 4.09: Kir'SharaTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2004-12-032154Enterprise
86Enterprise 4.10: DaedalusTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2005-01-142154Enterprise
87Enterprise 4.11: Observer EffectTV EpisodeMike Vejar2005-01-212154Enterprise
88Enterprise 4.12: Babel OneTV EpisodeDavid Straiton2005-01-28November 12, 2154Enterprise
89Enterprise 4.13: UnitedTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2005-02-04November 15, 2154Enterprise
90Enterprise 4.14: The AenarTV EpisodeMike Vejar2005-02-112154Enterprise
91Enterprise 4.15: AfflictionTV EpisodeMichael Grossman2005-02-18November 27, 2154Enterprise
92Enterprise 4.16: DivergenceTV EpisodeDavid Barrett2005-02-252154Enterprise
93Enterprise 4.17: BoundTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2005-04-15December 27, 2154Enterprise
94Enterprise 4.18: In a Mirror, Darkly, Part ITV EpisodeJames L. Conway2005-04-22January 13, 2155Enterprise
95Enterprise 4.19: In a Mirror, Darkly, Part IITV EpisodeMarvin V. Rush2005-04-29January 18, 2155Enterprise
96Enterprise 4.20: DemonsTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2005-05-06January 19, 2155Enterprise
97Enterprise 4.21: Terra PrimeTV EpisodeMarvin V. Rush2005-05-13January 22, 2155Enterprise
98Enterprise 4.22: These Are the Voyages...TV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2005-05-132155Enterprise
99The Girl Who Made the StarsShort FilmOlatunde Osunsanmi2019-12-12Short Treks
100The Brightest StarShort FilmDouglas Aarniokoski2018-12-06Short Treks
101Q&AShort FilmMark Pellington2019-10-05Short Treks
102The Trouble with EdwardShort FilmDaniel Gray Longino2019-10-10Short Treks
103Ask NotShort FilmSanji Senaka2019-11-14Short Treks
104The Original Series 1.00: The CageTV EpisodeRobert Butler1988-10-04Stardate: UnknownThe stardates have no bearing on continuity in TOS. We list them here in order of release.Original Series
105Discovery 1.01: The Vulcan HelloTV EpisodeDavid Semel2017-09-24Stardate 1207.3Discovery
106Discovery 1.02: Battle at the Binary StarsTV EpisodeAdam Kane2017-09-24Stardate 1207.3Discovery
107Discovery 1.03: Context Is for KingsTV EpisodeAkiva Goldsman2017-10-01Discovery
108Discovery 1.04: The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's CryTV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2017-10-08Discovery
109Discovery 1.05: Choose Your PainTV EpisodeLee Rose2017-10-15Discovery
110Discovery 1.06: LetheTV Episode2017-10-22Discovery
111Discovery 1.07: Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go MadTV Episode2017-10-292136.8-2137.2Discovery
112Discovery 1.08: Si Vis Pacem, Para BellumTV Episode2017-11-051308.9Discovery
113Discovery 1.09: Into the Forest I GoTV Episode2017-11-12Discovery
114Discovery 1.10: Despite YourselfTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes2018-01-07Discovery
115Discovery 1.11: The Wolf InsideTV EpisodeTJ Scott2018-01-14Discovery
116Discovery 1.12: Vaulting AmbitionTV EpisodeHanelle M. Culpepper2018-01-21Discovery
117Discovery 1.13: What's Past Is PrologueTV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2018-01-281834.2Discovery
118Discovery 1.14: The War Without, The War WithinTV EpisodeDavid Solomon2018-02-04Discovery
119Discovery 1.15: Will You Take My Hand?TV EpisodeAkiva Goldsman2018-02-11Discovery
120RunawayShort FilmMaja Vrvilo2018-10-04Short Treks
121The Escape ArtistShort FilmRainn Wilson2019-01-03Short Treks
122Discovery 2.01: BrotherTV EpisodeAlex Kurtzman2019-01-17Discovery
123Discovery 2.02: New EdenTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes2019-01-24Discovery
124Discovery 2.03: Point of LightTV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2019-01-31Discovery
125Discovery 2.04: An Obol for CharonTV EpisodeLee Rose2019-02-07Discovery
126Discovery 2.05: Saints of ImperfectionTV EpisodeDavid Barrett2019-02-14Discovery
127Discovery 2.06: The Sound of ThunderTV EpisodeDouglas Aarniokoski2019-02-21Discovery
128Discovery 2.07: Light and ShadowsTV EpisodeMarta Cunningham2019-02-28Discovery
129Discovery 2.08: If Memory ServesTV EpisodeT. J. Scott2019-03-07Discovery
130Discovery 2.09: Project DaedalusTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes2019-03-14Discovery
131Discovery 2.10: The Red AngelTV EpisodeHanelle M. Culpepper2019-03-21Discovery
132Discovery 2.11: Perpetual InfinityTV EpisodeMaja Vrvilo2019-03-28Discovery
133Discovery 2.12: Through the Valley of ShadowsTV EpisodeDouglas Aarniokoski2019-04-04Discovery
134Discovery 2.13: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1TV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2019-04-11Discovery
135Discovery 2.14: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2TV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2019-04-18Discovery
136The Original Series 1.01: The Man TrapTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1966-09-08Stardate: 1513.1The stardates have no bearing on continuity in TOS. We list them here in order of release.Original Series
137The Original Series 1.02: Charlie XTV EpisodeLawrence Dobkin1966-09-15Stardate: 1533.6Original Series
138The Original Series 1.03: Where No Man Has Gone BeforeTV EpisodeJames Goldstone1966-09-22Stardate: 1312.4Original Series
139The Original Series 1.04: The Naked TimeTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1966-09-29Stardate: 1704.2Original Series
140The Original Series 1.05: The Enemy WithinTV EpisodeLeo Penn1966-10-06Stardate: 1672.1Original Series
141The Original Series 1.06: Mudd's WomenTV EpisodeHarvey Hart1966-10-13Stardate: 1329.8Original Series
142The Original Series 1.07: What Are Little Girls Made Of?TV EpisodeJames Goldstone1966-10-20Stardate: 2712.4Original Series
143The Original Series 1.08: MiriTV EpisodeVincent McEveety1966-10-27Stardate: 2713.5Original Series
144The Original Series 1.09: Dagger of the MindTV EpisodeVincent McEveety1966-11-03Stardate: 2715.1Original Series
145The Original Series 1.10: The Corbomite ManeuverTV EpisodeJoseph Sargent1966-11-10Stardate: 1512.2Original Series
146The Original Series 1.11: The Menagerie, Part 1TV EpisodeMarc Daniels1966-11-17Stardate: 3012.4Original Series
147The Original Series 1.12: The Menagerie, Part 2TV EpisodeRobert Butler1966-11-24Stardate: 3013.1Original Series
148The Original Series 1.13: The Conscience of the KingTV EpisodeGerd Oswald1966-12-08Stardate: 2817.6Original Series
149The Original Series 1.14: Balance of TerrorTV EpisodeVincent McEveety1966-12-15Stardate: 1709.2Original Series
150The Original Series 1.15: Shore LeaveTV EpisodeRobert Sparr1966-12-29Stardate: 3025.3Original Series
151The Original Series 1.16: The Galileo SevenTV EpisodeRobert Gist1967-01-05Stardate: 2821.5Original Series
152The Original Series 1.17: The Squire of GothosTV EpisodeDon McDougall1967-01-12Stardate: 2124.5Original Series
153The Original Series 1.18: ArenaTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-01-19Stardate: 3045.6Original Series
154The Original Series 1.19: Tomorrow Is YesterdayTV EpisodeMichael O'Herlihy1967-01-26Stardate: 3113.2Original Series
155The Original Series 1.20: Court MartialTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-02-02Stardate: 2947.3Original Series
156The Original Series 1.21: The Return of the ArchonsTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-02-09Stardate: 3156.2Original Series
157The Original Series 1.22: Space SeedTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-02-16Stardate: 3141.9Original Series
158The Original Series 1.23: A Taste of ArmageddonTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-02-23Stardate: 3192.1Original Series
159The Original Series 1.24: This Side of ParadiseTV EpisodeRalph Senensky1967-03-02Stardate: 3417.3–3417.7Original Series
160The Original Series 1.25: The Devil in the DarkTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-03-09Stardate: 3196.1Original Series
161The Original Series 1.26: Errand of MercyTV EpisodeJohn Newland1967-03-23Stardate: 3198.4Original Series
162The Original Series 1.27: The Alternative FactorTV EpisodeGerd Oswald1967-03-30Stardate: 3087.6Original Series
163The Original Series 1.28: The City on the Edge of ForeverTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-04-06Stardate: 3134Original Series
164The Original Series 1.29: Operation: Annihilate!TV EpisodeHerschel Daugherty1967-04-13Stardate: 3287.2Original Series
165The Original Series 2.01: Amok TimeTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-09-15Stardate: 3372.7Original Series
166The Original Series 2.02: Who Mourns for Adonais?TV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-09-22Stardate: 3468.1Original Series
167The Original Series 2.03: The ChangelingTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-09-29Stardate: 3541.9Original Series
168The Original Series 2.04: Mirror, MirrorTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-10-06Stardate: UnknownOriginal Series
169The Original Series 2.05: The AppleTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-10-13Stardate: 3715.3Original Series
170The Original Series 2.06: The Doomsday MachineTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-10-20Stardate: 4202.9Original Series
171The Original Series 2.07: CatspawTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-10-27Stardate: 3018.2Original Series
172The Original Series 2.08: I, MuddTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-11-03Stardate: 4513.3Original Series
173The Original Series 2.09: MetamorphosisTV EpisodeRalph Senensky1967-11-10Stardate: 3219.4Original Series
174The Original Series 2.10: Journey to BabelTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-11-17Stardate: 3842.3Original Series
175The Original Series 2.11: Friday's ChildTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-12-01Stardate: 3497.2Original Series
176The Original Series 2.12: The Deadly YearsTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-12-08Stardate: 3478.2Original Series
177The Original Series 2.13: ObsessionTV EpisodeRalph Senensky1967-12-15Stardate: 3619.2Original Series
178The Original Series 2.14: Wolf in the FoldTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-12-22Stardate: 3614.9Original Series
179The Original Series 2.15: The Trouble with TribblesTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-12-29Stardate: 4523.3Original Series
180The Original Series 2.16: The Gamesters of TriskelionTV EpisodeGene Nelson1968-01-05Stardate: 3211.8Original Series
181The Original Series 2.17: A Piece of the ActionTV EpisodeJames Komack1968-01-12Stardate: 4598Original Series
182The Original Series 2.18: The Immunity SyndromeTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1968-01-19Stardate: 4307.1Original Series
183The Original Series 2.19: A Private Little WarTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1968-02-02Stardate: 4211.4Original Series
184The Original Series 2.20: Return to TomorrowTV EpisodeRalph Senensky1968-02-09Stardate: 4768.3Original Series
185The Original Series 2.21: Patterns of ForceTV EpisodeVincent McEveety1968-02-16Stardate: 2534Original Series
186The Original Series 2.22: By Any Other NameTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1968-02-23Stardate: 4657.5Original Series
187The Original Series 2.23: The Omega GloryTV EpisodeVincent McEveety1968-03-01Stardate: UnknownOriginal Series
188The Original Series 2.24: The Ultimate ComputerTV EpisodeJohn Meredyth Lucas1968-03-08Stardate: 4729.4Original Series
189The Original Series 2.25: Bread and CircusesTV EpisodeRalph Senensky1968-03-15Stardate: 4040.7Original Series
190The Original Series 2.26: Assignment: EarthTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1968-03-29Stardate: UnknownOriginal Series
191The Original Series 3.01: Spock's BrainTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1968-09-20Stardate: 5431.4Original Series
192The Original Series 3.02: The Enterprise IncidentTV EpisodeJohn Meredyth Lucas1968-09-27Stardate: 5027.3Original Series
193The Original Series 3.03: The Paradise SyndromeTV EpisodeJud Taylor1968-10-04Stardate: 4842.6Original Series
194The Original Series 3.04: And the Children Shall LeadTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1968-10-11Stardate: 5029.5Original Series
195The Original Series 3.05: Is There in Truth No Beauty?TV EpisodeRalph Senensky1968-10-18Stardate: 5630.7Original Series
196The Original Series 3.06: Spectre of the GunTV EpisodeVincent McEveety1968-10-25Stardate: 4385.3Original Series
197The Original Series 3.07: Day of the DoveTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1968-11-01Stardate: 5630.3Original Series
198The Original Series 3.08: For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyTV EpisodeTony Leader1968-11-08Stardate: 5476.3Original Series
199The Original Series 3.09: The Tholian WebTV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1968-11-15Stardate: 5693.2Original Series
200The Original Series 3.10: Plato's StepchildrenTV EpisodeDavid Alexander1968-11-22Stardate: 5784.2Original Series
201The Original Series 3.11: Wink of an EyeTV EpisodeJud Taylor1968-11-29Stardate: 5710.5Original Series
202The Original Series 3.12: The EmpathTV EpisodeJohn Erman1968-12-06Stardate: 5121.5Original Series
203The Original Series 3.13: Elaan of TroyiusTV EpisodeJohn Meredyth Lucas1968-12-20Stardate: 4372.5Original Series
204The Original Series 3.14: Whom Gods DestroyTV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1969-01-03Stardate: 5718.3Original Series
205The Original Series 3.15: Let That Be Your Last BattlefieldTV EpisodeJud Taylor1969-01-10Stardate: 5730.2Original Series
206The Original Series 3.16: The Mark of GideonTV EpisodeJud Taylor1969-01-17Stardate: 5423.4Original Series
207The Original Series 3.17: That Which SurvivesTV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1969-01-24Stardate: UnknownOriginal Series
208The Original Series 3.18: The Lights of ZetarTV EpisodeHerb Kenwith1969-01-31Stardate: 5725.3Original Series
209The Original Series 3.19: Requiem for MethuselahTV EpisodeMurray Golden1969-02-14Stardate: 5843.7Original Series
210The Original Series 3.20: The Way to EdenTV EpisodeDavid Alexander1969-02-21Stardate: 5832.3Original Series
211The Original Series 3.21: The Cloud MindersTV EpisodeJud Taylor1969-02-28Stardate: 5818.4Original Series
212The Original Series 3.22: The Savage CurtainTV EpisodeHerschel Daugherty1969-03-07Stardate: 5906.4Original Series
213The Original Series 3.23: All Our YesterdaysTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1969-03-14Stardate: 5943.7Original Series
214The Original Series 3.24: Turnabout IntruderTV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1969-06-03Stardate: 5928.5Original Series
215The Animated Series 1.01: Beyond the Farthest StarTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-09-08Stardate: 5221.3The Animated Series
216The Animated Series 1.02: YesteryearTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-09-15Stardate: 5373.4The Animated Series
217The Animated Series 1.03: One of Our Planets Is MissingTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-09-22Stardate: 5371.3The Animated Series
218The Animated Series 1.04: The Lorelei SignalTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-09-29Stardate: 5483.7The Animated Series
219The Animated Series 1.05: More Tribbles, More TroublesTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-10-06Stardate: 5392.4The Animated Series
220The Animated Series 1.06: The SurvivorTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-10-13Stardate: 5143.3The Animated Series
221The Animated Series 1.07: The Infinite VulcanTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-10-20Stardate: 5554.4The Animated Series
222The Animated Series 1.08: The Magicks of Megas-tuTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-10-27Stardate: 1254.4The Animated Series
223The Animated Series 1.09: Once Upon a PlanetTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-11-03Stardate: 5591.2The Animated Series
224The Animated Series 1.10: Mudd's PassionTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-11-10Stardate: 4978.5The Animated Series
225The Animated Series 1.11: The Terratin IncidentTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-11-17Stardate: 5577.3The Animated Series
226The Animated Series 1.12: The Time TrapTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-11-24Stardate: 5267.2The Animated Series
227The Animated Series 1.13: The Ambergris ElementTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-12-01Stardate: 5499.9The Animated Series
228The Animated Series 1.14: The Slaver WeaponTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1973-12-15Stardate: 4187.3The Animated Series
229The Animated Series 1.15: The Eye of the BeholderTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1974-01-05Stardate: 5501.2The Animated Series
230The Animated Series 1.16: The JihadTV EpisodeHal Sutherland1974-01-12Stardate: 5683.1The Animated Series
231The Animated Series 2.01: The Pirates of OrionTV EpisodeBill Reed1974-09-07Stardate: 6334.1The Animated Series
232The Animated Series 2.02: BemTV EpisodeBill Reed1974-09-14Stardate: 7403.6The Animated Series
233The Animated Series 2.03: The Practical JokerTV EpisodeBill Reed1974-09-21Stardate: 3183.3The Animated Series
234The Animated Series 2.04: AlbatrossTV EpisodeBill Reed1974-09-28Stardate: 5275.6The Animated Series
235The Animated Series 2.05: How Sharper Than a Serpent's ToothTV EpisodeBill Reed1974-10-05Stardate: 6063.4The Animated Series
236The Animated Series 2.06: The Counter-Clock IncidentTV EpisodeBill Reed1974-10-12Stardate: 6770.3The Animated Series
237Star Trek I: The Motion PictureFilmRobert Wise1979-12-07Stardate: 7412.6TOS Films
238Star Trek II: The Wrath of KahnFilmNicholas Meyer1982-06-04Stardate: 8130.4TOS Films
239Star Trek III: Search for SpockFilmLeonard Nimoy1984-06-01Stardate: 8210.3TOS Films
240Ephraim and DotShort FilmMichael Giacchino2019-12-12Short Treks
241Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeFilmLeonard Nimoy1986-11-26Stardate: 8390TOS Films
242Star Trek V: The Final FrontierFilmWilliam Shatner1989-06-09Stardate: 8454.1TOS Films
243Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryFilmNicholas Meyer1991-12-06Stardate: 9521.6TOS Films
244The Next Generation 1.01: Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1TV EpisodeCorey Allen1987-09-28Stardate: 41153.7The Next Generation
245The Next Generation 1.02: Encounter at Farpoint, Part 2TV EpisodeCorey Allen1987-09-28Stardate: 41153.7The Next Generation
246The Next Generation 1.03: The Naked NowTV EpisodePaul Lynch1987-10-05Stardate: 41209.2The Next Generation
247The Next Generation 1.04: Code of HonorTV EpisodeRuss Mayberry1987-10-12Stardate: 41235.25The Next Generation
248The Next Generation 1.05: The Last OutpostTV EpisodeRichard Colla1987-10-19Stardate: 41386.4The Next Generation
249The Next Generation 1.06: Where No One Has Gone BeforeTV EpisodeRob Bowman1987-10-26Stardate: 41263.1The Next Generation
250The Next Generation 1.07: Lonely Among UsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1987-11-02Stardate: 41249.3The Next Generation
251The Next Generation 1.08: JusticeTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1987-11-09Stardate: 41255.6The Next Generation
252The Next Generation 1.09: The BattleTV EpisodeRob Bowman1987-11-16Stardate: 41723.9The Next Generation
253The Next Generation 1.10: Hide and QTV EpisodeCliff Bole1987-11-23Stardate: 41590.5The Next Generation
254The Next Generation 1.11: HavenTV EpisodeRichard Compton1987-11-30Stardate: 41294.5The Next Generation
255The Next Generation 1.12: The Big GoodbyeTV EpisodeJoseph L. Scanlan1988-01-11Stardate: 41997.7The Next Generation
256The Next Generation 1.13: DataloreTV EpisodeRob Bowman1988-01-18Stardate: 41242.4The Next Generation
257The Next Generation 1.14: Angel OneTV EpisodeMichael Rhoades1988-01-25Stardate: 41636.9The Next Generation
258The Next Generation 1.15: 11001001TV EpisodePaul Lynch1988-02-01Stardate: 41365.9The Next Generation
259The Next Generation 1.16: Too Short a SeasonTV EpisodeRob Bowman1988-02-08Stardate: 41309.5The Next Generation
260The Next Generation 1.17: When the Bough BreaksTV EpisodeKim Manners1988-02-15Stardate: 41509.1The Next Generation
261The Next Generation 1.18: Home SoilTV EpisodeCorey Allen1988-02-22Stardate: 41463.9The Next Generation
262The Next Generation 1.19: Coming of AgeTV EpisodeMike Vejar1988-03-14Stardate: 41416.2The Next Generation
263The Next Generation 1.20: Heart of GloryTV EpisodeRob Bowman1988-03-21Stardate: 41503.7The Next Generation
264The Next Generation 1.21: The Arsenal of FreedomTV EpisodeLes Landau1988-04-11Stardate: 41798.2The Next Generation
265The Next Generation 1.22: SymbiosisTV EpisodeWin Phelps1988-04-18Stardate: UnknownThe Next Generation
266The Next Generation 1.23: Skin of EvilTV EpisodeJoseph L. Scanlan1988-04-25Stardate: 41601.3The Next Generation
267The Next Generation 1.24: We'll Always Have ParisTV EpisodeRobert Becker1988-05-02Stardate: 41697.9The Next Generation
268The Next Generation 1.25: ConspiracyTV EpisodeCliff Bole1988-05-09Stardate: 41775.5The Next Generation
269The Next Generation 1.26: The Neutral ZoneTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1988-05-16Stardate: 41986The Next Generation
270The Next Generation 2.01: The ChildTV EpisodeRob Bowman1988-11-21Stardate: 42073.1The Next Generation
271The Next Generation 2.02: Where Silence Has LeaseTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1988-11-28Stardate: 42193.6The Next Generation
272The Next Generation 2.03: Elementary, Dear DataTV EpisodeRob Bowman1988-12-05Stardate: 42286.3The Next Generation
273The Next Generation 2.04: The Outrageous OkonaTV EpisodeRobert Becker1988-12-12Stardate: 42402.7The Next Generation
274The Next Generation 2.05: Loud as a WhisperTV EpisodeLarry Shaw1989-01-09Stardate: 42477.2The Next Generation
275The Next Generation 2.06: The Schizoid ManTV EpisodeLes Landau1989-01-23Stardate: 42437.5The Next Generation
276The Next Generation 2.07: Unnatural SelectionTV EpisodePaul Lynch1989-01-30Stardate: 42494.8The Next Generation
277The Next Generation 2.08: A Matter of HonorTV EpisodeRob Bowman1989-02-06Stardate: 42506.5The Next Generation
278The Next Generation 2.09: The Measure of a ManTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1989-02-13Stardate: 42523.7The Next Generation
279The Next Generation 2.10: The DauphinTV EpisodeRob Bowman1989-02-20Stardate: 42568.8The Next Generation
280The Next Generation 2.11: ContagionTV EpisodeJoseph L. Scanlan1989-03-20Stardate: 42609.1The Next Generation
281The Next Generation 2.12: The RoyaleTV EpisodeCliff Bole1989-03-27Stardate: 42625.4The Next Generation
282The Next Generation 2.13: Time SquaredTV EpisodeJoseph L. Scanlan1989-04-03Stardate: 42679.2The Next Generation
283The Next Generation 2.14: The Icarus FactorTV EpisodeRobert Iscove1989-04-24Stardate: 42686.4The Next Generation
284The Next Generation 2.15: Pen PalsTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1989-05-01Stardate: 42695.3The Next Generation
285The Next Generation 2.16: Q WhoTV EpisodeRob Bowman1989-05-08Stardate: 42761.3The Next Generation
286The Next Generation 2.17: Samaritan SnareTV EpisodeLes Landau1989-05-15Stardate: 42779.1The Next Generation
287The Next Generation 2.18: Up the Long LadderTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1989-05-22Stardate: 42823.2The Next Generation
288The Next Generation 2.19: ManhuntTV EpisodeRob Bowman1989-06-19Stardate: 42859.2The Next Generation
289The Next Generation 2.20: The EmissaryTV EpisodeCliff Bole1989-06-26Stardate: 42901.3The Next Generation
290The Next Generation 2.21: Peak PerformanceTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1989-07-10Stardate: 42923.4The Next Generation
291The Next Generation 2.22: Shades of GrayTV EpisodeRob Bowman1989-07-17Stardate: 42976.1The Next Generation
292The Next Generation 3.01: EvolutionTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1989-09-25Stardate: 43125.8The Next Generation
293The Next Generation 3.02: The Ensigns of CommandTV EpisodeCliff Bole1989-10-02Stardate: 43133.3The Next Generation
294The Next Generation 3.03: The SurvivorsTV EpisodeLes Landau1989-10-09Stardate: 43152.4The Next Generation
295The Next Generation 3.04: Who Watches the WatchersTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1989-10-16Stardate: 43173.5The Next Generation
296The Next Generation 3.05: The BondingTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1989-10-23Stardate: 43198.7The Next Generation
297The Next Generation 3.06: Booby TrapTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1989-10-30Stardate: 43205.6The Next Generation
298The Next Generation 3.07: The EnemyTV EpisodeDavid Carson1989-11-06Stardate: 43349.2The Next Generation
299The Next Generation 3.08: The PriceTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1989-11-13Stardate: 43385.6The Next Generation
300The Next Generation 3.09: The Vengeance FactorTV EpisodeTimothy Bond1989-11-20Stardate: 43421.9The Next Generation
301The Next Generation 3.10: The DefectorTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1990-01-01Stardate: 43462.5The Next Generation
302The Next Generation 3.11: The HuntedTV EpisodeCliff Bole1990-01-08Stardate: 43489.2The Next Generation
303The Next Generation 3.12: The High GroundTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1990-01-29Stardate: 43510.7The Next Generation
304The Next Generation 3.13: Déjà QTV EpisodeLes Landau1990-02-05Stardate: 43539.1The Next Generation
305The Next Generation 3.14: A Matter of PerspectiveTV EpisodeCliff Bole1990-02-12Stardate: 43610.4The Next Generation
306The Next Generation 3.15: Yesterday's EnterpriseTV EpisodeDavid Carson1990-02-19Stardate: 43625.2The Next Generation
307The Next Generation 3.16: The OffspringTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1990-03-12Stardate: 43657The Next Generation
308The Next Generation 3.17: Sins of the FatherTV EpisodeLes Landau1990-03-19Stardate: 43685.2The Next Generation
309The Next Generation 3.18: AllegianceTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1990-03-26Stardate: 43714.1The Next Generation
310The Next Generation 3.19: Captain's HolidayTV EpisodeChip Chalmers1990-04-02Stardate: 43745.2The Next Generation
311The Next Generation 3.20: Tin ManTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1990-04-23Stardate: 43779.3The Next Generation
312The Next Generation 3.21: Hollow PursuitsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1990-04-30Stardate: 43807.4The Next Generation
313The Next Generation 3.22: The Most ToysTV EpisodeTimothy Bond1990-05-07Stardate: 43872.2The Next Generation
314The Next Generation 3.23: SarekTV EpisodeLes Landau1990-05-14Stardate: 43917.4The Next Generation
315The Next Generation 3.24: Ménage à TroiTV EpisodeRobert Legato1990-05-28Stardate: 43930.7The Next Generation
316The Next Generation 3.25: TransfigurationsTV EpisodeTom Benko1990-06-04Stardate: 43957.2The Next Generation
317The Next Generation 3.26: The Best of Both Worlds, Part ITV EpisodeCliff Bole1990-06-18Stardate: 43989.1The Next Generation
318The Next Generation 4.01: The Best of Both Worlds, Part IITV EpisodeCliff Bole1990-09-24Stardate: 44001.4The Next Generation
319The Next Generation 4.02: FamilyTV EpisodeLes Landau1990-10-01Stardate: 44012.3The Next Generation
320The Next Generation 4.03: BrothersTV EpisodeRob Bowman1990-10-08Stardate: 44085.7The Next Generation
321The Next Generation 4.04: Suddenly HumanTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1990-10-15Stardate: 44143.7The Next Generation
322The Next Generation 4.05: Remember MeTV EpisodeCliff Bole1990-10-22Stardate: 44161.2The Next Generation
323The Next Generation 4.06: LegacyTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1990-10-29Stardate: 44215.2The Next Generation
324The Next Generation 4.07: ReunionTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1990-11-05Stardate: 44246.3The Next Generation
325The Next Generation 4.08: Future ImperfectTV EpisodeLes Landau1990-11-12Stardate: 44286.5The Next Generation
326The Next Generation 4.09: Final MissionTV EpisodeCorey Allen1990-11-19Stardate: 44307.3The Next Generation
327The Next Generation 4.10: The LossTV EpisodeChip Chalmers1990-12-31Stardate: 44356.9The Next Generation
328The Next Generation 4.11: Data's DayTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1991-01-07Stardate: 44390.1The Next Generation
329The Next Generation 4.12: The WoundedTV EpisodeChip Chalmers1991-01-28Stardate: 44429.6The Next Generation
330The Next Generation 4.13: Devil's DueTV EpisodeTom Benko1991-02-04Stardate: 44474.5The Next Generation
331The Next Generation 4.14: CluesTV EpisodeLes Landau1991-02-11Stardate: 44502.7The Next Generation
332The Next Generation 4.15: First ContactTV EpisodeCliff Bole1991-02-18Stardate: 44575.2The Next Generation
333The Next Generation 4.16: Galaxy's ChildTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1991-03-11Stardate: 44614.6The Next Generation
334The Next Generation 4.17: Night TerrorsTV EpisodeLes Landau1991-03-18Stardate: 44631.2The Next Generation
335The Next Generation 4.18: Identity CrisisTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1991-03-25Stardate: 44664.5The Next Generation
336The Next Generation 4.19: The Nth DegreeTV EpisodeRobert Legato1991-04-01Stardate: 44704.2The Next Generation
337The Next Generation 4.20: QpidTV EpisodeCliff Bole1991-04-22Stardate: 44741.9The Next Generation
338The Next Generation 4.21: The DrumheadTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1991-04-29Stardate: 44769.2The Next Generation
339The Next Generation 4.22: Half a LifeTV EpisodeLes Landau1991-05-06Stardate: 44805.3The Next Generation
340The Next Generation 4.23: The HostTV EpisodeMarvin V. Rush1991-05-13Stardate: 44821.3The Next Generation
341The Next Generation 4.24: The Mind's EyeTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1991-05-27Stardate: 44885.5The Next Generation
342The Next Generation 4.25: In TheoryTV EpisodePatrick Stewart1991-06-03Stardate: 44932.3The Next Generation
343The Next Generation 4.26: Redemption, Part ITV EpisodeCliff Bole1991-06-17Stardate: 44995.3The Next Generation
344The Next Generation 5.01: Redemption, Part IITV EpisodeDavid Carson1991-09-23Stardate: 45021.3The Next Generation
345The Next Generation 5.02: DarmokTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1991-09-30Stardate: 45047.2The Next Generation
346The Next Generation 5.03: Ensign RoTV EpisodeLes Landau1991-10-07Stardate: 45076.3The Next Generation
347The Next Generation 5.04: Silicon AvatarTV EpisodeCliff Bole1991-10-14Stardate: 45122.3The Next Generation
348The Next Generation 5.05: DisasterTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1991-10-21Stardate: 45156.1The Next Generation
349The Next Generation 5.06: The GameTV EpisodeCorey Allen1991-10-28Stardate: 45208.2The Next Generation
350The Next Generation 5.07: Unification, Part ITV EpisodeLes Landau1991-11-04Stardate: 45233.1The Next Generation
351The Next Generation 5.08: Unification, Part IITV EpisodeCliff Bole1991-11-11Stardate: 45233.1The Next Generation
352The Next Generation 5.09: A Matter of TimeTV EpisodePaul Lynch1991-11-18Stardate: 45349.1The Next Generation
353The Next Generation 5.10: New GroundTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1992-01-06Stardate: 45376.3The Next Generation
354The Next Generation 5.11: Hero WorshipTV EpisodePatrick Stewart1992-01-27Stardate: 45397.3The Next Generation
355The Next Generation 5.12: ViolationsTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1992-02-03Stardate: 45429.3The Next Generation
356The Next Generation 5.13: The Masterpiece SocietyTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1992-02-10Stardate: 45470.1The Next Generation
357The Next Generation 5.14: ConundrumTV EpisodeLes Landau1992-02-17Stardate: 45494.2The Next Generation
358The Next Generation 5.15: Power PlayTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1992-02-24Stardate: 45571.2The Next Generation
359The Next Generation 5.16: EthicsTV EpisodeChip Chalmers1992-03-02Stardate: 45587.3The Next Generation
360The Next Generation 5.17: The OutcastTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1992-03-16Stardate: 45614.6The Next Generation
361The Next Generation 5.18: Cause and EffectTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1992-03-23Stardate: 45652.1The Next Generation
362The Next Generation 5.19: The First DutyTV EpisodePaul Lynch1992-03-30Stardate: 45703.9The Next Generation
363The Next Generation 5.20: Cost of LivingTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1992-04-20Stardate: 45733.6The Next Generation
364The Next Generation 5.21: The Perfect MateTV EpisodeCliff Bole1992-04-27Stardate: 45761.3The Next Generation
365The Next Generation 5.22: Imaginary FriendTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1992-05-04Stardate: 45852.1The Next Generation
366The Next Generation 5.23: I, BorgTV EpisodeRobert Lederman1992-05-11Stardate: 45854.2The Next Generation
367The Next Generation 5.24: The Next PhaseTV EpisodeDavid Carson1992-05-18Stardate: 45892.4The Next Generation
368The Next Generation 5.25: The Inner LightTV EpisodePeter Lauritson1992-06-01Stardate: 45944.1The Next Generation
369The Next Generation 5.26: Time's Arrow, Part ITV EpisodeLes Landau1992-06-15Stardate: 45959.1The Next Generation
370The Next Generation 6.01: Time's Arrow, Part IITV EpisodeLes Landau1992-09-21Stardate: 46001.3The Next Generation
371The Next Generation 6.02: Realm of FearTV EpisodeCliff Bole1992-09-28Stardate: 46041.1The Next Generation
372The Next Generation 6.03: Man of the PeopleTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1992-10-05Stardate: 46071.6The Next Generation
373The Next Generation 6.04: RelicsTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1992-10-12Stardate: 46125.3The Next Generation
374The Next Generation 6.05: SchismsTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1992-10-19Stardate: 46154.2The Next Generation
375The Next Generation 6.06: True QTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1992-10-26Stardate: 46192.3The Next Generation
376The Next Generation 6.07: RascalsTV EpisodeAdam Nimoy1992-11-02Stardate: 46235.7The Next Generation
377The Next Generation 6.08: A Fistful of DatasTV EpisodePatrick Stewart1992-11-09Stardate: 46271.5The Next Generation
378The Next Generation 6.09: The Quality of LifeTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1992-11-16Stardate: 46307.2The Next Generation
379The Next Generation 6.10: Chain of Command, Part ITV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1992-12-14Stardate: 46357.4The Next Generation
380The Next Generation 6.11: Chain of Command, Part IITV EpisodeLes Landau1992-12-21Stardate: 46360.8The Next Generation
381Deep Space Nine 1.01: Emissary, Part ITV EpisodeDavid Carson1993-01-03Stardate: 46379.1Deep Space Nine
382Deep Space Nine 1.02: Emissary, Part IITV EpisodeDavid Carson1993-01-03Stardate: 46379.1Deep Space Nine
383Deep Space Nine 1.03: Past PrologueTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-01-10Stardate: 46397.3Deep Space Nine
384Deep Space Nine 1.04: A Man AloneTV EpisodePaul Lynch1993-01-17Stardate: 46421.5Deep Space Nine
385Deep Space Nine 1.05: BabelTV EpisodePaul Lynch1993-01-24Stardate: 46423.7Deep Space Nine
386The Next Generation 6.12: Ship in a BottleTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1993-01-25Stardate: 46424.1The Next Generation
387The Next Generation 6.13: AquielTV EpisodeCliff Bole1993-02-01Stardate: 46461.3The Next Generation
388Deep Space Nine 1.06: Captive Pursuit TV EpisodeCorey Allen1993-01-31Stardate: 46477.5Deep Space Nine
389The Next Generation 6.14: Face of the EnemyTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1993-02-08Stardate: 46519.1The Next Generation
390The Next Generation 6.15: TapestryTV EpisodeLes Landau1993-02-15Stardate: UnknownThe Next Generation
391Deep Space Nine 1.07: Q-LessTV EpisodePaul Lynch1993-02-07Stardate: 46531.2Deep Space Nine
392Deep Space Nine 1.09: The PassengerTV EpisodePaul Lynch1993-02-21Stardate: 465570.8Deep Space Nine
393The Next Generation 6.16: Birthright, Part ITV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-02-22Stardate: 46578.4The Next Generation
394The Next Generation 6.17: Birthright, Part IITV EpisodeDan Curry1993-03-01Stardate: 46579.2The Next Generation
395Deep Space Nine 1.10: Move Along HomeTV EpisodeDavid Carson1993-03-14Stardate: 46612.4Deep Space Nine
396Deep Space Nine 1.11: The NagusTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1993-03-21Stardate: 46657Deep Space Nine
397Deep Space Nine 1.12: VortexTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-04-18Stardate: 46689.6Deep Space Nine
398The Next Generation 6.18: Starship MineTV EpisodeCliff Bole1993-03-29Stardate: 46682.4The Next Generation
399The Next Generation 6.19: LessonsTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1993-04-05Stardate: 46693.1The Next Generation
400Deep Space Nine 1.13: Battle LinesTV EpisodePaul Lynch1993-04-25Stardate: 46715.2Deep Space Nine
401Deep Space Nine 1.14: The StorytellerTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1993-05-02Stardate: 46729.1Deep Space Nine
402The Next Generation 6.20: The ChaseTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1993-04-26Stardate: 46731.5The Next Generation
403The Next Generation 6.21: Frame of MindTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1993-05-03Stardate: 46778.1The Next Generation
404The Next Generation 6.22: SuspicionsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1993-05-10Stardate: 46830.1The Next Generation
405Deep Space Nine 1.15: ProgressTV EpisodeLes Landau1993-05-09Stardate: 46844.3Deep Space Nine
406The Next Generation 6.23: Rightful HeirTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-05-17Stardate: 46852.2The Next Generation
407Deep Space Nine 1.16: If Wishes Were HorsesTV EpisodeRobert Legato1993-05-16Stardate: 46853.2Deep Space Nine
408Deep Space Nine 1.08: DaxTV EpisodeDavid Carson1993-02-14Stardate: 46910.1Deep Space Nine
409The Next Generation 6.24: Second ChancesTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1993-05-24Stardate: 46915.2The Next Generation
410Deep Space Nine 1.17: The ForsakenTV EpisodeLes Landau1993-05-23Stardate: 46925.1Deep Space Nine
411Deep Space Nine 1.18: Dramatis PersonaeTV EpisodeCliff Bole1993-05-30Stardate: 46922.3Deep Space Nine
412The Next Generation 6.25: TimescapeTV EpisodeAdam Nimoy1993-06-14Stardate: 46944.2The Next Generation
413Deep Space Nine 1.19: DuetTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1993-06-13Stardate: 46933.4Deep Space Nine
414Deep Space Nine 1.20: In the Hands of the ProphetsTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1993-06-20Stardate: 46951.7Deep Space Nine
415The Next Generation 6.26: Descent, Part ITV EpisodeAlexander Singer1993-06-21Stardate: 46982.1The Next Generation
416The Next Generation 7.01: Descent, Part IITV EpisodeAlexander Singer1993-09-20Stardate: 47025.4The Next Generation
417Deep Space Nine 2.01: The HomecomingTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-09-26Stardate: 47101.2Deep Space Nine
418Deep Space Nine 2.02: The CircleTV EpisodeCorey Allen1993-10-03Stardate: 47125.7Deep Space Nine
419Deep Space Nine 2.03: The SiegeTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-10-10Stardate: 47143.9Deep Space Nine
420The Next Generation 7.02: LiaisonsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1993-09-27Stardate: UnknownThe Next Generation
421The Next Generation 7.04: Gambit, Part ITV EpisodePeter Lauritson1993-10-11Stardate: 47135.2The Next Generation
422The Next Generation 7.05: Gambit, Part IITV EpisodeAlexander Singer1993-10-18Stardate: 47160.1The Next Generation
423Deep Space Nine 2.04: Invasive ProceduresTV EpisodeLes Landau1993-10-17Stardate: 47182.1Deep Space Nine
424Deep Space Nine 2.05: CardassiansTV EpisodeCliff Bole1993-10-24Stardate: 47177.2Deep Space Nine
425The Next Generation 7.03: InterfaceTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1993-10-04Stardate: 47215.5The Next Generation
426The Next Generation 7.06: PhantasmsTV EpisodePatrick Stewart1993-10-25Stardate: 47225.7The Next Generation
427Deep Space Nine 2.06: MeloraTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1993-10-31Stardate: 47229.1Deep Space Nine
428The Next Generation 7.07: Dark PageTV EpisodeLes Landau1993-11-01Stardate: 47254.1The Next Generation
429Deep Space Nine 2.07: Rules of AcquisitionTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1993-11-07Stardate: 47261.7Deep Space Nine
430Deep Space Nine 2.08: Necessary EvilTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1993-11-14Stardate: 47282.5Deep Space Nine
431The Next Generation 7.08: AttachedTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1993-11-08Stardate: 47304.2The Next Generation
432The Next Generation 7.09: Force of NatureTV EpisodeRobert Lederman1993-11-15Stardate: 47310.2The Next Generation
433Deep Space Nine 2.09: Second SightTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1993-11-21Stardate: 47329.4Deep Space Nine
434The Next Generation 7.10: InheritanceTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1993-11-22Stardate: 47410.2The Next Generation
435The Next Generation 7.11: ParallelsTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1993-11-29Stardate: 47391.2The Next Generation
436Deep Space Nine 2.10: SanctuaryTV EpisodeLes Landau1993-11-28Stardate: 47391.2Deep Space Nine
437Deep Space Nine 2.11: RivalsTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1994-01-02Stardate: 47349.2Deep Space Nine
438Deep Space Nine 2.12: The AlternateTV EpisodeDavid Carson1994-01-09Stardate: 47352.1Deep Space Nine
439The Next Generation 7.12: The PegasusTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1994-01-10Stardate: 47457.1The Next Generation
440The Next Generation 7.13: HomewardTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1994-01-17Stardate: 47423.9The Next Generation
441The Next Generation 7.14: Sub RosaTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1994-01-31Stardate: UnknownThe Next Generation
442Deep Space Nine 2.13: Armageddon GameTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1994-01-30Stardate: 47444.8Deep Space Nine
443The Next Generation 7.15: Lower DecksTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1994-02-07Stardate: 47566.7The Next Generation
444Deep Space Nine 2.14: WhispersTV EpisodeLes Landau1994-02-06Stardate: 47581.2Deep Space Nine
445Deep Space Nine 2.15: ParadiseTV EpisodeCorey Allen1994-02-13Stardate: 47573.1Deep Space Nine
446Deep Space Nine 2.16: ShadowplayTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1994-02-20Stardate: 47603.3Deep Space Nine
447The Next Generation 7.16: Thine Own SelfTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1994-02-14Stardate: 47611.2The Next Generation
448The Next Generation 7.17: MasksTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1994-02-21Stardate: 47615.2The Next Generation
449The Next Generation 7.18: Eye of the BeholderTV EpisodeCliff Bole1994-02-28Stardate: 47622.1The Next Generation
450Deep Space Nine 2.17: Playing GodTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1994-02-27Stardate: 47678.3Deep Space Nine
451The Next Generation 7.19: GenesisTV EpisodeGates McFadden1994-03-21Stardate: 47653.2The Next Generation
452Deep Space Nine 2.18: Profit and LossTV EpisodeRobert Wiemer1994-03-20Stardate: 47701.5Deep Space Nine
453Deep Space Nine 2.19: Blood OathTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1994-03-27Stardate: 47789.8Deep Space Nine
454The Next Generation 7.20: Journey's EndTV EpisodeCorey Allen1994-03-28Stardate: 47751.2The Next Generation
455Deep Space Nine 2.20: The Maquis, Part ITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1994-04-24Stardate: 47802.3Deep Space Nine
456Deep Space Nine 2.21: The Maquis, Part IITV EpisodeCorey Allen1994-05-01Stardate: 47805.1Deep Space Nine
457The Next Generation 7.21: FirstbornTV EpisodeJonathan West1994-04-25Stardate: 47779.4The Next Generation
458The Next Generation 7.22: BloodlinesTV EpisodeLes Landau1994-05-02Stardate: 47829.1The Next Generation
459Deep Space Nine 2.22: The WireTV EpisodeKim Friedman1994-05-08Stardate: 47849.8Deep Space Nine
460The Next Generation 7.23: EmergenceTV EpisodeCliff Bole1994-05-09Stardate: 47869.2The Next Generation
461Deep Space Nine 2.23: CrossoverTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1994-05-15Stardate: 47879.2Deep Space Nine
462Deep Space Nine 2.24: The CollaboratorTV EpisodeCliff Bole1994-05-22Stardate: 47921.5Deep Space Nine
463The Next Generation 7.24: Preemptive StrikeTV EpisodePatrick Stewart1994-05-16Stardate: 47941.7The Next Generation
464Deep Space Nine 2.25: TribunalTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1994-06-05Stardate: 47944.2Deep Space Nine
465The Next Generation 7.25: All Good Things...Part ITV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1994-05-23Stardate: 47988The Next Generation
466The Next Generation 7.26: All Good Things...Part IITV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1994-05-23Stardate: 47988The Next Generation
467Deep Space Nine 2.26: The Jem'HadarTV EpisodeKim Friedman1994-06-12Stardate: 47987.5Deep Space Nine
468Deep Space Nine 3.01: The Search, Part ITV EpisodeKim Friedman1994-09-26Stardate: 48213.1Deep Space Nine
469Deep Space Nine 3.02: The Search, Part IITV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1994-10-03Stardate: 48213.1Deep Space Nine
470Deep Space Nine 3.03: The House of QuarkTV EpisodeLes Landau1994-10-10Stardate: 48224.2Deep Space Nine
471Deep Space Nine 3.04: EquilibriumTV EpisodeCliff Bole1994-10-17Stardate: 48231.7Deep Space Nine
472Voyager 1.01: CaretakerTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-01-16Stardate: 48315.6Voyager
473Deep Space Nine 3.05: Second SkinTV EpisodeLes Landau1994-10-24Stardate: 48244.5Deep Space Nine
474Deep Space Nine 3.06: The AbandonedTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1994-10-31Stardate: 48301.1Deep Space Nine
475Deep Space Nine 3.07: Civil DefenseTV EpisodeReza Badiyi1994-11-07Stardate: 48388.8Deep Space Nine
476Deep Space Nine 3.08: MeridianTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1994-11-14Stardate: 48423.2Deep Space Nine
477Voyager 1.02: ParallaxTV EpisodeKim Friedman1995-01-23Stardate: 48439.7Voyager
478Deep Space Nine 3.09: DefiantTV EpisodeCliff Bole1994-11-21Stardate: 48467.3Deep Space Nine
479Deep Space Nine 3.10: FascinationTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1994-11-28Stardate: 48441.6Deep Space Nine
480Deep Space Nine 3.11: Past Tense, Part ITV EpisodeReza Badiyi1995-01-02Stardate: 48481.2Deep Space Nine
481Deep Space Nine 3.12: Past Tense, Part IITV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1995-01-09Stardate: 48481.2Deep Space Nine
482Deep Space Nine 3.13: Life SupportTV EpisodeReza Badiyi1995-01-31Stardate: 48498.4Deep Space Nine
483Voyager 1.03: Time and AgainTV EpisodeLes Landau1995-01-30Stardate: UnknownVoyager
484Deep Space Nine 3.14: Heart of StoneTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1995-02-06Stardate: 48521.5Deep Space Nine
485Voyager 1.04: PhageTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-02-06Stardate: 48532.4Voyager
486Deep Space Nine 3.15: DestinyTV EpisodeLes Landau1995-02-13Stardate: 48543.2Deep Space Nine
487Voyager 1.05: The CloudTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-02-13Stardate: 48546.2Voyager
488Voyager 1.06: Eye of the NeedleTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-02-20Stardate: 48579.4Voyager
489Deep Space Nine 3.16: Prophet MotiveTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1995-02-20Stardate: 48555.5Deep Space Nine
490Voyager 1.07: Ex Post FactoTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1995-02-27Stardate: UnknownVoyager
491Voyager 1.08: EmanationsTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-03-13Stardate: 48623.5Voyager
492Star Trek VII: GenerationsFilmDavid Carson1994-11-18Stardate: 48632.4TNG Films
493Deep Space Nine 3.17: VisionaryTV EpisodeReza Badiyi1995-02-27Stardate: 48576.7Deep Space Nine
494Voyager 1.09: Prime FactorsTV EpisodeLes Landau1995-03-20Stardate: 48642.5Voyager
495Voyager 1.10: State of FluxTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1995-04-10Stardate: 48658.2Voyager
496Deep Space Nine 3.18: Distant VoicesTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1995-04-10Stardate: 48592.2Deep Space Nine
497Voyager 1.11: Heroes and DemonsTV EpisodeLes Landau1995-04-24Stardate: 48693.2Voyager
498Deep Space Nine 3.19: Through the Looking GlassTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-04-17Stardate: 48601.1Deep Space Nine
499Voyager 1.12: CathexisTV EpisodeKim Friedman1995-05-01Stardate: 48734.2Voyager
500Deep Space Nine 3.20: Improbable CauseTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1995-04-24Stardate: 48620.3Deep Space Nine
501Deep Space Nine 3.21: The Die is CastTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-05-01Stardate: 48622.5Deep Space Nine
502Voyager 1.13: FacesTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-05-08Stardate: 48784.2Voyager
503Voyager 1.14: JetrelTV EpisodeKim Friedman1995-05-15Stardate: 48832.1, 48840.5Voyager
504Deep Space Nine 3.22: ExplorersTV EpisodeCliff Bole1995-05-08Stardate: 48699.9Deep Space Nine
505Voyager 1.15: Learning CurveTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-05-22Stardate: 48846.5Voyager
506Deep Space Nine 3.23: Family BusinessTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1995-05-15Stardate: 48731.2Deep Space Nine
507Voyager 2.03: ProjectionsTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1995-09-11Stardate: 48892.1Voyager
508Voyager 2.04: ElogiumTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-09-18Stardate: 48921.3Voyager
509Deep Space Nine 3.24: ShakaarTV EpisodeJonathan West1995-05-22Stardate: 48764.8Deep Space Nine
510Deep Space Nine 3.25: FacetsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1995-06-12Stardate: 48959.1Deep Space Nine
511Deep Space Nine 3.26: The AdversaryTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1995-06-19Stardate: 48962.5Deep Space Nine
512Voyager 2.01: The 37sTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1995-08-28Stardate: 48975.1Voyager
513Voyager 2.02: InitiationsTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-09-04Stardate: 49005.3Voyager
514Voyager 2.05: Non SequiturTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-09-25Stardate: 49011Voyager
515Deep Space Nine 4.01: The Way of the Warrior, Part ITV EpisodeJames L. Conway1995-10-02Stardate: 49011.4Deep Space Nine
516Deep Space Nine 4.02: The Way of the Warrior, Part IITV EpisodeJames L. Conway1995-10-02Stardate: 49011.4Deep Space Nine
517Deep Space Nine 4.03: The VisitorTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-10-09Stardate: 49037.7Deep Space Nine
518Voyager 2.06: TwistedTV EpisodeKim Friedman1995-10-02Stardate: 48945.8Voyager
519Deep Space Nine 4.04: Hippocratic OathTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1995-10-16Stardate: 49066.5Deep Space Nine
520Voyager 2.07: ParturitionTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1995-10-09Stardate: 49068.5Voyager
521Voyager 2.08: Persistence of VisionTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1995-10-30Stardate: 49037.2Voyager
522Deep Space Nine 4.05: IndiscretionTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1995-10-23Stardate: 49122.4Deep Space Nine
523Voyager 2.09: TattooTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1995-11-06Stardate: 49211.5Voyager
524Voyager 2.10: Cold FireTV EpisodeCliff Bole1995-11-13Stardate: 49164.8Voyager
525Deep Space Nine 4.06: RejoinedTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1995-10-30Stardate: 49195.5Deep Space Nine
526Voyager 2.11: ManeuversTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1995-11-20Stardate: 49208.5Voyager
527Voyager 2.12: ResistanceTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-11-27Stardate: 49234.1Voyager
528Deep Space Nine 4.07: Starship DownTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1995-11-06Stardate: 49263.5Deep Space Nine
529Voyager 2.13: PrototypeTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes1996-01-15Stardate: 49270.9Voyager
530Voyager 2.18: Death WishTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1996-02-19Stardate: 49301.2Voyager
531Deep Space Nine 4.08: Little Green MenTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1995-11-13Stardate: 49201.3Deep Space Nine
532Voyager 2.14: AlliancesTV EpisodeLes Landau1996-01-22Stardate: 49337.4Voyager
533Deep Space Nine 4.09: The Sword of KahlessTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1995-11-20Stardate: 49289Deep Space Nine
534Voyager 2.15: ThresholdTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1996-01-29Stardate: 49373.4Voyager
535Deep Space Nine 4.10: Our Man BashirTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1995-11-27Stardate: 49300.7Deep Space Nine
536Deep Space Nine 4.11: HomefrontTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-01-01Stardate: 49370Deep Space Nine
537Deep Space Nine 4.12: Paradise LostTV EpisodeReza Badiyi1996-01-08Stardate: 49482.3Deep Space Nine
538Voyager 2.16: MeldTV EpisodeCliff Bole1996-02-05Stardate: 49380.5Voyager
539Voyager 2.17: DreadnoughtTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1996-02-12Stardate: 49447Voyager
540Voyager 2.19: LifesignsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1996-02-26Stardate: 49504.3Voyager
541Voyager 2.20: InvestigationsTV EpisodeLes Landau1996-03-13Stardate: 49485.2Voyager
542Deep Space Nine 4.13: CrossfireTV EpisodeLes Landau1996-01-29Stardate: 49517.3Deep Space Nine
543Deep Space Nine 4.14: Return to GraceTV EpisodeJonathan West1996-02-05Stardate: 49534.2Deep Space Nine
544Voyager 2.21: DeadlockTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-03-18Stardate: 49548.7Voyager
545Deep Space Nine 4.15: Sons of MoghTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-02-12Stardate: 49556.2Deep Space Nine
546Voyager 2.22: InnocenceTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1996-04-08Stardate: 49578.2Voyager
547Deep Space Nine 4.16: Bar AssociationTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1996-02-19Stardate: 49565.1Deep Space Nine
548Voyager 2.23: The ThawTV EpisodeMarvin V. Rush1996-04-29Stardate: 49610.3Voyager
549Deep Space Nine 4.17: AccessionTV EpisodeLes Landau1996-02-26Stardate: 49600.7Deep Space Nine
550Voyager 2.24: TuvixTV EpisodeCliff Bole1996-05-06Stardate: 49655.2Voyager
551Deep Space Nine 4.18: Rules of EngagementTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1996-04-08Stardate: 49665.3Deep Space Nine
552Voyager 2.25: ResolutionsTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1996-05-13Stardate: 49690.1Voyager
553Deep Space Nine 4.19: Hard TimeTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1996-04-15Stardate: 49680.5Deep Space Nine
554Deep Space Nine 4.20: Shattered MirrorTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1996-04-22Stardate: 49699.1Deep Space Nine
555Deep Space Nine 4.21: The MuseTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-04-29Stardate: 49702.2Deep Space Nine
556Deep Space Nine 4.22: For the CauseTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1996-05-06Stardate: 49729.8Deep Space Nine
557Deep Space Nine 4.23: To the DeathTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1996-05-13Stardate: 49904.2Deep Space Nine
558Deep Space Nine 4.24: The QuickeningTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1996-05-20Stardate: 49909.7Deep Space Nine
559Deep Space Nine 4.25: Body PartsTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1996-06-10Stardate: 49930.3Deep Space Nine
560Deep Space Nine 4.26: Broken LinkTV EpisodeLes Landau1996-06-17Stardate: 49962.4Deep Space Nine
561Voyager 2.26: Basics, Part ITV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1996-05-20Stardate: 49700Voyager
562Voyager 3.01: Basics, Part IITV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1996-09-04Stardate: 50023.4Voyager
563Deep Space Nine 5.01: Apocalypse RisingTV EpisodeJames L. Conway1996-09-30Stardate: 50015.9Deep Space Nine
564Deep Space Nine 5.02: The ShipTV EpisodeKim Friedman1996-10-07Stardate: 50049.3Deep Space Nine
565Voyager 3.05: False ProfitsTV EpisodeCliff Bole1996-10-02Stardate: 50074.3Voyager
566Deep Space Nine 5.03: Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong PlacesTV EpisodeAndrew J. Robinson1996-10-14Stardate: 50061.2Deep Space Nine
567Voyager 3.02: FlashbackTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-09-11Stardate: 50126.4Voyager
568Deep Space Nine 5.04: ...Nor the Battle to the StrongTV EpisodeKim Friedman1996-10-21Stardate: 50098.7Deep Space Nine
569Voyager 3.03: The ChuteTV EpisodeLes Landau1996-09-18Stardate: 50156.2Voyager
570Deep Space Nine 5.05: The AssignmentTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1996-10-28Stardate: 50124.3Deep Space Nine
571Voyager 3.06: RememberTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1996-10-09Stardate: 50203.1Voyager
572Deep Space Nine 5.06: Trials and Tribble-ationsTV EpisodeJonathan West1996-11-04Stardate: 4523.7Deep Space Nine
573Voyager 3.07: Sacred GroundTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill1996-10-30Stardate: 50063.2Voyager
574Voyager 3.04: The SwarmTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1996-09-25Stardate: 50252.3Voyager
575Deep Space Nine 5.07: Let He Who Is Without Sin...TV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1996-11-11Stardate: 50136.7Deep Space Nine
576Voyager 3.08: Future's End, Part ITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-11-06Stardate: UnknownVoyager
577Voyager 3.09: Future's End, Part IITV EpisodeCliff Bole1996-11-13Stardate: 50312.6Voyager
578Deep Space Nine 5.08: Things PastTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1996-11-18Stardate: 50144.6Deep Space Nine
579Deep Space Nine 5.09: The AscentTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1996-11-25Stardate: 50245.2Deep Space Nine
580Voyager 3.10: WarlordTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1996-11-20Stardate: 50348.1Voyager
581Voyager 3.11: The Q and the GreyTV EpisodeCliff Bole1996-11-27Stardate: 50384.2Voyager
582Deep Space Nine 5.10: RaptureTV EpisodeJonathan West1996-12-30Stardate: 50387.9Deep Space Nine
583Deep Space Nine 5.11: The Darkness and the LightTV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-01-06Stardate: 50416.2Deep Space Nine
584Voyager 3.12: MacrocosmTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1996-12-11Stardate: 50425.1Voyager
585Voyager 3.13: Fair TradeTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1997-01-08Stardate: UnknownVoyager
586Deep Space Nine 5.12: The BegottenTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1997-01-27Stardate: 50430.1Deep Space Nine
587Voyager 3.14: Alter EgoTV EpisodeRobert Picardo1997-01-15Stardate: 50460.3Voyager
588Deep Space Nine 5.13: For the UniformTV EpisodeVictor Lobl1997-02-03Stardate: 50485.2Deep Space Nine
589Voyager 3.15: CodaTV EpisodeNancy Malone1997-01-29Stardate: 50518.6Voyager
590Voyager 3.16: Blood FeverTV EpisodeAndrew Robinson1997-02-05Stardate: 50537.2Voyager
591Deep Space Nine 5.14: In Purgatory's ShadowTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont1997-02-10Stardate: 50560.1Deep Space Nine
592Deep Space Nine 5.15: By Inferno's LightTV EpisodeLes Landau1997-02-17Stardate: 50564.2Deep Space Nine
593Voyager 3.17: UnityTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill1997-02-12Stardate: 50614.2Voyager
594Voyager 3.18: DarklingTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1997-02-19Stardate: 50693.2Voyager
595Deep Space Nine 5.16: Doctor Bashir, I Presume?TV EpisodeDavid Livingston1997-02-24Stardate: 50590.1Deep Space Nine
596Deep Space Nine 5.17: A Simple InvestigationTV EpisodeJohn T. Kretchmer1997-03-31Stardate: 50606.6Deep Space Nine
597Deep Space Nine 5.19: Ties of Blood and WaterTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1997-04-14Stardate: 50712.5Deep Space Nine
598Deep Space Nine 5.18: Business as UsualTV EpisodeSiddig El Fadil1997-04-07Stardate: 50675.5Deep Space Nine
599Voyager 3.19: RiseTV EpisodeRobert Scheerer1997-02-26Stardate: UnknownVoyager
600Voyager 3.20: Favorite SonTV EpisodeMarvin V. Rush1997-03-19Stardate: 50732.4Voyager
601Deep Space Nine 5.20: Ferengi Love SongsTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1997-04-21Stardate: 50701.2Deep Space Nine
602Deep Space Nine 5.21: Soldiers of the EmpireTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1997-04-28Stardate: 50839.2Deep Space Nine
603Voyager 3.21: Before and AfterTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-04-09Stardate: UnknownVoyager
604Deep Space Nine 5.22: Children of TimeTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-05-05Stardate: 50814.2Deep Space Nine
605Voyager 3.22: Real LifeTV EpisodeAnson Williams1997-04-23Stardate: 50836.2Voyager
606Deep Space Nine 5.23: Blaze of GloryTV EpisodeKim Friedman1997-05-12Stardate: 50862.4Deep Space Nine
607Voyager 3.23: Distant OriginTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1997-04-30Stardate: UnknownVoyager
608Star Trek VIII: First ContactFilmJonathan Frakes1996-11-22Stardate: 50893.5TNG Films
609Deep Space Nine 5.24: Empok NorTV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-05-19Stardate: 50901.7Deep Space Nine
610Voyager 3.24: DisplacedTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-05-07Stardate: 50912.4Voyager
611Deep Space Nine 5.25: In the CardsTV EpisodeMichael Dorn1997-06-09Stardate: 50929.4Deep Space Nine
612Voyager 3.25: Worst Case ScenarioTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1997-05-14Stardate: 50953.4Voyager
613Voyager 3.26: Scorpion, Part ITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1997-05-21Stardate: 50984.3Voyager
614Voyager 4.01: Scorpion, Part IITV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1997-09-03Stardate: 51003.7Voyager
615Deep Space Nine 5.26: Call to ArmsTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-06-16Stardate: 50975.2Deep Space Nine
616Deep Space Nine 6.01: A Time to StandTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-09-29Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
617Voyager 4.02: The GiftTV EpisodeAnson Williams1997-09-10Stardate: 51008Voyager
618Voyager 4.03: Day of HonorTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1997-09-17Stardate: UnknownVoyager
619Voyager 4.04: NemesisTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1997-09-24Stardate: 51082.4Voyager
620Deep Space Nine 6.02: Rocks and ShoalsTV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-10-06Stardate: 51107.2Deep Space Nine
621Deep Space Nine 6.03: Sons and DaughtersTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1997-10-13Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
622Deep Space Nine 6.04: Behind the LinesTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1997-10-20Stardate: 51149.5Deep Space Nine
623Voyager 4.05: RevulsionTV EpisodeKenneth Biller1997-10-01Stardate: 51186.2Voyager
624Deep Space Nine 6.05: Favor the BoldTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1997-10-27Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
625Deep Space Nine 6.06: Sacrifice of AngelsTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-11-03Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
626Voyager 4.06: The RavenTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1997-10-08Stardate: UnknownVoyager
627Voyager 4.07: Scientific MethodTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1997-10-29Stardate: 51244.3Voyager
628Deep Space Nine 6.07: You are Cordially Invited...TV EpisodeDavid Livingston1997-11-10Stardate: 51247.5Deep Space Nine
629Voyager 4.08: Year of Hell, Part ITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-11-05Stardate: 51268.4Voyager
630Voyager 4.09: Year of Hell, Part IITV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-11-12Stardate: 51425.4Voyager
631Deep Space Nine 6.08: ResurrectionTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1997-11-17Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
632Deep Space Nine 6.09: Statistical ProbabilitiesTV EpisodeAnson Williams1997-11-24Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
633Voyager 4.10: Random ThoughtsTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1997-11-19Stardate: 51367.2Voyager
634Deep Space Nine 6.10: The Magnificent FerengiTV EpisodeChip Chalmers1998-01-01Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
635Voyager 4.11: Concerning FlightTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1997-11-26Stardate: 51386.4Voyager
636Deep Space Nine 6.11: WaltzTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1998-01-08Stardate: 51413.6Deep Space Nine
637Deep Space Nine 6.12: Who Mourns for Morn?TV EpisodeVictor Lobl1998-02-04Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
638Voyager 4.12: Mortal CoilTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1997-12-17Stardate: 51449.2Voyager
639Deep Space Nine 6.13: Far Beyond the StarsTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1998-02-11Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
640Voyager 4.13: Waking MomentsTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1998-01-14Stardate: 51471.3Voyager
641Deep Space Nine 6.14: One Little ShipTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1998-02-18Stardate: 51474.2Deep Space Nine
642Voyager 4.14: Message in a BottleTV EpisodeNancy Malone1998-01-21Stardate: 51462Voyager
643Voyager 4.15: HuntersTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-02-11Stardate: 51501.4Voyager
644Deep Space Nine 6.15: Honor Among ThievesTV EpisodeAllan Eastman1998-02-25Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
645Deep Space Nine 6.16: Change of HeartTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-03-04Stardate: 51597.2Deep Space Nine
646Deep Space Nine 6.17: Wrongs Darker Than Death or NightTV EpisodeJonathan West1998-04-01Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
647Voyager 4.16: PreyTV EpisodeAllan Eastman1998-02-18Stardate: 51652.3Voyager
648Voyager 4.17: RetrospectTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1998-02-25Stardate: 51658.2Voyager
649Deep Space Nine 6.18: InquisitionTV EpisodeMichael Dorn1998-04-08Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
650Voyager 4.18: The Killing Game, part ITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-03-04Stardate: 51715.2Voyager
651Voyager 4.19: The Killing Game, part IITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-03-04Stardate: 51715.2Voyager
652Deep Space Nine 6.19: In the Pale MoonlightTV EpisodeVictor Lobl1998-04-15Stardate: 51721.3Deep Space Nine
653Voyager 4.20: Vis à VisTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1998-04-08Stardate: 51762.4Voyager
654Deep Space Nine 6.20: His WayTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1998-04-22Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
655Voyager 4.21: The Omega DirectiveTV EpisodeVictor Lobl1998-04-15Stardate: 51781.2Voyager
656Deep Space Nine 6.21: The ReckoningTV EpisodeJesús Salvador Treviño1998-04-29Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
657Voyager 4.22: UnforgettableTV EpisodeAndrew Robinson1998-04-22Stardate: 51813.4Voyager
658Deep Space Nine 6.22: ValiantTV EpisodeMike Vejar1998-05-06Stardate: 51825.4Deep Space Nine
659Voyager 4.23: Living WitnessTV EpisodeTim Russ1998-04-29Stardate: UnknownVoyager
660Deep Space Nine 6.23: Profit and LaceTV EpisodeSiddig El Faddil1998-05-13Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
661Voyager 4.24: DemonTV EpisodeAnson Williams1998-05-06Stardate: UnknownVoyager
662Deep Space Nine 6.24: Time's OrphanTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1998-05-20Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
663Voyager 4.25: OneTV EpisodeKenneth Biller1998-05-13Stardate: 51929.3Voyager
664Deep Space Nine 6.25: The Sound of Her VoiceTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1998-06-10Stardate: 51948.3Deep Space Nine
665Voyager 4.26: Hope and FearTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1998-05-20Stardate: 51978.2Voyager
666Deep Space Nine 6.26: Tears of the ProphetsTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1998-06-17Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
667Deep Space Nine 7.01: Image in the SandTV EpisodeLes Landau1998-09-30Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
668Voyager 5.01: NightTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-10-14Stardate: 52081.2Voyager
669Voyager 5.02: DroneTV EpisodeLes Landau1998-10-21Stardate: UnknownVoyager
670Voyager 5.03: Extreme RiskTV EpisodeCliff Bole1998-10-28Stardate: UnknownVoyager
671Voyager 5.04: In the FleshTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-11-04Stardate: 52136.4Voyager
672Voyager 5.05: Once Upon a TimeTV EpisodeJohn Kretchmer1998-11-11Stardate: UnknownVoyager
673Voyager 5.06: TimelessTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1998-11-18Stardate: 52143.6Voyager
674Deep Space Nine 7.02: Shadows and SymbolsTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1998-10-07Stardate: 52152.6Deep Space Nine
675Voyager 5.09: Thirty DaysTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1998-12-09Stardate: 52179.4Voyager
676Deep Space Nine 7.03: AfterimageTV EpisodeLes Landau1998-10-14Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
677Deep Space Nine 7.04: Take Me Out to the HolosuiteTV EpisodeChip Chalmers1998-10-21Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
678Deep Space Nine 7.05: ChrysalisTV EpisodeJonathan West1998-10-28Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
679Deep Space Nine 7.06: Treachery, Faith and the Great RiverTV EpisodeSteve Posey1998-11-04Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
680Deep Space Nine 7.07: Once More unto the BreachTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1998-11-11Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
681Deep Space Nine 7.08: The Siege of AR-558TV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1998-11-18Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
682Voyager 5.07: Infinite RegressTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-11-25Stardate: 52356.2Voyager
683Deep Space Nine 7.09: CovenantTV EpisodeJohn Kretchmer1998-11-25Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
684Voyager 5.08: Nothing HumanTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1998-12-02Stardate: UnknownVoyager
685Deep Space Nine 7.10: It's Only a Paper MoonTV EpisodeAnson Williams1998-12-30Stardate: 52235.7Deep Space Nine
686Star Trek IX: InsurrectionFilmJonathan Frakes1998-12-11Stardate: 5238?.?TNG Films
687Voyager 5.10: CounterpointTV EpisodeLes Landau1998-12-16Stardate: UnknownVoyager
688Deep Space Nine 7.11: Prodigal DaughterTV EpisodeVictor Lobl1999-01-06Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
689Voyager 5.11: Latent ImageTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-01-20Stardate: UnknownVoyager
690Voyager 5.12: Bride of Chaotica!TV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1999-01-27Stardate: UnknownVoyager
691Voyager 5.13: GravityTV EpisodeTerry Windell1999-02-03Stardate: 52438.9Voyager
692Deep Space Nine 7.12: The Emperor's New CloakTV EpisodeLeVar Burton1999-02-03Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
693Deep Space Nine 7.13: Field of FireTV EpisodeTony Dow1999-02-10Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
694Deep Space Nine 7.14: ChimeraTV EpisodeSteve Posey1999-02-17Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
695Deep Space Nine 7.15: Badda-Bing Badda-BangTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-02-24Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
696Voyager 5.14: BlissTV EpisodeCliff Bole1999-02-10Stardate: 52542.3Voyager
697Deep Space Nine 7.16: Inter Arma Enim Silent LegesTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1999-03-03Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
698Deep Space Nine 7.17: PenumbraTV EpisodeSteve Posey1999-04-07Stardate: 52576.2Deep Space Nine
699Voyager 5.15: Dark Frontier, Part ITV EpisodeCliff Bole1999-02-17Stardate: 52619.2Voyager
700Voyager 5.16: Dark Frontier, Part IITV EpisodeTerry Windell1999-02-17Stardate: 52619.2Voyager
701Deep Space Nine 7.18: 'Til Death Do Us PartTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1999-04-14Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
702Deep Space Nine 7.19: Strange BedfellowsTV EpisodeRené Auberjonois1999-04-21Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
703Deep Space Nine 7.20: The Changing Face of EvilTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-04-28Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
704Voyager 5.17: The DiseaseTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1999-02-24Stardate: UnknownVoyager
705Deep Space Nine 7.21: When It Rains...TV EpisodeMichael Dorn1999-05-05Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
706Deep Space Nine 7.22: Tacking Into the WindTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-05-12Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
707Deep Space Nine 7.23: Extreme MeasuresTV EpisodeSteve Posey1999-05-19Stardate: 52645.7Deep Space Nine
708Voyager 5.18: Course: OblivionTV EpisodeAnson Williams1999-03-03Stardate: 52586.3Voyager
709Voyager 5.19: The FightTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1999-03-24Stardate: UnknownVoyager
710Voyager 5.20: Think TankTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara1999-03-31Stardate: UnknownVoyager
711Voyager 5.21: JuggernautTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1999-04-26Stardate: UnknownVoyager
712Voyager 5.22: Someone to Watch Over MeTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill1999-04-28Stardate: 52647Voyager
713Voyager 5.23: 11:59TV EpisodeDavid Livingston1999-05-05Stardate: UnknownVoyager
714Voyager 5.24: RelativityTV EpisodeAllan Eastman1999-05-12Stardate: 52861.274Voyager
715Deep Space Nine 7.24: The Dogs of WarTV EpisodeAvery Brooks1999-05-26Stardate: 52861.3Deep Space Nine
716Voyager 5.25: WarheadTV EpisodeJohn Kretchmer1999-05-19Stardate: UnknownVoyager
717Deep Space Nine 7.25: What You Leave Behind, Part ITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1999-06-02Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
718Deep Space Nine 7.26: What You Leave Behind, Part IITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker1999-06-02Stardate: UnknownDeep Space Nine
719Voyager 5.26: Equinox, Part ITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1999-05-26Stardate: UnknownVoyager
720Voyager 6.01: Equinox, Part IITV EpisodeDavid Livingston1999-09-22Stardate: UnknownVoyager
721Voyager 6.02: Survival InstinctTV EpisodeTerry Windell1999-09-29Stardate: 53049.2Voyager
722Voyager 6.03: Barge of the DeadTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-10-06Stardate: UnknownVoyager
723Voyager 6.04: Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, SpyTV EpisodeJohn Bruno1999-10-13Stardate: UnknownVoyager
724Voyager 6.05: AliceTV EpisodeDavid Livingston1999-10-20Stardate: UnknownVoyager
725Voyager 6.06: RiddlesTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson1999-11-03Stardate: 53263.2Voyager
726Voyager 6.07: Dragon's TeethTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1999-11-10Stardate: 53167.9Voyager
727Voyager 6.08: One Small StepTV EpisodeRobert Picardo1999-11-17Stardate: 53292.7Voyager
728Voyager 6.09: The Voyager ConspiracyTV EpisodeTerry Windell1999-11-24Stardate: UnknownVoyager
729Voyager 6.10: PathfinderTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-12-01Stardate: UnknownVoyager
730Voyager 6.11: Fair HavenTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2000-01-12Stardate: UnknownVoyager
731Voyager 6.12: Blink of an EyeTV EpisodeGabrielle Beaumont2000-01-19Stardate: UnknownVoyager
732Voyager 6.13: VirtuosoTV EpisodeLes Landau2000-01-26Stardate: 53556.4Voyager
733Voyager 6.14: MemorialTV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2000-02-02Stardate: UnknownVoyager
734Voyager 6.15: TsunkatseTV EpisodeMike Vejar2000-02-09Stardate: 53447.2Voyager
735Voyager 6.16: CollectiveTV EpisodeAllison Liddi2000-02-16Stardate: UnknownVoyager
736Voyager 6.17: Spirit FolkTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2000-02-23Stardate: UnknownVoyager
737Voyager 6.18: Ashes to AshesTV EpisodeTerry Windell2000-03-01Stardate: 53679.4Voyager
738Voyager 6.19: Child's PlayTV EpisodeMike Vejar2000-03-08Stardate: UnknownVoyager
739Voyager 6.20: Good ShepherdTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe2000-03-15Stardate: 53753.2Voyager
740Voyager 6.21: Live Fast and ProsperTV EpisodeLeVar Burton2000-04-19Stardate: 53849.2Voyager
741Voyager 6.22: MuseTV EpisodeMike Vejar2000-04-26Stardate: 53896Voyager
742Voyager 6.23: FuryTV EpisodeJohn Bruno2000-05-03Stardate: UnknownVoyager
743Voyager 6.24: Life LineTV EpisodeTerry Windell2000-05-10Stardate: UnknownVoyager
744Voyager 6.25: The Haunting of Deck TwelveTV EpisodeDavid Livingston2000-05-17Stardate: UnknownVoyager
745Voyager 6.26: Unimatrix Zero, Part ITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2000-05-24Stardate: UnknownVoyager
746Voyager 7.01: Unimatrix Zero, Part IITV EpisodeMike Vejar2000-10-04Stardate: 54014.4Voyager
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750Voyager 7.05: Critical CareTV EpisodeTerry Windell2000-11-01Stardate: UnknownVoyager
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752Voyager 7.07: Body and SoulTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2000-11-15Stardate: 54238.3Voyager
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771Voyager 7.26: Endgame, Part IITV EpisodeAllan Kroeker2001-05-23Stardate: 54973.4Voyager
772Star Trek X: NemesisFilmStuart Baird2002-12-13Stardate: 56844.9TNG Films
773Star TrekFilmJ. J. Abrams2009-05-08Start of the Kelvin Timeline, Time loops back to an earlier era.Kelvin Universe
774Star Trek: Into DarknessFilmJ. J. Abrams2013-05-17Kelvin TimelineKelvin Universe
775Star Trek: BeyondFilmJustin Lin2016-07-22Kelvin TimelineKelvin Universe
776Lower Decks 1.01: Second ContactTV EpisodeBarry J. Kelly2020-08-06Lower Decks
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795Lower Decks 2.10: First First ContactTV EpisodeJason Zurek2021-10-14Lower Decks
796Prodigy 1.01: Lost and Found, Part 1TV EpisodeBen Hibon2021-10-28Prodigy
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799Prodigy 1.04: Dream CatcherTV EpisodeAlan Wan, Olga Ulanova2021-11-11Prodigy
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805Prodigy 1.10: A Moral Star, Part TwoTV Episode2022-02-03Prodigy
806Children of MarsShort FilmMark Pellington2020-01-09Short Treks
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816Picard 1.10: Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2TV EpisodeAkiva Goldsman2020-03-26Picard
817CalypsoShort FilmOlatunde Osunsanmi2018-11-08Short Treks
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827Discovery 3.10: Terra Firma, Part 2TV EpisodeChloe Domont2020-12-17Discovery
828Discovery 3.11: Su'KalTV EpisodeNorma Bailey2020-12-24Discovery
829Discovery 3.12: There Is a Tide...TV EpisodeJonathan Frakes2020-12-31Discovery
830Discovery 3.13: That Hope Is You, Part 2TV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2021-01-07Discovery
831Discovery 4.01: Kobayashi MaruTV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2021-11-18Discovery
832Discovery 4.02: AnomalyTV EpisodeOlatunde Osunsanmi2021-11-25Discovery
833Discovery 4.03: Choose to LiveTV EpisodeChristopher J. Byrne2021-12-02Discovery
834Discovery 4.04: All Is PossibleTV EpisodeJohn Ottman2021-12-09Discovery
835Discovery 4.05: The ExamplesTV EpisodeLee Rose2021-12-16Discovery
836Discovery 4.06: Stormy WeatherTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes2021-12-23Discovery
837Discovery 4.07: ...But to ConnectTV EpisodeLee Rose2021-12-30Discovery

Star Trek Movies in Order

Believe it or not, the Star Trek movies as they were released, are already in chronological order. So I don’t have to give you two orders here. Even the films in the Kelvin timeline are best watched in this order. I’ll get more into why that is, but the short answer is that for old Spock, the Kelvin timeline is still chronologically later than all of the other films.

Here is the films order:

  • Star Trek I: The Motion Picture (1979)
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (1982)
  • Star Trek III: Search for Spock (1984)
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
  • Star Trek VII: Generations (1994)
  • Star Trek VIII: First Contact (1996)
  • Star Trek IX: Insurrection (1998)
  • Star Trek X: Nemesis (2002)
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)
  • Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

All of that said, the films are fun, but the heart of Star Trek is really in the television series. So that’s what were going to talk about next.

Star Trek Series in Order

Giving the order of the TV series is a little trickier, because several of them came out at the same time, and covered the same era. So we’ll be sure to break down those individually by season.

The release order look something like this:

  • The Original Series (1966-1969)
  • The Animated Series (1973-1974)
  • The Next Generation Seasons 1-5 (1987-1992)
  • The Next Generation Season 6-7/Deep Space Nine Seasons 1-2 (1992-1994)
  • Deep Space Nine Seasons 3-7/Voyager Seasons 1-5 (1994-1999)
  • Voyager Seasons 6-7 (1999-2001)
  • Enterprise (2001-2005)
  • Discovery (2017-)
  • Picard (2020-)
  • Lower Decks (2020-)
  • Prodigy (2021-)
  • Strange New Worlds (2022-)

And if you want to watch all of them chronologically, this is what that would look like:

  • Enterprise
  • Discovery Seasons 1-2
  • Strange New Worlds
  • The Original Series
  • The Animated Series
  • The Next Generation Seasons 1-5
  • The Next Generation Season 6-7/Deep Space Nine Seasons 1-2
  • Deep Space Nine Seasons 3-7/Voyager Seasons 1-5
  • Voyager Seasons 6-7
  • Lower Decks
  • Prodigy
  • Picard
  • Discovery Season 3 and onward

Star Trek Kelvin Timeline

Before we move on, let’s get into some of the details about how I place the new Star Trek movies in order.

First, let’s get one thing clear, the Kelvin universe is an alternate timeline from everything else, including Star Trek Discovery, and all of the new Star Trek TV shows.

However, there is one character from the main universe that shows up in the Kelvin universe, and that is old Spock. It’s his traveling back in time that creates this new universe.

So while this time period technically takes place before the events of the original series, I actually think a better place to watch them is where they take place chronologically, which would be after all of the main films, and after all of the series except for Picard in the later seasons of Discovery.

As of right now there are only three movies in the Kelvin timeline, and they are:

  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)
  • Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

There is some debate on whether these are “good” Star Trek movies, as some say they are more like Star Wars, leaning heavily on the action. But whatever your opinion, it’s fair to say that these films are responsible for bringing in a whole new generation of Star Trek fans.

What Order Should You Watch Star Trek?

While the chronological order can be fun to do, especially for diehard Trek fans, I actually recommend going by release order if you want to watch everything.

Obviously, there is a lot to get through, so you might not want to watch everything, or if you do, you’ll want to pace yourself.

I would start with some of the films, and make your way through some of the most important episodes of The Original Series, as well as all of the shows that aired in the late 80s and 90s. That will get you caught up enough to be well-versed in Star Trek for the new shows that are coming out these days.

And I would definitely watch all of the films, because some of the most important events in Star Trek’s timeline take place in those films.

How to Watch Star Trek in Order

The best way to watch all of the Star Trek series and order is on Paramount+ which has pretty much everything.

However, if you don’t have Paramount+ and still want to get your Star Trek fix, there are a few other streaming services that have some of the older shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, though some of those streaming services are losing those shows as Paramount+ consolidates all of their Star Trek shows onto their own platform.

The other viable option is to buy them all for yourself, and there are links to do just that in the table above. This is particularly important if you want 4K versions of the films, you’re only interested in one specific type of show, or if you just don’t want to stream your Star Trek.

Personally, I would just go with Paramount+.

The Complete Star Trek Chronological Order

All right, now that we’ve outlined the release and chronological orders for Star Trek, let’s get into the full breakdown of everything together.

Enterprise (Year 2151-2161)

First, at least chronologically, we have Enterprise. This was a prequel to the original series, set at a time when humans were first sending out their warp five starships, i.e. the first starships that were able to go into deep space.

It is set during a time of uneasy alliances and contention between humans and other races, including even the Vulcans.

It also lays the groundwork for a number of key events, including the first contact with the Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, and many others.

It was canceled after four seasons, which at the time was the shortest run since the original series. It also marked the end of episodic Star Trek television for 12 years, until Star Trek Discovery appeared in 2017.

While definitely not the strongest of Star Trek shows, it still follows the basic formula, so if you like that, you will likely enjoy Star Trek Enterprise as well.

The Cage (Year 2254)

The Cage was a pilot episode to the original series that technically takes place before Star Trek Discovery. It actually takes place a number of years before the rest of the Original Series, and doesn’t even feature Capt. James T. Kirk as a character.

While some elements will be familiar to later trek fans, such as the USS Enterprise itself and Mr. Spock (played by Leonard Nimoy), this really was a test ground for the series.

Although much of the original pilot would be scrapped in favor of a different Capt., several other different characters, and the shifting premise, overall The Cage would remain an important part of Star Trek canon, with a legacy that has built to the modern day with the introduction of Strange New Worlds, which features the same characters.

Discovery, Seasons 1-2 (Year 2255)

One of the newer entries of the franchise, Star Trek Discovery starts out in the years just before the time of The Original Series.

It focuses on a starship with a unique purpose, to discover the secrets of instant travel.

But doing so has consequences, and not to get too spoilery here, but let’s just say that, starting with season 3, the rest of this show takes place in a completely different time period.

The Original Series (Year 2265-2269)

The Original Series is what started it all when it aired in 1967, right at the height of the space race. It features Captain Kirk and a host of memorable cast as they elect to boldly go where no man has gone before.

It has since become iconic, spawning several films and multiple sequels until Star Trek became the media juggernaut that it is today.

Though a bit low on budget, and a little over the top in places, The Original Series still holds up remarkably well, and is a testament to how innovative and ahead of its time it truly was.

The Animated Series (Year 2269-2270)

Many people do not know that there was actually an animated series that followed the original series by a few years. I like to think of this series as the remaining two years in the supposed five year mission, following the original series cancellation after three years.

The animation looks a lot like the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the time, including the Flintstones and Scooby Doo, but the quality is not the best that Star Trek has seen overall, and this is definitely one that can be skipped unless you are a completionist.

The Original Series Films (Year 2273-2293)

In 1979, the first of the Star Trek films was released. It would be the first in a long line of Star Trek film and TV shows. There would be six films specifically focusing on the original Enterprise crew. Chronologically, these all take place after the original series but before The Next Generation.

The Next Generation, Seasons 1-5 (Year 2364-2469)

Next comes five full seasons of Star Trek: The next generation, which is one of the more uninterrupted periods of the chronological timeline.

This series deals with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) and his crew, as they continue the ongoing mission of the Star Trek Enterprise. It includes memorable characters such as Commander data, Commander Riker, Lieutenant Worf (the first Klingon with the Federation), and Chief Engineer Jordi Laforge.

The Next Generation, Season 6-7/Deep Space Nine, Seasons 1-2 (Year 2469-2471)

Following the first five seasons of The Next Generation, we get the final two seasons plus the first two seasons of Deep Space Nine.

The seasons overlap with each other, interweaving their narratives. If you want to know the exact episode order, I recommend referencing the table above.

The Deep Space Nine is a favorite Star Trek show for a lot of people. It involved some of the most memorable characters, including Captain Benjamin Sisko, who for many people, is the best captain. During the show they encounter a series of threats, including the Cardassian Union.

Star Trek: Generations (Year 2371)

I’m one of those few people who actually really love Star Trek Generations, the film that took place just after Star Trek The Next Generation, and involves the same cast. It also marks the final film appearance of William Shatner as Captain Kirk.

While many criticize it as being just an extended episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, I find this to be one of the films that is most true to its Star Trek roots, and feels the most like Star Trek.

Deep Space Nine Seasons 3-4/Voyager Seasons 1-2 (Year 2371-2372)

We get a few seasons of Deep Space Nine and the start of Star Trek Voyager following the events of Star Trek Generations.

Voyager is another Star Trek show that would run for seven seasons, and features a crew led by Captain Janeway as they tried to navigate an unknown region of space so they can return home.

Star Trek: First Contact (Year 2373)

Interrupting the ongoing shows is Star Trek First Contact, the Next Generation film that many people consider to be one of the Star Trek films of all time. It includes a definitive confrontation with the Borg, and some time travel shenanigans that lead to the witness of first contact with Earth.

It’s definitely one of the best films of Star Trek in general, largely due to Patrick Stewart’s brilliant performance, and an emphasis on character development for him in particular.

Deep Space Nine Seasons 5-7/Voyager Seasons 3-5 (Year 2373-2375)

As with many of these films, you will find several seasons of Deep SpaceNine and Star Trek Voyager in between. In this case you get the final two seasons of deep space nine, as well as two more seasons of Voyager.

Star Trek: Insurrection (Year 2375)

Next we get Star Trek Insurrection, which was not as well received as Star Trek First Contact. It’s plot was more mellow, trying to do too much, inject too much humor, and is overall a rather dull film. Nevertheless this film takes place right as Deep Space Nine ends, and should be watched at this point.

Voyager Seasons 6-7 (Year 2376-2378)

Here we finish off the last of the 90s era television shows. Star Trek Voyager ended with a bang, and although Star Trek Enterprise did come to take its place in 2001, by this time the golden age of Star Trek had kind of fizzled out.

In addition to Enterprise being canceled after four seasons, we will see with our next installment that people had rather grown tired of Star Trek.

Star Trek: Nemesis (Year 2379)

According to release date, Star Trek Enterprise would’ve been the next installment after Voyager, but chronologically our next step is Star Trek Nemesis. This Star Trek movie came out in 2002, to a weak box office return and lukewarm critical reception.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of this film, though it did lay the groundwork for a sort of Search for Data type of story, which I was very excited about at the time. And it does introduce us to Tom Hardy as the lead villain Shinzon.

Unfortunately this was the last we saw Star Trek for many years, and certainly the last of the Next Generation crew that we saw until just recently.

Lower Decks (Year 2380-2381)

With a revived interest in Star Trek television came an animated series called Lower Decks, which was a series geared for fans of adult animated series like Rick and Morty.

Though not quite is “adult” as Rick and Morty or similar television shows, it’s definitely not meant for kids. Chronologically, it takes place one year after Star Trek Nemesis, and spends a lot of time throwing Easter eggs and fun bits of Star Trek lore at us.

Overall, it’s a good time.

Prodigy (Year 2383)

Prodigy is another animated series, this time intended for children. It takes place just a few years after Lower Decks, and involves a group of young aliens coming across the USS Voyager.

It features the returning voice of Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway, and is a great entry point for younger fans of the Star Trek franchise.

Picard (Year 2399)

Picard is one of the flagship series in modern-day Star Trek. It shows the fallout of several key events, including the Romulan tragedy that resulted in Spock going back in time to inadvertantly start the Kelvin universe.

It takes place over a decade after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, and a lot has happened at that time. Of note is the fact that the former Captain Picard is no longer satisfied with the way Starfleet works, and he has to take some matters into his own hands.

Chronologically, this takes place several years after the last appearance of the Next Generation crew, but is technically not the end of the Star Trek timeline…

Discovery Season 3 and onward (Year 3188-89)

Finally we get back to Star Trek Discovery. Starting in season three, this show takes place nearly a thousand years after the main part of the timeline, and shows a very different universe than what we would expect.

To say more would be to spoil the show, so I won’t do that, but Star Trek Discovery is one of those shows that started off a little shaky, but has ended up being extremely good. I highly recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Star Trek Timeline

I’ve got a few extra questions that I get asked a lot related to this watch order, so I thought I’d include them in a short list here at the end.

Where does Star Trek Discovery Fit in the Timeline?

The first two seasons of Star Trek Discovery take place in 2255, just 10 years before the events of the original series. Beginning with the third season, Discovery takes place nearly a thousand years further in the future.

What is the Kelvin Timeline in Star Trek?

The Kelvin timeline is an alternate reality in Star Trek, one where Kirk’s parents died, Vulcan is destroyed, and a lot is different in general. It does not have any direct effect on the main timeline for Star Trek’s other shows. Right now it only consists of three films, the first two directed by JJ Abrams, and starring Chris Pine, along with a lot of other amazing actors.

When is the Picard Series in the Star Trek Timeline?

The Star Trek Picard series takes place in the year 2399, 20 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis.

Where does Lower Deck Take Place in the Timeline?

Star Trek Lower Decks takes place in the year 2380, one year after the events of Star Trek Nemesis.

Where does Star Trek Prodigy Take Place in the Timeline?

Star Trek Prodigy takes place in the year 2383, four years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, and three years after the events of Lower Decks.

Where Does Strange New Worlds Take Place in the Star Trek Timeline?

Strange New Worlds takes place in the year 2255, beginning immediately following the events of season two of Star Trek Discovery.

Do You Need to Watch Star Trek in Order?

No, you do not need to watch Star Trek in order. If you are a completionist, and want to watch everything in order, I recommend release order over chronological order. But most of the shows are designed to stand on their own, and can be watched without prior knowledge of the franchise.

Where is the Best Place to Start Watching Star Trek?

Star Trek began with the Original Series, but that show is hard for some to get through since we’re used to much higher modern standards. Generally, I encourage people to start with the first films (starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture). The new Kelvin timeline can also be a good place to start, but be aware that those films are much different than most of the Star Trek media. As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our contact page.