Bioshock Timeline

Though the amount of media related to Bioshock is small, the franchise still remains one of the most visionary and innovative in the gaming industry. And there are other pieces of media besides the games. This is the Bioshock timeline.

What’s in the Bioshock Timeline?

There isn’t much in the Bioshock timeline, but the franchise can be difficult to figure out. 2K games has confirmed that they are working on more games, so the content of this timeline should expand in the future.

This timeline includes all of the following:

  • The Bioshock Games: These are the backbone of the Bioshock timeline. They include the original three games from Irrational Games, but will include all future games coming from 2K.
  • The Novels: There are two (so far) tie-in novels for the Bioshock franchise. This timeline includes them in their proper order.
  • The DLC: Downloadable content, such as Burial at Sea have their own story and are almost separate games in themselves. They are included as a separate game on this timeline.

The unfortunate fact about the Bioshock timeline is that there is a multiverse and alternate timelines involved. That means that the chronology is not always consistent. For example, some events shown during the fall of Rapture in Burial at Sea are different from those in the book Rapture.

But this can be explained by the fact that Burial at Sea may be an alternate timeline where things happened a little differently. So we really don’t know how to categorize it. Thankfully, there isn’t much media to put in order, so for now it’s simple enough.

Where to Start Playing Bioshock?

There are two good entry points for this franchise. First, the original Bioshock is one of the best games, and really sets the tone for the series. But if you want to start with Bioshock: Infinite, that isn’t a bad place either.

Essentially, you can start this timeline chronologically or by release date. Both are good options.

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