Top 10 Saddest Clone Deaths in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

With the latest Star Wars film, I thought it would be fun to talk about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, because why not? The show did quite a few interesting things to the world of Star Wars.

I think this series did two major things for Star Wars: it made Anakin more likable and sympathetic, and it got us to care about the clones. This show did a great job at giving the clones distinct personalities, so while they may have looked similar, they were still different.

But unfortunately, that also means it’s that much more heartbreaking when many of these clones inevitably die. It’s surprising that I still got attached to these guys, even though I knew they likely wouldn’t survive the war. That being said, there are a few clone deaths that do stand out.

So here are the top 10 saddest clone deaths. Keep in mind, this will have some bias, since a portion of this is my own personal opinion. Let’s bring on the sadness!

Warning!! There are spoilers!!

10. Captain Keeli

I include Keeli because the way he dies is that he goes down fighting mountains of droids and he stays fighting until the end. What impressed me about Keeli is that he doesn’t even flinch during his final battle. He knows very well that if he stays with Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di in this battle, he will die with him, but they don’t stop fighting until the very end. It’s a pretty fast death, but a rather poignant one that left me in admiration for this brave clone captain.

9. Commander Colt

Commander Colt’s death was pretty brutal since he’s strangled and then impaled by Ventress. Talk about a rough way to go. What also makes this death more striking is that he was defending his home, Kamino. And previously, he was instructing the cadets on what to do and giving them a pep talk. He was quite likable as a clone, so his death was a sad contrast to that.

8. Commander Thorn

You may remember this guy as he was the last one left, surrounded by droids and fighting to his last breath, screaming out the cry “For the Republic!” Yeah, that scene is a beautifully done, and having his body fall backwards, surrounded by these droids is very visually striking. I know Thorn’s death is pretty similar to Keeli’s death, but this one just struck a chord in me. It’s a death that was beautifully done, which made it all the more tragic.

7. Hevy

Hevy’s death was a classic case of one sacrificing himself to save others. The outpost he was stationed at was taken over by droids and it was up to him, his fellow rookie comrades, and Commander Rex and Cody to take the post back and warn the Republic of impending attack.

In the end, Hevy blows up the station to warn the Republic of the Separatists, sacrificing himself to save his comrades and his brothers. It’s sad because we spent quite a bit of time with this clone. Seeing him go out this way was sobering, but also satisfying (in a weird way).

6. Echo

Echo’s death was rather tragic because it was so quick and almost pointless, considering how much time we’ve actually spent with this particular clone. At this point, he and Fives are all that’s left of that original rookie group of clones we’ve come to love, and for Fives to lose him is heartbreaking.

Echo was taken out by an explosion, and Five’s scream of “Echo!” still haunts me. He doesn’t even get time to grieve since they have to get out of there fast. (Granted, in the unaired unfinished episodes, we find out Echo isn’t dead, but is like a cyborg now, but I’m still counting this scene.)

5. Hardcase

What made Hardcase’s death rather sad was that he was a genuinely funny and likable character (though some of the clones found him exasperating). We only really knew him for one or two episodes, but those episodes really gave a good look into his personality as this rather excitable clone that was a little crazy. His death is a beautiful, sacrificial one as he gives his brothers time to escape the exploding compound. We will always salute you, Hardcase!

4. 99

Ooh, this one is rather heartbreaking. Actually, 99’s whole story is pretty tragic. He’s essentially a clone reject, or a clone that didn’t come out quite right, so he has the appearance of a hunchbacked, older-looking clone. He stays on Kamino, mostly doing janitorial work. We see him trying to help Hevy and the other clones step up their game and pass their tests, which is rather sweet.

When Kamino is attacked, 99 risks his life to run more supplies to the clones. And that’s when he’s shot. It’s bittersweet because this is a clone who died finally doing what he felt like he was meant to do, fighting to protect those he cared about.

3. Tup

What was so awful about Tup’s death was the fact that he had no control over what had happened. When the chip in Tup’s head starts to malfunction, it sets off Order 66 early, and Tup kills one of the Jedi Generals. The whole situation is crazy, and as Fives, his comrade, is trying to figure out what’s going on, Tup’s condition is deteriorating.

Fives removes the chip, but in the end, Tup’s body gives out and he dies. I guess the strain of it all was too much for him. The scene where Fives is leaning over Tup, disbelieving that he’s dying and Tup telling him that it will be okay and that he can finally find peace, is pretty heart-wrenching. This is a clone who was just an innocent victim of a bigger plot, and the injustice of it all is what really makes this death so bitter.

2. Waxer

Oh, this death was amazingly done. What was so incredibly sad about Waxer’s death was the circumstances around it. Waxer’s platoon and Rex’s platoon were both set up to unknowingly fight each other as a result of General Krell’s deception. By the time Rex figures it out and stops the fighting, Waxer is already mortally wounded.

His last moments consist of him telling Rex his orders and what happened, and it ends with him shedding a single tear, the only tear to be seen on a clone. It’s a heartbreaking, emotional scene because he dies with the knowledge that he had killed some of his brothers, a horrifying thing for a clone. This death was pointless and completely avoidable, and that’s why it’s so tragic.

1. Fives

Oh, Fives. This death still gets me (I almost cried, actually). It’s an incredibly frustrating death because you know it’s coming, but you hope against hope that Fives somehow makes it out of this whole crazy situation alive. Plus, there’s also the fact that Fives gets a glimpse of the truth of what’s really going on with Palpatine and Order 66, and no one believes him. In the end, his behavior is deemed as dangerous and he’s shot by one of his own.

His final moments in Rex’s arms are so painful, especially seeing Rex’s reaction. This is a clone that he’s often mentored throughout the entire series. You can tell they were close and Rex is just distraught over his death. The final image where all the clones gather around Fives and Rex is a hauntingly beautiful one. It’s a tragic death, full of frustration, pain, and yet peace as Fives gasps out, “The nightmare is over.”

If I gave you just one reason to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it would probably be for the clones. They add so much to the show, and I ended up loving them and growing attached to them, even when I knew they would likely die. That’s impressive for a show to do. So, I’d say check out the series if you haven’t already.

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Saddest Clone Deaths in Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

  1. Fives death got to me… Saddest moment from the show. This isn’t a kids show. It’s got a dark meaning and the deaths of men that are literal brothers. I’m a member of the 212th legion here in Texas. And we all have fives written in the letters of the language that is spoken on all our wrist armor. He may be a 501st but he was a brother to all clones.
    Be in peace my friend

  2. The one that really got to me was Echo’s (not really) death. The thing is that he died trying to help the other guys escape. He grabbed an energy shield to try and block the laser blasts, even though we all know that it wouldn’t have worked anyway. But the real thing is that Fives cared for him and loved Echo more than anyone. They stuck together for almost two seasons, and Fives didn’t get to mourn Echo’s death. Heck, they even just wanted to become ARC troopers with each other. Look. This show may be sad and dark and gloomy, but don’t look at the horrible stuff. What I’m trying to say is that as sad is this show is, it has good meanings too, like the meaning of friendship.

  3. ik cuz fives coming back to life would had made every one cry with joy.
    ps then he could tell the jedi about order 66 so they would have arrested the chancellor sooner

  4. Mine:
    1. Jesse
    2. Fives
    3. Waxer
    4. Echo (I still hear fives scream, “ECHO!!!!” to this day)
    5. Tup
    6. Keeli
    7. Hevy
    8. Gregor (I know he doesn’t die, but it’s the last clone wars appearance, and they just LEFT HIM THERE, with a million droids to fight, instead of bringing him.)
    9. Thorn
    10. Colt (It doesn’t get more disrespectful than kissing him…)

  5. CT-5555 “Fives” was the smartest character in all of star wars (apart from maaaaaaaybe Palpatine.) He was the only one who found out about Palpatine’s
    plans that wasn’t told them. Not even the jedi found out about it.


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