Top 10 Best Wonder Woman Graphic Novels

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Wonder Woman is and shall be one of the most iconic female superheroes in DC and likely in all of comics. She’s everything you hope for a hero to be: brave, devoted, compassionate, and incredibly fierce. And depending on her iteration, she can range from being a very proud and noble warrior to a compassionate ambassador with nerves of steel.

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Top 11 Best Star Wars Rebels Episodes

While I enjoyed Star Wars: The Clone Wars very much (and it is a pretty awesome show), I absolutely loved Star Wars Rebels. And yes, this series is different than Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and tone and isn’t quite is dark; get over it, people! Everything about this little makeshift family going up against the Empire was done so well. I loved the characters, the plot, the animation, the music, you name it. And with the concluding season ending, I thought it was appropriate to make a list of my favorite episodes from this fantastic series.

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Top 10 Saddest Clone Deaths in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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With the latest Star Wars film, I thought it would be fun to talk about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, because why not? The show did quite a few interesting things to the world of Star Wars.

I think this series did two major things for Star Wars: it made Anakin more likable and sympathetic, and it got us to care about the clones. This show did a great job at giving the clones distinct personalities, so while they may have looked similar, they were still different.

But unfortunately, that also means it’s that much more heartbreaking when many of these clones inevitably die. It’s surprising that I still got attached to these guys, even though I knew they likely wouldn’t survive the war. That being said, there are a few clone deaths that do stand out.

So here are the top 10 saddest clone deaths. Keep in mind, this will have some bias, since a portion of this is my own personal opinion. Let’s bring on the sadness!

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The Beginner’s Guide to the Marvel Multiverse

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Marvel has been in the spotlight quite a bit these past few years with its rise of cinematic movies and TV shows.  Heroes like the Avengers, Daredevil, and Spider-Man have gained a lot of attention from both die-hard fans and those casually interested in superheroes. Marvel has also revolutionized superhero movies, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

But Marvel’s history goes back much further than just movies. And it has a lot of alternate stories, timelines, and universes. So, we’re going to cover some basics about the Marvel Multiverse.

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The 10 Best Thor Comics and Graphic Novels

Best thor graphic novels

Who doesn’t love Thor? He’s handsome, crazy powerful, and kind of quirky in his attempts to understand Earth. Even if Thor’s not your favorite Avenger, you can’t help but like him. So, in honor of the latest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnorak, I decided to do an article on the Norse god himself.

Thor is a very interesting superhero since creators took him directly out of actual mythology. Compared to other superheroes that had their own beginnings, Thor has a rather unique background. It depends on the author, but Thor often draws influence from his mythological origins, adding some interesting elements to him, his battles, and his interactions with people on Earth. Whether the superhero version of him is similar to the mythological one is up for debate, but it’s still pretty interesting.  I mean, how many people can say that a member of a superhero team is literally a god?

I also don’t think Thor gets quite enough love in the MCU, but hopefully, this new movie has changed that. But he has quite the presence in comic books. So here are ten of the best comics and graphic novels starring our favorite Norse god and many fans’ favorite Avenger.

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5 Best Companions for Link from The Legend of Zelda Series

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In many of the games in the Zelda franchise, our main protagonist Link has often had companions to help him out along the journey. Some companions were great, while others were rather frustrating. Regardless there’s been a quite a variety of people that were willing to help our hero on his journey to become a hero. So here is the list of the top 5 companions Link has had.
Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion, so this list may be a little biased.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Batgirl

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Robin hasn’t been Batman’s only sidekick. He’s had quite a few others, and that’s what this post is about! One important alter ego has been the mantle of Batgirl. Like Robin, this identity has been taken up by a few different people.

Here’s a quick look at the different women who took on the mantle of Batgirl and what they brought to the vigilante table.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Robins of Batman

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Despite that Batman claims to work alone, he arguably has had the most sidekicks/partners in DC comics, with all of the sidekicks constantly changing names and outfits. It can get a little confusing to remember who is who and when they came along (a lot of people don’t even realize there was more than one Robin). So here’s a quick guide to the different Robins of Batman.

This blog will be focusing specifically on the Robins of Batman. I will do another blog on the Batgirls and other sidekicks Batman has had.

These Robins will be in the order that they appeared (Tentatively, timelines can get a little wonky).

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10 Best Superman Graphic Novels

superman earth one, one of the best superman graphic novels

You can’t talk about DC comics without talking about Superman! In fact, if you think of the word, “superhero,” Superman is likely the first one to pop into your head. He is many’s idea of the ultimate hero.

Superman has been the staple of superheroes and comics for nearly a century and has become an iconic symbol of hope, truth, and justice. So let’s look at what’s considered some of the best Superman graphic novels.

Note #1: These novels aren’t in any particular ranking order.
Note #2: I will be using “graphic novel” and “comic” interchangeably.

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