Ultimate Fandom Timeline: Fantasy in Great Britain

Magic is part of our world in many areas. However, there are some areas of Earth that seem to attract magic and fantasy more than others. One of these areas is known in modern days as Great Britain. The United States has similar qualities but to a lesser degree. It would increase in importance in the future.

After the events of The Lord of the Rings, the entire planet underwent several changes. Continents would move, some areas would flood, and in some areas, new land would arise. That is why it looks very different in different eras of time. Even the seasons were changed for a time, becoming longer. However, the basic shape and positioning of Great Britain was preserved.

The Game of Thrones

Several million years after the end of The Lord of the Rings the various remaining kingdoms of men were united under Targaryens. This was a government that lasted for centuries until the current Targaryen king was overthrown by Robert Baratheon. Thus began the game of thrones that had many rulers competing for control of the land. Much had changed since the time of Aragorn, but some things still existed, such as the race of Dragons.

It was around this same time that several mythical creatures began to awaken in the north, beyond the great wall of ice that had been there for centuries. These “Others” were the basis for many of the mythical creatures we have today. The White Walkers, though eventually defeated, contained the same infection that would become such a problem in modern times (a.k.a. the Walking Dead).


It was several million years later, after society had been united under one supposed rule, that magic began to take a more concentrated shape. While magic had been more of an inherent part of the Earth, it was not something that could be easily wielded by humans. It was more of a wild thing. In the years that passed, magic became more familiar to mortals, and they were eventually able to master it.

Thus we get the time period known as Fable. It was the advancements in magic education that began to encourage the advancement of the race of men. Although humans would eventually devolve at about 65 Billion years B. C., this was a time of great advancement for humans. In under 600 years, they went from a time period similar to our Medieval times, to something similar to the industrial revolution. The extreme use of magic also caused many creatures of various forms to generate. These include the Balvarines, one of the precursors to the modern werewolf.


2.7 Billion Years Ago

  • The One Ring is destroyed and the age of man begins.
  • After the reign of Aragorn and his descendants, mankind falls into ruin.
  • They advance very little.

2.6 Billion Years Ago

  • All the kings in the Great Britain area are united under the Targaryens.
  • The last Targaryen king is killed and replaced by Robert Baratheon.
  • The game of thrones begins.

2.5 Billion Years Ago

  • The age of Fable begins.
  • Humans learns to master magic.
  • Humans move from a medieval age to an industrial age in under 600 years.

Fandoms Covered

  • The Lord of the Rings
  • A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
  • Fable

What is the Ultimate Fandom Timeline:
The Ultimate Fandom Timeline is a hypothetical amalgamation of stories from across all major fandoms. It answers the question, “What if EVERYTHING was connected?” So it places the major timelines in order of how they could relate to each other. It is told from the perspective of a fictional character, Alice, who thinks that all the major stories are somehow real and connected and that it’s a huge coverup that prevents us from realizing this fact.

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