The Matrix Timeline

The Matrix came as a surprise breakout in 1999, a completely original story that took audiences by storm. It has since spawned multiple sequels, an animated collection of short films and many comics. This is the Matrix timeline.

What’s on The Matrix Timeline?

The Matrix timeline consists mostly of the films, the animated shorts included in Animatrix, a few video games, and several short comic stories printed in two volumes, and later packed into one anniversary collection. Many of the comics and some of the animated shorts are ambiguous in their placement in the timeline. However, most of them take place in the years before the first film, so most of them are lumped together in that portion of the timeline.

Where to Start?

We recommend starting with the first Matrix film to be introduced to this world. Doing otherwise would spoil some big surprises. After that first film, you can go back and watch the animated shorts or read the comics as you see fit. But definitely start with the film.

As always, if you find anything that is missing, or needs to be changed, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve the timeline or weed out errors. And if you like this timeline, you might like some of our others, such as the Expanse timeline. Thank you, and enjoy!

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