Men in Black Timeline

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Men in Black is one of those rare franchises that was taken over by a medium that it did not originate in. It started out with just a few comic issues, many of which are nearly impossible to find today, but the films essentially took over and made the franchise its own. This is the Men in Black timeline.

What’s on the Men in Black Timeline?

The Men in Black timeline does not have a single dominant chronology outside of the films. It is therefore difficult to develop a chronological list. The comics, though important, only ran for a brief time and the films are more widely known. However, given the popularity of the franchise, it’s likely that we could see the film universe develop into something more substantial.

For now, the films are the only pieces of media that remain consistent with each other on this timeline, however the comics and the animated series are included anyway, in the best chronological locations, despite being their own chronology.

Where to Start?

The best place to start is with the films, specifically with the first one. The comics are very hard to find these days (it’s amazing that the popularity of the films has not resulted in some reprints), and the TV series is similarly difficult to find. Neither the comics nor the series are in continuity with the films, so it’s okay to ignore them. However, if you’re a big fan of the franchise, it might be worth tracking them down.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Men in Black Book IGraphic NovelLowell Cunningham1990-01-01MIBOriginal comic series, not part of film continuity.
2Men in Black Book IIGraphic NovelLowell Cunningham1991-05-01MIBOriginal comic series, not part of film continuity.
3Men in Black (one-shots)Graphic Novel1997-01-01MIBFollow the comics, not part of film continuity.
4Men in BlackFilmBarry Sonnenfeld1997-07-02MIB
5Men in Black, the Series 1.01: The Long Goodbye SyndromeTV EpisodeDuane Capizzi1997-10-11MIB
6Men in Black, the Series 1.02: The Buzzard SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1997-10-18MIB
7Men in Black, the Series 1.03: The Irritable Bow-Wow SyndromeTV EpisodeMark Amato1997-10-25MIB
8Men in Black, the Series 1.04: The Alpha SyndromeTV EpisodeAlexx Van Dyne1997-11-01MIB
9Men in Black, the Series 1.05: The Undercover SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1997-11-08MIB
10Men in Black, the Series 1.06: The Neuralyzer SyndromeTV EpisodeMark Amato1997-11-15MIB
11Men in Black, the Series 1.07: The Symbiote SyndromeTV EpisodeAlexx Van Dyne1997-11-22MIB
12Men in Black, the Series 1.08: The Inanimate SyndromeTV EpisodeThomas Pugsley, Greg Klein1997-12-06MIB
13Men in Black, the Series 1.09: The Psychic Link SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1997-12-13MIB
14Men in Black, the Series 1.10: The Head Trip SyndromeTV EpisodeThomas Pugsley, Greg Klein1997-12-20MIB
15Men in Black, the Series 1.11: The Elle of My Dreams SyndromeTV EpisodeGreg Weisman1998-01-10MIB
16Men in Black, the Series 1.12: The I Married an Alien SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1998-02-14MIB
17Men in Black, the Series 1.13: The Take No Prisoners SyndromeTV EpisodeDean Stefan1998-05-16MIB
18Men in Black, the Series 2.01: The Little Big Man SyndromeTV EpisodeThomas Pugsley, Greg Klein1998-09-19MIB
19Men in Black, the Series 2.02: The Quick Clone SyndromeTV EpisodeDuane Capizzi1998-09-26MIB
20Men in Black, the Series 2.03: The Heads You Lose SyndromeTV EpisodeAlexx Van Dyne1998-10-03MIB
21Men in Black, the Series 2.04: The Dog Eat Dog SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1998-10-10MIB
22Men in Black, the Series 2.05: The Big Bad Bug SyndromeTV EpisodeGreg Weisman1998-10-24MIB
23Men in Black, the Series 2.06: The Jack O'Lantern SyndromeTV EpisodeRobin Jill Burger1998-10-31MIB
24Men in Black, the Series 2.07: The Sonic Boom SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1998-11-07MIB
25Men in Black, the Series 2.08: The Bad Seed SyndromeTV EpisodeAlexx Van Dyne1998-11-14MIB
26Men in Black, the Series 2.09: The Fmall, Fmall World SyndromeTV EpisodeDuane Capizzi1998-11-21MIB
27Men in Black, the Series 2.10: The Black Christmas SyndromeTV EpisodeDuane Capizzi1998-12-12MIB
28Men in Black, the Series 2.11: The Supermen in Black SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Roberts1999-01-16MIB
29Men in Black, the Series 2.12: The Star System SyndromeTV EpisodeGreg Weisman1999-01-23MIB
30Men in Black, the Series 2.13: The Blackguard SyndromeTV EpisodeJon Weisman, Greg Weisman1999-02-06MIB
31Men in Black, the Series 3.01: The Worm-Guy Guy SyndromeTV EpisodeDuane Capizzi1999-10-02MIB
32Men in Black, the Series 3.02: The Cold Sweat SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Melching1999-10-09MIB
33Men in Black, the Series 3.03: The Puppy Love SyndromeTV EpisodeTom Pugsley & Greg Klein1999-10-23MIB
34Men in Black, the Series 3.04: The Lost Continent SyndromeTV EpisodeDean Stefan1999-11-06MIB
35Men in Black, the Series 3.05: The Way Out West SyndromeTV EpisodeTony Schilacci1999-11-13MIB
36Men in Black, the Series 3.06: The Mine, Mine, Mine SyndromeTV EpisodeTony Reitano1999-11-20MIB
37Men in Black, the Series 3.07: The Bye-Bye Worm SyndromeTV EpisodeAlexx Van Dyne1999-12-04MIB
38Men in Black, the Series 3.08: The Lights Out SyndromeTV EpisodeNick DuBois2000-01-15MIB
39Men in Black, the Series 3.09: The Out to Pasture SyndromeTV EpisodeDean Stefan2000-01-22MIB
40Men in Black, the Series 3.10: The Sardines and Ice Cream SyndromeTV EpisodeTony Sommo2000-02-05MIB
41Men in Black, the Series 3.11: The I Want My Mummy SyndromeTV EpisodeSteve Melching2000-03-04MIB
42Men in Black, the Series 3.12: The Baby Kay SyndromeTV EpisodeBarry Hawkins2000-03-25MIB
43Men in Black, the Series 3.13: The Bad Doggie SyndromeTV EpisodeMarsha Griffin2000-04-08MIB
44Men in Black, the Series 3.14: The "J" is for James SyndromeTV EpisodeDean Stefan2000-05-20MIB
45Men in Black, the Series 4.01: The Musical Chairs SyndromeTV EpisodeDean Steffan2000-09-16MIB
46Men in Black, the Series 4.02: The Spectacle SyndromeTV EpisodeMarsha Griffin2000-09-23MIB
47Men in Black, the Series 4.03: The Back to School SyndromeTV EpisodeLen Uhley2000-09-30MIB
48Men in Black, the Series 4.04: The Opening Gambit SyndromeTV EpisodeSteven Melching2000-10-07MIB
49Men in Black, the Series 4.05: The Future's So Bright SyndromeTV EpisodeTom Pugsley & Greg Klein2000-10-21MIB
50Men in Black, the Series 4.06: The Loose Ball Foul SyndromeTV EpisodeAlexx Van Dyne2001-04-14MIB
51Men in Black, the Series 4.07: The Hots for Jay SyndromeTV EpisodeMuchael Edens2001-04-21MIB
52Men in Black, the Series 4.08: The Circus Parade SyndromeTV EpisodeJulia Lewald2001-04-28MIB
53Men in Black, the Series 4.09: The Virtual Crossfire SyndromeTV EpisodeDean Stefan2001-05-05MIB
54Men in Black, the Series 4.10: The Breaking News SyndromeTV EpisodeMarsha Griffin2001-05-12MIB
55Men in Black, the Series 4.11: The Zero to Superhero SyndromeTV EpisodeBaz Hawkins2001-05-26MIB
56Men in Black, the Series 4.12: The Endgame Syndrome: Episode 2TV EpisodeDean Stefan2001-06-23MIB
57Men in Black, the Series 4.13: The Endgame Syndrome: Episode 2TV EpisodeDean Stefan2001-06-30MIB
58Men in Black IIFilmBarry Sonnenfeld2002-07-03MIB
59Men in Black 3FilmBarry Sonnenfeld2012-05-25MIB
60Men in Black: InternationalFilmF. Gary Gray2019-06-14MIB