Mission Impossible Timeline

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Mission Impossible started as a popular television series which was adapted into a popular film series starring Tom Cruise. That series has gone on to be incredibly popular in modern times, and continues to produce more and more entertainment.

What’s on the Mission Impossible Timeline?

Most people would consider the old Mission Impossible television shows to be separate from the film series. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. The first Mission: Impossible film acted as a way to pass on the torch from the original generation to the next, since the leader of the original team defects in the film and it’s Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) responsibility to hunt him down. Since characters from the shows appeared in the film series as old agents, this Mission Impossible timeline includes the shows and the films in the same timeline.

Where to Start?

If you’re not up for a slew of old television to binge through, we recommend starting with the films. They’re a great way to get into the series, and if you like them, you can always go back and watch the original series. Otherwise, feel free to skip those for now.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Mission: Impossible 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeBernard L. Kowalski1966-09-17Original Series
2Mission: Impossible 1.02: MemoryTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-09-24Original Series
3Mission: Impossible 1.03: Operation RogoshTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1966-10-01Original Series
4Mission: Impossible 1.04: Old Man Out: Part 1TV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-10-08Original Series
5Mission: Impossible 1.05: Old Man Out: Part 2TV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-10-15Original Series
6Mission: Impossible 1.06: Odds on EvilTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1966-10-22Original Series
7Mission: Impossible 1.07: WheelsTV EpisodeTom Gries1966-10-29Original Series
8Mission: Impossible 1.08: The RansomTV EpisodeHarry Harris1966-11-05Original Series
9Mission: Impossible 1.09: A Spool There WasTV EpisodeBernard L. Kowalski1966-11-12Original Series
10Mission: Impossible 1.10: The CarriersTV EpisodeSherman Marks1966-11-19Original Series
11Mission: Impossible 1.11: Zubrovnik's GhostTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1966-11-26Original Series
12Mission: Impossible 1.12: FakeoutTV EpisodeBernard L. Kowalski1966-12-03Original Series
13Mission: Impossible 1.13: ElenaTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1966-12-10Original Series
14Mission: Impossible 1.14: The Short Tail SpyTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1966-12-17Original Series
15Mission: Impossible 1.15: The LegacyTV EpisodeMichael O'Herlihy1967-01-07Original Series
16Mission: Impossible 1.16: The Reluctant DragonTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1967-01-14Original Series
17Mission: Impossible 1.17: The FrameTV EpisodeAllen Miner1967-01-21Original Series
18Mission: Impossible 1.18: The TrialTV EpisodeLewis Allan1967-01-28Original Series
19Mission: Impossible 1.19: The DiamondTV EpisodeRobert Douglas1967-02-04Original Series
20Mission: Impossible 1.20: The LegendTV EpisodeRichard Benedict1967-02-11Original Series
21Mission: Impossible 1.21: Snowball in HellTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-02-18Original Series
22Mission: Impossible 1.22: The ConfessionTV EpisodeHerschel Daugherty1967-02-25Original Series
23Mission: Impossible 1.23: Action!TV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1967-03-04Original Series
24Mission: Impossible 1.24: The TrainTV EpisodeRalph Senensky1967-03-18Original Series
25Mission: Impossible 1.25: ShockTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-03-25Original Series
26Mission: Impossible 1.26: A Cube of SugarTV EpisodeJoseph Pevney1967-04-01Original Series
27Mission: Impossible 1.27: The TraitorTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-04-15Original Series
28Mission: Impossible 1.28: The PsychicTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1967-04-22Original Series
29Mission: Impossible 2.01: The WidowTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-09-10Original Series
30Mission: Impossible 2.02: TrekTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1967-09-17Original Series
31Mission: Impossible 2.03: The SurvivorsTV EpisodePaul Stanley1967-09-24Original Series
32Mission: Impossible 2.04: The BankTV EpisodeAlf Kjellin1967-10-01Original Series
33Mission: Impossible 2.05: The Slave: Part 1TV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-10-08Original Series
34Mission: Impossible 2.06: The Slave: Part 2TV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-10-15Original Series
35Mission: Impossible 2.07: Operation HeartTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1967-10-22Original Series
36Mission: Impossible 2.08: The Money MachineTV EpisodePaul Stanley1967-10-29Original Series
37Mission: Impossible 2.09: The SealTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1967-11-05Original Series
38Mission: Impossible 2.10: CharityTV EpisodeMarc Daniels1967-11-12Original Series
39Mission: Impossible 2.11: The Council: Part 1TV EpisodePaul Stanley1967-11-19Original Series
40Mission: Impossible 2.12: The Council: Part 2TV EpisodePaul Stanley1967-11-26Original Series
41Mission: Impossible 2.13: The AstrologerTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-12-03Original Series
42Mission: Impossible 2.14: Echo of YesterdayTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1967-12-10Original Series
43Mission: Impossible 2.15: The PhotographerTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1967-12-17Original Series
44Mission: Impossible 2.16: The SpyTV EpisodePaul Stanley1968-01-07Original Series
45Mission: Impossible 2.17: A Game of ChessTV EpisodeAlf Kjellin1968-01-14Original Series
46Mission: Impossible 2.18: The EmeraldTV EpisodeMichael O'Herlihy1968-01-21Original Series
47Mission: Impossible 2.19: The CondemnedTV EpisodeAlf Kjellin1968-01-28Original Series
48Mission: Impossible 2.20: The CounterfeiterTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1968-02-04Original Series
49Mission: Impossible 2.21: The TownTV EpisodeMichael O'Herlihy1968-02-18Original Series
50Mission: Impossible 2.22: The KillingTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1968-02-28Original Series
51Mission: Impossible 2.23: The PhoenixTV EpisodeRobert Totten1968-03-03Original Series
52Mission: Impossible 2.24: Trial by FuryTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1968-03-10Original Series
53Mission: Impossible 2.25: RecoveryTV EpisodeRobert Totten1968-03-17Original Series
54Mission: Impossible 3.01: The Heir ApparentTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1968-09-29Original Series
55Mission: Impossible 3.02: The Contender: Part 1TV EpisodePaul Stanley1968-10-06Original Series
56Mission: Impossible 3.03: The Contender: Part 2TV EpisodePaul Stanley1968-10-13Original Series
57Mission: Impossible 3.04: The MercenariesTV EpisodePaul Krasny1968-10-27Original Series
58Mission: Impossible 3.05: The ExecutionTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1968-11-10Original Series
59Mission: Impossible 3.06: The CardinalTV EpisodeSutton Roley1968-11-17Original Series
60Mission: Impossible 3.07: The ElixirTV EpisodeJohn Florea1968-11-24Original Series
61Mission: Impossible 3.08: The DiplomatTV EpisodeDon Richardson1968-12-01Original Series
62Mission: Impossible 3.09: The PlayTV EpisodeLee H. Katzin1968-12-08Original Series
63Mission: Impossible 3.10: The BargainTV EpisodeRichard Benedict1968-12-15Original Series
64Mission: Impossible 3.11: The FreezeTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1968-12-23Original Series
65Mission: Impossible 3.12: The ExchangeTV EpisodeAlexander Singer1969-01-04Original Series
66Mission: Impossible 3.13: The Mind of Stefan MiklosTV EpisodeRobert Butler1969-01-12Original Series
67Mission: Impossible 3.14: The Test CaseTV EpisodeSutton Roley1969-01-19Original Series
68Mission: Impossible 3.15: The SystemTV EpisodeRobert Gist1969-01-26Original Series
69Mission: Impossible 3.16: The Glass CageTV EpisodeJohn Moxey1969-02-02Original Series
70Mission: Impossible 3.17: DoomsdayTV EpisodeJohn Moxey1969-02-16Original Series
71Mission: Impossible 3.18: Live BaitTV EpisodeStuart Hagmann1969-02-23Original Series
72Mission: Impossible 3.19: The Bunker: Part 1TV EpisodeJohn Moxey1969-03-02Original Series
73Mission: Impossible 3.20: The Bunker: Part 2TV EpisodeJohn Moxey1969-03-09Original Series
74Mission: Impossible 3.21: NitroTV EpisodeBruce Kessler1969-03-23Original Series
75Mission: Impossible 3.22: NicoleTV EpisodeStuart Hagmann1969-03-30Original Series
76Mission: Impossible 3.23: The VaultTV EpisodeRichard Benedict1969-04-06Original Series
77Mission: Impossible 3.24: IllusionTV EpisodeGerald Mayer1969-04-13Original Series
78Mission: Impossible 3.25: The InterrogatorTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1969-04-20Original Series
79Mission: Impossible 4.01: The CodeTV EpisodeStuart Hagmann1969-09-28Original Series
80Mission: Impossible 4.02: The Numbers GameTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1969-10-05Original Series
81Mission: Impossible 4.03: The Controller: Part 1TV EpisodePaul Krasny1969-10-12Original Series
82Mission: Impossible 4.04: The Controller: Part 2TV EpisodePaul Krasny1969-10-19Original Series
83Mission: Impossible 4.05: Fool's GoldTV EpisodeMurray Golden1969-10-26Original Series
84Mission: Impossible 4.06: CommandanteTV EpisodeBarry Crane1969-11-02Original Series
85Mission: Impossible 4.07: SubmarineTV EpisodePaul Krasny1969-11-16Original Series
86Mission: Impossible 4.08: MastermindTV EpisodeGeorg Fenady1969-11-23Original Series
87Mission: Impossible 4.09: RobotTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1969-11-30Original Series
88Mission: Impossible 4.10: The Double CircleTV EpisodeBarry Crane1969-12-07Original Series
89Mission: Impossible 4.11: The BrothersTV EpisodeMurray Golden1969-12-14Original Series
90Mission: Impossible 4.12: Time BombTV EpisodeMurray Golden1969-12-21Original Series
91Mission: Impossible 4.13: The AmnesiacTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1969-12-28Original Series
92Mission: Impossible 4.14: The Falcon: Part 1TV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1970-01-04Original Series
93Mission: Impossible 4.15: The Falcon: Part 2TV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1970-01-11Original Series
94Mission: Impossible 4.16: The Falcon: Part 3TV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1970-01-18Original Series
95Mission: Impossible 4.17: ChicoTV EpisodeHerb Wallerstein1970-01-25Original Series
96Mission: Impossible 4.18: GitanoTV EpisodeBarry Crane1970-02-01Original Series
97Mission: Impossible 4.19: PhantomsTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1970-02-08Original Series
98Mission: Impossible 4.20: TerrorTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1970-02-15Original Series
99Mission: Impossible 4.21: Lover's KnotTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1970-02-22Original Series
100Mission: Impossible 4.22: OrpheusTV EpisodeGerald Mayer1970-03-01Original Series
101Mission: Impossible 4.23: The CraneTV EpisodePaul Krasny1970-03-08Original Series
102Mission: Impossible 4.24: Death SquadTV EpisodeBarry Crane1970-03-15Original Series
103Mission: Impossible 4.25: The ChoiceTV EpisodeAllan Greedy, Barry Crane1970-03-22Original Series
104Mission: Impossible 4.26: The MartyrTV EpisodeVirgil W. Vogel1970-03-29Original Series
105Mission: Impossible 5.01: The KillerTV EpisodePaul Krasny1970-09-19Original Series
106Mission: Impossible 5.02: Flip SideTV EpisodeJohn Llewellyn Moxey1970-09-26Original Series
107Mission: Impossible 5.03: The InnocentTV EpisodeJohn Llewellyn Moxey1970-10-03Original Series
108Mission: Impossible 5.04: HomecomingTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1970-10-10Original Series
109Mission: Impossible 5.05: FlightTV EpisodeBarry Crane1970-10-17Original Series
110Mission: Impossible 5.06: My Friend, My EnemyTV EpisodeGerald Mayer1970-10-25Original Series
111Mission: Impossible 5.07: ButterflyTV EpisodeGerald Mayer1970-10-31Original Series
112Mission: Impossible 5.08: DecoyTV EpisodeSeymour Robbie1970-11-07Original Series
113Mission: Impossible 5.09: The AmateurTV EpisodePaul Krasny1970-11-14Original Series
114Mission: Impossible 5.10: HuntedTV EpisodeTerry Becker1970-11-21Original Series
115Mission: Impossible 5.11: The RebelTV EpisodeBarry Crane1970-11-28Original Series
116Mission: Impossible 5.12: Squeeze PlayTV EpisodeVirgil W. Vogel1970-12-12Original Series
117Mission: Impossible 5.13: The HostageTV EpisodeBarry Crane1970-12-19Original Series
118Mission: Impossible 5.14: TakeoverTV EpisodeVirgil W. Vogel1971-01-02Original Series
119Mission: Impossible 5.15: Cat's PawTV EpisodeVirgil W. Vogel1971-01-09Original Series
120Mission: Impossible 5.16: The MissileTV EpisodeCharles R. Rondeau1971-01-16Original Series
121Mission: Impossible 5.17: The FieldTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1971-01-23Original Series
122Mission: Impossible 5.18: BlastTV EpisodeSutton Roley1971-01-30Original Series
123Mission: Impossible 5.19: The CatafalqueTV EpisodeBarry Crane1971-02-06Original Series
124Mission: Impossible 5.20: KitaraTV EpisodeMurray Golden1971-02-20Original Series
125Mission: Impossible 5.21: A Ghost StoryTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1971-02-27Original Series
126Mission: Impossible 5.22: The PartyTV EpisodeMurray Golden1971-03-06Original Series
127Mission: Impossible 5.23: The MerchantTV EpisodeLeon Benson1971-03-17Original Series
128Mission: Impossible 6.01: BlindTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1971-09-18Original Series
129Mission: Impossible 6.02: EncoreTV EpisodePaul Krasny1971-09-25Original Series
130Mission: Impossible 6.03: The TramTV EpisodePaul Krasny1971-10-02Original Series
131Mission: Impossible 6.04: MindbendTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1971-10-09Original Series
132Mission: Impossible 6.05: Shape-UpTV EpisodePaul Krasny1971-10-16Original Series
133Mission: Impossible 6.06: The MiracleTV EpisodeLeonard J. Horn1971-10-23Original Series
134Mission: Impossible 6.07: EncounterTV EpisodeBarry Crane1971-10-30Original Series
135Mission: Impossible 6.08: UnderwaterTV EpisodeSutton Roley1971-11-06Original Series
136Mission: Impossible 6.09: InvasionTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1971-11-13Original Series
137Mission: Impossible 6.10: BluesTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1971-11-20Original Series
138Mission: Impossible 6.11: The VisitorsTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1971-11-27Original Series
139Mission: Impossible 6.12: NervesTV EpisodeBarry Crane1971-12-04Original Series
140Mission: Impossible 6.13: Run for the MoneyTV EpisodeMarvin Chomsky1971-12-11Original Series
141Mission: Impossible 6.14: The ConnectionTV EpisodeBarry Crane1971-12-18Original Series
142Mission: Impossible 6.15: The BrideTV EpisodeJohn Llewellyn Moxey1972-01-01Original Series
143Mission: Impossible 6.16: Stone PillowTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1972-01-08Original Series
144Mission: Impossible 6.17: ImageTV EpisodeDon McDougall1972-01-15Original Series
145Mission: Impossible 6.18: CommittedTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1972-01-22Original Series
146Mission: Impossible 6.19: Bag WomanTV EpisodePaul Krasny1972-01-29Original Series
147Mission: Impossible 6.20: Double DeadTV EpisodeBarry Crane1972-02-12Original Series
148Mission: Impossible 6.21: CasinoTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1972-02-19Original Series
149Mission: Impossible 6.22: TrappedTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1972-02-26Original Series
150Mission: Impossible 7.01: Break!TV EpisodePaul Krasny1972-09-16Original Series
151Mission: Impossible 7.02: Two ThousandTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1972-09-23Original Series
152Mission: Impossible 7.03: The DealTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1972-09-30Original Series
153Mission: Impossible 7.04: LeonaTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1972-10-07Original Series
154Mission: Impossible 7.05: TOD-5TV EpisodeLewis Allen1972-10-14Original Series
155Mission: Impossible 7.06: CocaineTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1972-10-21Original Series
156Mission: Impossible 7.07: UndergroundTV EpisodeDavid Lowell Rich1972-10-28Original Series
157Mission: Impossible 7.08: MovieTV EpisodeTerry Becker1972-11-04Original Series
158Mission: Impossible 7.09: HitTV EpisodeReza S. Badiyi1972-11-11Original Series
159Mission: Impossible 7.10: UltimatumTV EpisodeBarry Crane1972-11-18Original Series
160Mission: Impossible 7.11: KidnapTV EpisodePeter Graves1972-12-02Original Series
161Mission: Impossible 7.12: Crack-UpTV EpisodeSutton Roley1972-12-09Original Series
162Mission: Impossible 7.13: The PuppetTV EpisodeLewis Allen1972-12-22Original Series
163Mission: Impossible 7.14: IncarnateTV EpisodeBarry Crane1973-01-05Original Series
164Mission: Impossible 7.15: BoomerangTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1973-01-12Original Series
165Mission: Impossible 7.16: The QuestionTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1973-01-19Original Series
166Mission: Impossible 7.17: The FountainTV EpisodeBarry Crane1973-01-26Original Series
167Mission: Impossible 7.18: The FighterTV EpisodePaul Krasny1973-02-09Original Series
168Mission: Impossible 7.19: SpeedTV EpisodeVirgil W. Vogel1973-02-16Original Series
169Mission: Impossible 7.20: The PendulumTV EpisodeLewis Allen1973-02-23Original Series
170Mission: Impossible 7.21: The WesternTV EpisodeLeslie H. Martinson1973-03-02Original Series
171Mission: Impossible 7.22: ImitationTV EpisodePaul Krasny1973-03-30Original Series
172Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.01: The KillerTV EpisodeCliff Bole1988-10-231988 Series
173Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.02: The SystemTV EpisodeCliff Bole1988-10-301989 Series
174Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.03: HologramsTV EpisodeKim Manners1988-11-061990 Series
175Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.04: The CondemnedTV EpisodeCliff Bole1988-11-201991 Series
176Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.05: The LegacyTV EpisodeKim Manners1988-11-261992 Series
177Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.06: The WallTV EpisodeColin Budds1988-12-111993 Series
178Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.07: The Cattle KingTV EpisodeMike Vejar1988-12-181994 Series
179Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.08: The PawnTV EpisodeBrian Trenchard-Smith1989-01-151995 Series
180Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.09: The HauntingTV EpisodeMike Vejar1989-01-281996 Series
181Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.10: The LionsTV EpisodeRob Stewart1989-02-041997 Series
182Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.11: The GreekTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-02-111998 Series
183Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.12: The FortuneTV EpisodeRod Hardy1989-02-181999 Series
184Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.13: The FixerTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-02-252000 Series
185Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.14: SpyTV EpisodeRob Stewart1989-03-182001 Series
186Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.15: The DevilsTV EpisodeArch Nicholson1989-03-252002 Series
187Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.16: The PlagueTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-04-082003 Series
188Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.17: ReprisalTV EpisodeRob Stewart1989-04-152004 Series
189Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.18: SubmarineTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-04-292005 Series
190Mission: Impossible (1988) 1.19: BayouTV EpisodeDon Chaffey1989-05-062006 Series
191Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.01: The Golden Serpent: Part 1TV EpisodeDon Chaffey1989-09-212007 Series
192Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.02: The Golden Serpent: Part 2TV EpisodeDon Chaffey1989-09-282008 Series
193Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.03: The PrincessTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-10-052009 Series
194Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.04: Command PerformanceTV EpisodeArch Nicholson1989-10-122010 Series
195Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.05: CountdownTV EpisodeBrian Trenchard-Smith1989-10-262011 Series
196Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.06: War GamesTV EpisodeRod Hardy1989-11-022012 Series
197Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.07: Target EarthTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-11-092013 Series
198Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.08: The Fuehrer's ChildrenTV EpisodeDon Chaffey1989-11-162014 Series
199Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.09: BansheeTV EpisodeColin Budds1989-11-302015 Series
200Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.10: For Art's SakeTV EpisodeDon Chaffey1989-12-142016 Series
201Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.11: Deadly HarvestTV EpisodeArch Nicholson1990-01-062017 Series
202Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.12: Cargo CultTV EpisodeColin Budds1990-01-132018 Series
203Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.13: The AssassinTV EpisodeArch Nicholson1990-01-202019 Series
204Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.14: The GunslingerTV EpisodeColin Budds1990-02-032020 Series
205Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.15: Church Bells in BogotaTV EpisodeArch Nicholson1990-02-102021 Series
206Mission: Impossible (1988) 2.16: The Sands of SethTV EpisodeColin Budds1990-02-242022 Series
207Mission: ImpossibleFilmBrian De Palma1996-05-22Film Series
208Mission: Impossible 2FilmJohn Woo2000-05-24Film Series
209Mission: Impossible IIIFilmJ. J. Abrams2006-05-05Film Series
210Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolFilmBrad Bird2011-12-16Film Series
211Mission: Impossible – Rogue NationFilmChristopher McQuarrie2015-07-31Film Series
212Mission: Impossible – FalloutFilmChristopher McQuarrie2018-07-27Film Series