James Bond Timeline

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Ian Fleming launched a new genre of literature with his James Bond books of the 1950s and ’60s. With Sean Connery taking up the role in film, and successive actors taking over the roll throughout the years, the legacy of the character has persisted to this day. This is the James Bond book timeline.

What’s on the James Bond Timeline?

This is the unofficial James Bond timeline for the books written by Ian Fleming and the authors who succeeded him. This is not a timeline for the James Bond films, since those have little chronology and should be considered standalone films. Film adaptations of the novels also only loosely drew on the story.

Other authors, however, have continued the story of James Bond, and their works remain (mostly) chronological, though some of the books were adaptations of original Bond films. These are also included here on this timeline. If you see anything that seems out of place, or that could be corrected, be sure to let us know.

Where to Start Reading James Bond Novels?

This timeline is a bit all over the place. If you’re already pretty familiar with some of the novels, you can start chronologically, but we would recommend starting in order of release date, starting with Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1SilverFinJunior NovelCharlie Higson2005-03-05Young Bond
2SilverFin (comic)Graphic NovelCharlie Higson2008-10-01Young Bond
3Blood FeverJunior NovelCharlie Higson2006-01-05Young Bond
4Double or DieJunior NovelCharlie Higson2007-01-04Young Bond
5Hurricane GoldJunior NovelCharlie Higson2007-09-06Young Bond
6By Royal CommandJunior NovelCharlie Higson2008-09-03Young Bond
7A Hard Man to KillShort StoryCharlie Higson2009-10-29Young BondIncluded in Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier
8Shoot to KillJunior NovelSteve Cole2014-11-06Young Bond
9Heads You DieJunior NovelSteve Cole2016-05-05Young Bond
10Strike LightningJunior NovelSteve Cole2016-09-01Young Bond
11Red NemesisJunior NovelSteve Cole2017-05-04Young Bond
12Moneypenny's First Date with BondShort StorySamantha Weinberg2006-11-11Moneypenny Diaries
13Forever and a DayNovelAnthony Horowitz2018-05-31Fleming Era
Casino RoyaleNovelIan Fleming1953-04-13Fleming Era
15For Your Eyes Only, JamesShort StorySamantha Weinberg2006-11-01Moneypenny Diaries
Live and Let DieNovelIan Fleming1954-04-05Fleming Era
17MoonrakerNovelIan Fleming1955-04-05Fleming Era
Diamonds Are foreverNovelIan Fleming1956-03-26Fleming Era
From Russia, with LoveNovelIan Fleming1957-04-08Fleming Era
Dr. NoNovelIan Fleming1958-03-31Fleming Era
GoldfingerNovelIan Fleming1959-03-23Fleming Era
22Trigger MortisNovelAnthony Horowitz2015-09-08Fleming EraContains material previously unreleased, written by Fleming
RisicoShort StoryIan Fleming1960-04-11Fleming EraIncluded in For Your Eyes Only.
Quantum of SolaceShort StoryIan Fleming1960-04-11Fleming EraIncluded in For Your Eyes Only.
The Hildebrand RarityShort StoryIan Fleming1960-04-11Fleming EraIncluded in For Your Eyes Only.
From a View to a KillShort StoryIan Fleming1960-04-11Fleming EraIncluded in For Your Eyes Only.
For Your Eyes OnlyShort StoryIan Fleming1960-04-11Fleming EraIncluded in For Your Eyes Only.
ThunderballNovelIan Fleming1961-03-27Fleming Era
OctopussyShort StoryIan Fleming1966-06-23Fleming EraIncluded in Octopussy and the Living Daylights
The Living DaylightsShort StoryIan Fleming1966-06-23Fleming EraIncluded in Octopussy and the Living Daylights
The Property of a LadyShort StoryIan Fleming1966-06-23Fleming EraIncluded in Octopussy and the Living Daylights
007 in New YorkShort StoryIan Fleming1966-06-23Fleming EraIncluded in Octopussy and the Living Daylights
On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceNovelIan Fleming1963-04-01Fleming Era
34Guardian AngelNovelSamantha Weinberg2005-10-10Moneypenny Diaries
You Only Live TwiceNovelIan Fleming1964-03-16Fleming Era
The Man With the Golden GunNovelIan Fleming1965-04-01Fleming Era
37Secret ServantNovelSamantha Weinberg2006-11-02Moneypenny Diaries
38Colonel SunNovelRobert Markham1968-03-28Post-Fleming
39Devil May CareNovelSebastian Faulks2008-05-28Post-Fleming
40SoloNovelWilliam Boyd2013-09-26Post-Fleming
41Final FlingNovelSamantha Weinberg2008-05-01Moneypenny Diaries
42Licence RenewedNovelJohn Gardner1981-05-01Gardner
43For Special ServicesNovelJohn Gardner1982-09-01Gardner
44IcebreakerNovelJohn Gardner1983-07-07Gardner
Role of HonourNovelJohn Gardner1984-10-01Gardner
46Nobody Lives for EverNovelJohn Gardner1986-06-26Gardner
47No Deals, Mr. BondNovelJohn Gardner1987-05-21Gardner
48ScorpiusNovelJohn Gardner1988-06-01Gardner
49Win, Lose or DieNovelJohn Gardner1989-01-01Gardner
50Licence to KillNovelJohn Gardner1989-01-01GardnerFilm adaptation.
51BrokenclawNovelJohn Gardner1990-07-01Gardner
52The Man from BarbarossaNovelJohn Gardner1991-08-01Gardner
53Death is ForeverNovelJohn Gardner1992-07-01Gardner
54Never Send FlowersNovelJohn Gardner1993-07-15Gardner
55SeaFireNovelJohn Gardner1994-08-01Gardner
56GoldenEyeNovelJohn Gardner1995-10-01GardnerFilm adaptation.
57Cold FallNovelJohn Gardner1996-05-02Gardner
58Blast from the PastShort StoryRaymond Benson1997-01-01BensonIncluded in The Union Trilogy
59Zero Minus TenNovelRaymond Benson1997-04-01Benson
60Tomorrow Never DiesNovelRaymond Benson1997-11-01BensonFilm adaptation.
61The Facts of DeathNovelRaymond Benson1998-05-07Benson
62Midsummer Night's DoomShort StoryRaymond Benson1999-01-01BensonIncluded in Choice of Weapons
63High Time to KillNovelRaymond Benson1999-05-06Benson
64Live at FiveShort StoryRaymond Benson1999-11-01BensonIncluded in Choice of Weapons
65The World is Not EnoughNovelRaymond Benson1999-11-01BensonFilm adaptation.
66DoubleShotNovelRaymond Benson2000-05-04Benson
67Never Dream of DyingNovelRaymond Benson2001-11-01Benson
68The Man with the Red TattooNovelRaymond Benson2002-05-02Benson
69Die Another DayNovelRaymond Benson2002-11-01BensonFilm adaptation.
70Carte BlancheNovelJeffery Deaver2011-05-26Benson