James Bond Timeline

Ian Fleming launched a new genre of literature with his James Bond books of the 1950s and ’60s. With Sean Connery taking up the role in film, and successive actors taking over the roll throughout the years, the legacy of the character has persisted to this day. This is the James Bond book timeline.

What’s on the James Bond Timeline?

This is the unofficial James Bond timeline for the books written by Ian Fleming and the authors who succeeded him. This is not a timeline for the James Bond films, since those have little chronology and should be considered standalone films. Film adaptations of the novels also only loosely drew on the story.

Other authors, however, have continued the story of James Bond, and their works remain (mostly) chronological, though some of the books were adaptations of original Bond films. These are also included here on this timeline. If you see anything that seems out of place, or that could be corrected, be sure to let us know.

Where to Start Reading James Bond Novels?

This timeline is a bit all over the place. If you’re already pretty familiar with some of the novels, you can start chronologically, but we would recommend starting in order of release date, starting with Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.

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