The Elder Scrolls Timeline

A series that has never shied away from ambition, the Elder Scrolls games have taken the immersion of Dungeons and Dragons, and combined it with video gaming, in some of the most massive games yet. This is the Elder Scrolls timeline.

What’s on the Elder Scrolls Timeline?

This is the unofficial Elder Scrolls timeline for the popular series of games and the few novels associated with that world. This timeline isn’t huge, but the lore of the games is massive, and the games have not all been released in chronological order.

The games are a series of RPG games, most of which have come with huge critical and financial success. It’s a high-fantasy series (meaning it has elves, dwarves, orcs, etc.) and takes place in the fantasy world of Nirn, specifically the continent of Tamriel.

Tamriel is divided into several “provinces” and usually each of the games takes place in a separate province, each dominated by a specific race. Skyrim, for example, takes place on the province of Skyrim, home of the Nords.

So here is the chronological order of the Elder Scrolls games, their DLCs, and all related tie-in media. While the series doesn’t have much tie-in media, there are two books written by Greg Keyes, an acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy authors.

As with our other timelines, if anything is out of place, don’t forget to contact us through our contact page. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this list of Elder Scrolls media.

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Where to Start Playing the Elder Scrolls Games?

There are likely to be varied answers to this. Some of the older games are wonderful, and take place earlier in the timeline. However, they’re also…old. Each game also stands on its own, so there’s no requirement to play one game before another.

For that reason, we recommend starting with the newest major game. In this case, that would be (for the present), Skyrim.

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