Jurassic Park Timeline

Michael Crichton has written a lot of books over the years, but two of those have taken the world by storm, and spawned a franchise that continues to this day (for better or worse). This is the Jurassic Park timeline.

What’s in the Jurassic Park Timeline?

This is the unofficial Jurassic Park timeline. Though most people associate the franchise with the series of films that were released, the books actually came first. Both the books and the films are included here.

The franchise also had a number of comics that tie-in to the films. However, some of these (particularly those that take place after The Lost World), paved their own continuity, much of which was largely ignored by the relaunch with Jurassic World. However, with a little retconning, you can still keep them, so they are also included.

Where to Start with Jurassic Park?

There are two obvious starting points with this franchise, depending on what media type you prefer. If you’re like most people, your first introduction to the franchise will be the movies. The first Jurassic Park is still the best film, and is one of the best entry points.

The other is the original book, which is a phenomenal piece of fiction and a great way to start.

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