The Bourne Series Timeline

We don’t always include thriller timelines on this site, but we can’t avoid Jason Bourne! The series exploded into popularity following the first Matt Damon films in the early 2000s. But there’s so much more to the series besides the films. Check it out!

What’s on the Bourne Series Timeline?

This is the Bourne series timeline for all of the Bourne books and films. This timeline includes the following media:

  • The Original Books: The original three books written by Robert Ludlum which formed the basis of the Bourne story.
  • New Books: In 2004 (likely in response to the popularity of the film franchise), Eric Van Lustbader wrote Bourne Legacy which kicked off an ongoing series of new books set in the Bourne universe.
  • The Films: The Bourne films adapted the first four books, then went in a new direction. They are included here for now, though may become their own timeline in the future.

Even though the film adaptations are considerably different than the books, I’ve included them after the novels in this timeline, as I find watching the adaptation of the book to be very informative on the creative process. Enjoy this Bourne reading/viewing order.

Where Should I Start Reading the Bourne Timeline?

Obviously if you want to read the books, you should start at the beginning with Bourne Identity. While many thrillers can be read in any order, you should at least read the first few to get started.

That being said, the films are another great place to start if that’s more your style. They’re a great way to get into the franchise if you’re on the fence about reading the books.

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