Stargate Episode Order

Stargate started as a film, but eventually became known for its long-running television, becoming one of the top sci-fi shows of its time, right up there with Star Trek. This is the Stargate episode order.

What’s on the Stargate Episode Timeline?

This Stargate episode timeline includes all of the episodes from the three Stargate shows, including SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. This timeline also includes the 1994 film that launched this story. The timeline does not include any of the comics, books, video games, or the animated Stargate series, since those works are considered largely non-canonical, and therefore not relevant to this timeline.

Where to Start?

This timeline starts with Stargate: Origins, but that is the most recent part of the canon to be released, and it was generally not received well by critics and fans, so we’d recommend starting with the main film instead.

As with our other timelines, don’t forget to let us know if there’s something that needs changing, whether it be adding, taking away, or rearranging pieces of this timeline. And if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of our others, such as the Star Trek timeline. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy.

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  1. shouldn’t stargate sg-1 s8 eps 3 and 4 be before Atlantis s1e1 since those 2 episodes are set within the first week of O’Neill being in charge of the sgc, and within the first like 10mins of first ep of Atlantis Dr weir says she has been preparing for the trip to Atlantis for months


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