StarCraft Timeline and Chronology

StarCraft has long captured the attention of gamers world-wide for over two decades. It has shown more lasting power than almost any other game. And there are also many books, comics, and other media tie-ins that make it perfect for this site. This is the StarCraft timeline.

What’s on the StarCraft Timeline?

This StarCraft timeline includes all of the canon media for the StarCraft series of video games. We arrange this media, by default, in chronological order. However, if you prefer release order, you can sort by the “Release” column in the table below.

StarCraft is a space-opera story told through strategy computer games. You can also find a lot of novels and comics to supplement the story. Blizzard Entertainment developed it as a science fiction alternative to Warcraft, which also has a timeline here. Additionally, if there’s something we missed, let us know on our contact page. We love to hear from you.

Where to Start?

While not the chronological beginning, the best place to start is with the games. However, the real question is knowing which game to start with. StarCraft II is far more substantial and relevant to our current technology, but the original StarCraft is still a classic.

The recent remastered version also makes the original StarCraft a good place to start. So we’ll let you decide which game you would rather start with. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this StarCraft timeline.

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