Warcraft Timeline and Chronology

Warcraft started as a strategy game and quickly evolved into one of the most expansive and popular gaming franchises of all time, particularly with World of Warcraft, the RPGMMO. This is the Warcraft timeline.

What’s on the Warcraft Timeline?

This is the unofficial Warcraft timeline that includes the main games, the novels, the comics, and the 2016 feature film and its tie-ins. This timeline also includes many of the short stories that can be found online.

Many of these stories take place over multiple eras, but we keep to the house rule that a story is placed on the timeline based on where it ends, and we do not split up the media. This makes the timeline easier to follow and read. So with that said, we hope you enjoy this timeline and reading order for all of the Warcraft stories in chronological order.

Where to Start?

There are a number of good places to start with the Warcraft franchise, and it’s not an exact science. In large part, it will depend on your tastes. If you’re a fan of strategy games, we recommend Warcraft III, which has recently been remastered. But if you’re an MMO fan, start with World of Warcraft. In both cases, we don’t recommend you read the books or comics until you’re familiar with at least one of these games.

The film is another good place to start for those who don’t want a heavy time commitment, but keep in mind that the film does not fully represent the expansive scope of the franchise, nor will it represent the joy you may or may not have with the games themselves.

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