Warcraft Timeline and Chronology

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Warcraft started as a strategy game and quickly evolved into one of the most expansive and popular gaming franchises of all time, particularly with World of Warcraft, the RPGMMO. This is the Warcraft timeline.

What’s on the Warcraft Timeline?

This is the unofficial Warcraft timeline that includes the main games, the novels, the comics, and the 2016 feature film and its tie-ins. This timeline also includes many of the short stories that can be found online.

Many of these stories take place over multiple eras, but we keep to the house rule that a story is placed on the timeline based on where it ends, and we do not split up the media. This makes the timeline easier to follow and read. So with that said, we hope you enjoy this timeline and reading order for all of the Warcraft stories in chronological order.

Where to Start?

There are a number of good places to start with the Warcraft franchise, and it’s not an exact science. In large part, it will depend on your tastes. If you’re a fan of strategy games, we recommend Warcraft III, which has recently been remastered. But if you’re an MMO fan, start with World of Warcraft. In both cases, we don’t recommend you read the books or comics until you’re familiar with at least one of these games.

The film is another good place to start for those who don’t want a heavy time commitment, but keep in mind that the film does not fully represent the expansive scope of the franchise, nor will it represent the joy you may or may not have with the games themselves.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Warcraft SagaComic IssueChris Metzen2014-08-01PrehistoryCollected in World of Warcraft: Annual 2015
2Death From AboveShort StoryRobert BrooksUnknown-13,000Found online.
3The First GuardianComic IssueLouise Simonson2009-09-01-2,600Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
4A Warrior Made, Part 1Comic IssueChristie Golden2009-06-16-45Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
5A Warrior Made, Part 2Comic IssueChristie Golden2009-09-01-45Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
6BlackhandComic IssueRobert Brooks2014-10-10-45Found online.
7Blood and ThunderComic IssueRaphael Ahad2015-03-05-45Found online.
8Family ValuesComic IssueAaron Sparrow2008-11-11-1Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
Warcraft: Orcs and HumansGameBill Roper1994-11-230
10The Last GuardianNovelJeff Grubb2016-11-150
11Warcraft: Bonds of BrotherhoodGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2016-06-070
12DurotanNovelChristie Golden2016-05-030
13WarcraftFilmDuncan Jones2016-06-100
14Warcraft: The Official Movie NovelizationNovelChristie Golden2016-06-070
Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessGameChris Metzen1995-12-096
16Tides of DarknessNovelGlenn Rane2007-08-286
Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark PortalGameDuane Stinnett1996-05-168
18Beyond the Dark PortalNovelAaron Rosenberg2008-06-248
19Day of the DragonNovelRichard A. Knaak2001-02-0110
20UnbrokenShort StoryMicky NeilsonUnknown10Found online.
21Road to DamnationShort StoryEvelyn FredericksenUnknown10Found online.
22Of Blood and HonorShort StoryChris Metzen2006-10-2419
23Lord of the ClansNovelChristie Golden2016-11-1519
24Warcraft III: Reign of ChaosGameNicholas S. Carpenter2002-06-2520
25Vol'jin: The JudgementShort StoryBrian KindreganUnknown20Found online.
26Warcraft III: The Frozen ThroneGameNicholas S. Carpenter2003-06-0122
27The Sunwell TrilogyGraphic NovelRichard A. Knaak2007-10-1623
28War of the Ancients: The Well of EternityNovelRichard A. Knaak2004-04-0123Frame story takes place here.
29War of the Ancients: The Demon SoulNovelRichard A. Knaak2004-11-0123Frame story takes place here.
30War of the Ancients: The SunderingNovelRichard A. Knaak2005-08-0123Frame story takes place here.
31A Cleansing FireComic IssueEvelyn Fredericksen2009-09-0124Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
32Cycle of HatredNovelKeith R. A. DeCandido2006-02-0124
33World of WarcraftGameMichael Chu2004-11-2325
34The War EffortShort StoryUnknown25Found online.
35War of the Shifting SandsShort StoryMicky NeilsonUnknown25Found online.
36The Thrill of the HuntComic IssueTroy Lewter2009-03-1025Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
37Bloodsail BuccaneerComic IssueDan Jolley2009-06-1625Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
38How to Win FriendsComic IssueDan Jolley2008-08-1225Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
39Miles to GoComic IssueDan Jolley2008-11-1125Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
40An Honest TradeComic IssueTroy Lewter2008-08-1225Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
41Warrior: DividedComic IssueGrace Randolph2008-11-1125Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
42Warrior: UnitedComic IssueGrace Randolph2009-09-0125Collected in Legends: Vol. 5
43Shadow Wing, Vol. 1: The Dragons of OutlandGraphic NovelRichard A. Knaak2010-06-0126
44Shadow Wing, Vol. 2: Nexus PointGraphic NovelRichard A. Knaak2011-03-0126
45World of Warcraft: The Burning CrusadeGameMichael Chu2007-01-1626
46Rise of the HordeNovelChristie Golden2006-12-2626Ends at this point in the timeline.
47The JourneyComic IssueTroy Lewter2008-08-1226Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
48Crusader's BloodComic IssueDan Jolley2009-03-1026Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
49I Got What Yule NeedsComic IssueChristie Golden2009-03-1026Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
50Blood Runs ThickerComic IssueTim Beedle2009-06-1626Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
World of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 1Graphic NovelWalter Simonson2008-08-1226
52Night of the DragonNovelRichard A. Knaak2008-11-1827
World of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 2Graphic NovelWalter Simonson2009-09-0127
54Arthas: Rise of the Lich KingNovelChristie Golden2009-04-2127
55World of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 3Graphic NovelWalter Simonson2011-04-0527
56World of Warcraft - The Comic, Vol. 4Graphic NovelWalter Simonson2011-08-3027
57MageComic IssueRichard A. Knaak2010-06-0127
58In the Shadow of the SunShort StorySarah PineUnknown27Found online.
59FallenComic IssueRichard A. Knaak2008-08-1227Collected in Legends: Vol. 1
60FearComic IssueRichard A. Knaak2008-11-1127Collected in Legends: Vol. 2
61FiendComic IssueRichard A. Knaak2009-03-1027Collected in Legends: Vol. 3
62FateComic IssueRichard A. Knaak2009-06-1627Collected in Legends: Vol. 4
63World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingGameBrigitte Burdine2008-11-1327
64Death KnightComic IssueDan Jolley2009-12-0127
65Li Li's Travel Journal (parts 1-4)Short StoryN/A2012-08-3127Found online.
66Pearl of PandariaComic IssueMicky Neilson2012-09-2527
67GloryShort StoryEvelyn FredericksenUnknown27Found online.
68Heart of WarShort StorySarah PineUnknown27Found online.
69StormrageNovelRichard A. Knaak2010-02-2327
70ShamanComic IssuePaul Benjamin2010-09-2827
71The Shattering: Prelude to CataclysmNovelChristie Golden2010-10-1927
72Cut ShortShort StoryCameron DaytonUnknown28Found online.
73Dark RidersComic IssueMike Costa2014-05-1328
Curse of the WorgenComic IssueMicky Neilson, James Waugh2012-10-0928Ends at this point in the timeline.
75Edge of NightShort StoryDave KosakUnknown28Found online.
76Seeds of FaithShort StoryValerie WatrousUnknown28Found online.
77Fire and IronShort StoryMatt BurnsUnknown28Found online.
78World of Warcraft: CataclysmGameMarc Messenger, Terran Gregory2010-12-0728
79BloodswornComic IssueDoug Wagner2014-08-1228
80Trade Secrets of a Trade PrinceShort StoryGavin Jurgens-FyhrieUnknown28Found online.
81As Our Fathers Before UsShort StoryStevie NixUnknown28Found online.
82Lord of His PackShort StoryJames WaughUnknown28Found online.
83WolfheartNovelRichard A. Knaak2011-09-1328
84Prophet's LessonShort StoryMarc HutchesonUnknown28Found online.
85Blood of Our FathersShort StoryDan AreyUnknown28Found online.
86Thrall: Twilight of the AspectsNovelChristie Golden2011-07-1928
87Charge of the AspectsShort StoryMatt Burns2011-12-0628Found online.
88Quest for PandariaNovelSarah Pine2012-09-2430Found online.
89Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of WarNovelChristie Golden2012-08-2830
90World of Warcraft: Mists of PandariaGameTerran Gregory2012-09-2530
91Li Li's Travel Journal (parts 5-11)Short StoryN/A2012-08-3130Found online.
92The Trial of the Red BlossomsNovelCameron Dayton2013-02-1530Found online.
93Bleeding SunShort StoryMatt BurnsUnknown30Found online.
94Dawn of the AspectsShort StoryRichard A. Knaak2013-11-1930Short story anthology connected by a frame story that ends here.
95Vol'jin: Shadows of the HordeNovelMichael A. Stackpole2013-07-0230
96The Blank ScrollShort StoryGavin Jurgens-FyhrieUnknown30Found online.
97The Strength of SteelShort StoryRaphael AhadUnknown30Found online.
98The Jade HuntersShort StoryMatt BurnsUnknown30Found online.
99Over WaterShort StoryRyan QuinnUnknown30Found online.
100The Untamed ValleyShort StoryRobert BrooksUnknown30Found online.
101War CrimesNovelChristie Golden2014-05-0630
102HellscreamShort StoryRobert BrooksUnknown30Found online.
103Gul'dan and the StrangerComic IssueMicky Neilson2014-08-0731Found online.
104Code of RuleShort StoryRyan QuinnUnknown31Found online.
105World of Warcraft: Warlords of DraenorGameTerran Gregory2014-11-1331
106ApocryphaShort StoryMatt BurnsUnknown31Found online.
107IllidanNovelWilliam King2016-04-1231
TravelerNovelGreg Weisman2016-10-2531
Traveler: The Spiral PathNovelGreg Weisman2018-02-2731
Traveler: The Shining BladeNovelGreg Weisman2019-12-2631
111World of Warcraft: LegionGameTom Chilton2016-08-3031
112Before the StormNovelChristie Golden2018-06-1231