Marvel Productions Universe Timeline

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Though not the first Marvel cartoons ever made, they are the first to build a cohesive universe, and the first to be somewhat palatable. This is the Marvel Productions Universe timeline.

What’s on the Marvel Productions Universe episode order?

There were three primary shows that all aired around the same time that all existed in the same continuity: Spider-Man, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and The Incredible Hulk. These all came out way back in the early 1980s, making them some of the earliest Marvel cartoons available to us.

All of these shows are easily available on Disney+, and if you’re a Marvel enthusiast we recommend checking them out. For a lot of us though, the old, campy nature of animation back in those days might be a little too much to swallow. In that case we might recommend going to a more modern animated universe.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Spider-Man 1.01: Bubble, Bubble, Oil and TroubleTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-09-12Spider-Man
2Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.01: Triumph of the Green GoblinTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-09-12Amazing Friends
3Spider-Man 1.02: Dr. Doom, Master of the WorldTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-09-19Spider-Man
4Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.02: The Crime of All CenturiesTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-09-19Amazing Friends
5Spider-Man 1.03: Lizards, Lizards, EverywhereTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-09-26Spider-Man
6Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.03: The Fantastic Mr. Frump!TV EpisodeStan Lee1981-09-26Amazing Friends
7Spider-Man 1.04: Curiosity Killed the Spider-ManTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-03Spider-Man
8Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.04: SunfireTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-03Amazing Friends
9Spider-Man 1.05: The Sandman Is ComingTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-10Spider-Man
10Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.05: SwarmTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-10Amazing Friends
11Spider-Man 1.06: When Magneto Speaks... People ListenTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-17Spider-Man
12Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.06: 7 Little SuperheroesTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-17Amazing Friends
13Spider-Man 1.07: The Pied Piper of New York TownTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-24Spider-Man
14Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.07: Video-ManTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-24Amazing Friends
15Spider-Man 1.08: The Doctor Prescribes DoomTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-31Spider-Man
16Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.08: The Prison PlotTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-10-31Amazing Friends
17Spider-Man 1.09: Carnival of CrimeTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-07Spider-Man
18Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.09: Spidey Goes HollywoodTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-07Amazing Friends
19Spider-Man 1.10: Revenge of the Green GoblinTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-14Spider-Man
20Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.10: The Vengeance of Loki!TV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-14Amazing Friends
21Spider-Man 1.11: Triangle of EvilTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-21Spider-Man
22Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.11: Knights and DemonsTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-21Amazing Friends
23Spider-Man 1.12: The A-B-C's of D-O-O-MTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-28Spider-Man
24Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.12: Pawns of the KingpinTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-11-28Amazing Friends
25Spider-Man 1.13: The Sidewinder StrikesTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-12-05Spider-Man
26Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1.13: The Quest of the Red SkullTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-12-05Amazing Friends
27Spider-Man 1.14: The Hunter and the HuntedTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-12-12Spider-Man
28Spider-Man 1.15: The Incredible Shrinking Spider-ManTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-12-19Spider-Man
29Spider-Man 1.16: The Unfathomable Professor GizmoTV EpisodeStan Lee1981-12-26Spider-Man
30Spider-Man 1.17: Cannon of DoomTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-01-02Spider-Man
31Spider-Man 1.18: The Capture of Captain AmericaTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-01-09Spider-Man
32Spider-Man 1.19: The Doom ReportTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-01-16Spider-Man
33Spider-Man 1.20: The Web of NephiliaTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-01-23Spider-Man
34Spider-Man 1.21: Countdown to DoomTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-01-30Spider-Man
35Spider-Man 1.22: Arsenic and Aunt MayTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-02-06Spider-Man
36Spider-Man 1.23: The Vulture Has LandedTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-02-13Spider-Man
37Spider-Man 1.24: Wrath of the Sub-MarinerTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-02-20Spider-Man
38Spider-Man 1.25: The Return of the KingpinTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-02-27Spider-Man
39Spider-Man 1.26: Under the Wizard's SpellTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-03-06Spider-Man
40Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 2.01: The Origin of the IcemanTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-09-18Amazing Friends
41The Incredible Hulk 1.01: Tomb of the Unknown HulkTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-09-18Hulk
42Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 2.02: A Fire-Star Is BornTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-09-25Amazing Friends
43The Incredible Hulk 1.02: Prisoner of the MonsterTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-09-25Hulk
44Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 2.03: Along Came SpideyTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-10-02Amazing Friends
45The Incredible Hulk 1.03: Origin of the HulkTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-10-02Hulk
46The Incredible Hulk 1.04: When Monsters MeetTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-10-09Hulk
47The Incredible Hulk 1.05: The Cyclops ProjectTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-10-16Hulk
48The Incredible Hulk 1.06: Bruce Banner UnmaskedTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-10-23Hulk
49The Incredible Hulk 1.07: Quest For LoveTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-10-30Hulk
50The Incredible Hulk 1.08: It Lives! It Grows! It Destroys!TV EpisodeStan Lee1982-11-06Hulk
51The Incredible Hulk 1.09: The Incredible Shrinking HulkTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-11-13Hulk
52The Incredible Hulk 1.10: Punks on WheelsTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-11-20Hulk
53The Incredible Hulk 1.11: Enter: She-HulkTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-11-27Hulk
54The Incredible Hulk 1.12: The Boy Who Saw TomorrowTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-12-04Hulk
55The Incredible Hulk 1.13: The Hulk Destroys Bruce BannerTV EpisodeStan Lee1982-12-11Hulk
56Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.01: Spider-Man Unmasked!TV EpisodeStan Lee1983-09-17Amazing Friends
57Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.02: The Bride of Dracula!TV EpisodeStan Lee1983-09-24Amazing Friends
58Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.03: The Education of a SuperheroTV EpisodeStan Lee1983-10-01Amazing Friends
59Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.04: Attack of the ArachnoidTV EpisodeStan Lee1983-10-08Amazing Friends
60Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.05: The Origin of the Spider-FriendsTV EpisodeStan Lee1983-10-15Amazing Friends
61Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.06: Spidey Meets the Girl from TomorrowTV EpisodeStan Lee1983-10-22Amazing Friends
62Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.07: The X-Men AdventureTV EpisodeStan Lee1983-10-29Amazing Friends
63Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3.08: Mission: Save the GuardStarTV EpisodeStan Lee1983-11-05Amazing Friends