Marvel Anime Universe Timeline

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There have been many animated shows inspired by Marvel characters, but one stands out. This Marvel Anime Universe timeline ties together many of the Japanese cartoons based on classic Marvel characters.

What’s on the Marvel Anime Universe timeline?

The primary entry in this timeline are the Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and X-men anime shows that were released first in Japan (the Japanese release date is used below).

There are also two anime films that were widely released as well.

However, there are two shows that were released in Japan but haven’t seen release in North America. For that reason, they are much harder to find, but we’ve included them here for completionism’s sake.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.01: Japan: Enter Iron ManTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-10-01Iron Man
2Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.02: Going NuclearTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-10-08Iron Man
3Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.03: Reap the WhirlwindTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-10-15Iron Man
4Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.04: A Twist of Memory, a Turn of the MindTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-10-22Iron Man
5Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.05: OutbreakTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-10-29Iron Man
6Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.06: Technical DifficultiesTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-11-05Iron Man
7Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.07: At the Mercy of My FriendsTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-11-12Iron Man
8Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.08: Daughter of the ZodiacTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-11-19Iron Man
9Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.09: A Duel of IronTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-11-26Iron Man
10Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.10: Casualties of WarTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-12-03Iron Man
11Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.11: The Beginning of the EndTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-12-10Iron Man
12Marvel Anime Iron Man 1.12: EndgameTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2010-12-17Iron Man
13Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.01: MarikoTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-01-07Wolverine
14Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.02: YukioTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-01-14Wolverine
15Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.03: KikyoTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-01-21Wolverine
16Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.04: Omega RedTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-01-28Wolverine
17Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.05: AsanoTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-02-04Wolverine
18Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.06: MinTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-02-11Wolverine
19Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.07: VadhakaTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-02-18Wolverine
20Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.08: KohTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-02-25Wolverine
21Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.09: Hell RoadTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-03-04Wolverine
22Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.10: ShingenTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-03-11Wolverine
23Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.11: KurohagiTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-03-18Wolverine
24Marvel Anime Wolverine 1.12: LoganTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-03-25Wolverine
25Marvel Anime X-Men 1.01: The Return - Joining ForcesTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-04-01X-Men
26Marvel Anime X-Men 1.02: U-Men - Mutant HuntingTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-04-08X-Men
27Marvel Anime X-Men 1.03: Armor - AwakeningTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-04-15X-Men
28Marvel Anime X-Men 1.04: Transformation - Secondary MutationTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-04-22X-Men
29Marvel Anime X-Men 1.05: Power - UnityTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-05-06X-Men
30Marvel Anime X-Men 1.06: Conflict - ContestedTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-05-13X-Men
31Marvel Anime X-Men 1.07: Betrayal - ShockTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-05-20X-Men
32Marvel Anime X-Men 1.08: Lost - SignsTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-05-27X-Men
33Marvel Anime X-Men 1.09: Revelations - From Behind the ScenesTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-06-03X-Men
34Marvel Anime X-Men 1.10: Countdown - TruthTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-06-10X-Men
35Marvel Anime X-Men 1.11: Revenge - EndTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-06-17X-Men
36Marvel Anime X-Men 1.12: Destiny - BondTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-06-24X-Men
37Marvel Anime Blade 1.01: The Man, BladTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-07-01Blade
38Marvel Anime Blade 1.02: Mad WorldTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-07-08Blade
39Marvel Anime Blade 1.03: Vampire HunterTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-07-15Blade
40Marvel Anime Blade 1.04: Childhood DaysTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-07-22Blade
41Marvel Anime Blade 1.05: Island LightsTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-07-29Blade
42Marvel Anime Blade 1.06: The Magic Medicine ManTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-08-05Blade
43Marvel Anime Blade 1.07: Day Walker and MutantTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-08-12Blade
44Marvel Anime Blade 1.08: Eternal ApocalypseTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-08-19Blade
45Marvel Anime Blade 1.09: Teacher's and Student's BondsTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-08-26Blade
46Marvel Anime Blade 1.10: To the Vortex of SorrowsTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-09-02Blade
47Marvel Anime Blade 1.11: PartnerTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-09-09Blade
48Marvel Anime Blade 1.12: The Other Side of DarknessTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2011-09-16Blade
49Iron Man: Rise of TechnovoreFilmHiroshi Hamasaki2013-04-24
50Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & PunisherFilmKenichi Shimizu2014-09-03
51Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.01: The Mightiest of Heroes!TV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2014-04-02Disk WarsHard to find outside of Japan.
52Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.02: Heroes Annihilated!?TV EpisodeMorio Hatano2014-04-09Disk Wars
53Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.03: Iron Man, Reborn!TV EpisodeMakoto Sonoda2014-04-16Disk Wars
54Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.04: Re-enforcement HawkeyeTV EpisodeHidehito Ueda2014-04-23Disk Wars
55Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.05: Mighty Thor DescendsTV EpisodeMiho Hirayama2014-04-30Disk Wars
56Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.06: Hulk Runs WildTV EpisodeRyōta Nakamura2014-05-07Disk Wars
57Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.07: Hulk Versus CaptainTV EpisodeGō Koga2014-05-14Disk Wars
58Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.08: Avengers AssembleTV EpisodeMakoto Sonoda2014-05-21Disk Wars
59Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.09: Spider-Man is MissingTV EpisodeMorio Hatano2014-05-28Disk Wars
60Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.10: Showdown! The Silver-Donned Samurai!TV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2014-06-04Disk Wars
61Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.11: A Gift from TonyTV EpisodeHiroki Shibata2014-06-11Disk Wars
62Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.12: The Unstoppable Juggernaut!TV EpisodeAtsushi Takada2014-06-18Disk Wars
63Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.13: Gravity Control! GravitonTV EpisodeMiho Hirayama2014-06-25Disk Wars
64Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.14: The Man Who Controls the Whips of DarknessTV EpisodeKōji Ogawa2014-07-02Disk Wars
65Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.15: Castle Treasure HuntTV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2014-07-09Disk Wars
66Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.16: Untamable BeastsTV EpisodeGō Koga2014-07-16Disk Wars
67Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.17: That Man, Wolverine!TV EpisodeMorio Hatano2014-07-23Disk Wars
68Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.18: Mutant Girl AwakeningTV EpisodeHiroki Shibata2014-07-30Disk Wars
69Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.19: Stolen HeroesTV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2014-08-06Disk Wars
70Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.20: In Trouble! Wolverine!TV EpisodeSeo Hye-jin2014-08-13Disk Wars
71Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.21: X-Men! To Loki's Castle!TV EpisodeMakoto Sonoda2014-08-20Disk Wars
72Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.22: Final Battle! Loki Vs. The Heroes!TV EpisodeKōji Ogawa2014-08-27Disk Wars
73Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.23: A Brand New Red Terror!TV EpisodeMiho Hirayama2014-09-03Disk Wars
74Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.24: Guardians of the GalaxyTV EpisodeGō Koga2014-09-10Disk Wars
75Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.25: Together With the GuardiansTV EpisodeMorio Hatano2014-09-17Disk Wars
76Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.26: Protect the Top-Secret Data!TV EpisodeHiroki Shibata2014-09-24Disk Wars
77Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.27: The Forbidden Hero Appears?TV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2014-10-01Disk Wars
78Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.28: The Earth Destruction Stratagem!TV EpisodeYasuo Iwamoto2014-10-08Disk Wars
79Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.29: His Majesty, Black Panther!TV EpisodeHiroyuki Kakudō2014-10-15Disk Wars
80Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.30: Chris and the Moment of Truth!TV EpisodeKōji Ogawa2014-10-22Disk Wars
81Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.31: Ed's Solo Infiltration MissionTV EpisodeTakashi Kobayashi2014-10-29Disk Wars
82Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.32: Hikaru, Tainted By EvilTV EpisodeSeo Hye-jin2014-11-05Disk Wars
83Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.33: The Ultimate Strategy of the Red SkullTV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2014-11-12Disk Wars
84Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.34: A New Avenger?TV EpisodeHiroki Shibata2014-11-19Disk Wars
85Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.35: The Black Spider-Man!TV EpisodeGō Koga2014-11-26Disk Wars
86Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.36: Weakness of the Venom Symbiote!TV EpisodeMakoto Sonoda2014-12-03Disk Wars
87Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.37: The Overly Clever Helper Robot!TV EpisodeYasuo Iwamoto2014-12-10Disk Wars
88Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.38: Sub-Orbital Iron Man!TV EpisodeMiho Hirayama2014-12-17Disk Wars
89Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.39: The Ultra Gigantic Ultron Army!TV EpisodeHiroshi Ishiodori2014-12-24Disk Wars
90Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.40: Hikaru, Thor and the Mysterious VoiceTV EpisodeHideki Hiroshima2015-01-07Disk Wars
91Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.41: The 5 Goons Strike Back!TV EpisodeHiroyuki Kakudō2015-01-14Disk Wars
92Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.42: Night of the Vampires!TV EpisodeKoji Ogawa2015-01-21Disk Wars
93Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.43: Blade's Heartless Decision!TV EpisodeHiroki Shibata2015-01-28Disk Wars
94Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.44: Ronin and the Treasure of Darkness!TV EpisodeMorio Hatano2015-02-04Disk Wars
95Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.45: The Trap To Divide the Heroes!TV EpisodeGō Koga2015-02-11Disk Wars
96Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.46: Doctor StrangeTV EpisodeHye-jin Seo2015-02-18Disk Wars
97Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.47: Tony's Waking WarningTV EpisodeMakoto Sonoda2015-02-25Disk Wars
98Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.48: At Long Last, the Gate to Darkness Opens!TV EpisodeHiroyuki Kakudō2015-03-04Disk Wars
99Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.49: Complete Release from the DISKs!TV EpisodeYasuo Iwamoto2015-03-11Disk Wars
100Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.50: The Hero Alliance, On the Verge of DefeatTV EpisodeKōji Ogawa2015-03-18Disk Wars
101Disk Wars: The Avengers 1.51: Farewell, Heroes of My Heart!TV EpisodeMasato Mikami2015-03-25Disk Wars
102Future Avengers 1.01: Destroy the AvengersTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-07-22Future Avengers
103Future Avengers 1.02: Avengers Assemble!TV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-07-29Future Avengers
104Future Avengers 1.03: The Red Skull ConspiracyTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-08-05Future Avengers
105Future Avengers 1.04: Future Avengers: Assemble!TV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-08-12Future Avengers
106Future Avengers 1.05: Iron FistTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-08-19Future Avengers
107Future Avengers 1.06: Secret Past of Iron ManTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-08-26Future Avengers
108Future Avengers 1.07: Here Comes Deadpool!TV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-09-02Future Avengers
109Future Avengers 1.08: Super Soldier: Steve RogersTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-09-09Future Avengers
110Future Avengers 1.09: Who is the Winter Soldier?TV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-09-16Future Avengers
111Future Avengers 1.10: Black PantherTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-09-23Future Avengers
112Future Avengers 1.11: The Rampaging HulkTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-09-30Future Avengers
113Future Avengers 1.12: Spider-Man to the RescueTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-10-07Future Avengers
114Future Avengers 1.13: Green Goblin Vs. The HulkTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-10-14Future Avengers
115Future Avengers 1.14: The Flight of the FalconTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-10-21Future Avengers
116Future Avengers 1.15: Ms. MarvelTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-10-28Future Avengers
117Future Avengers 1.16: Operation Rescue Winter SoldierTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-11-04Future Avengers
118Future Avengers 1.17: Finding Hydra's ComradesTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-11-11Future Avengers
119Future Avengers 1.18: It's Deadpool, AgainTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-11-18Future Avengers
120Future Avengers 1.19: Can You Believe in LokiTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-11-25Future Avengers
121Future Avengers 1.20: The Bond of BrothersTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-12-02Future Avengers
122Future Avengers 1.21: Conqueror KangTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-12-09Future Avengers
123Future Avengers 1.22: The Darkest HourTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-12-16Future Avengers
124Future Avengers 1.23: Out of TimeTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2017-12-23Future Avengers
125Future Avengers 1.24: Operation Barrier BreakthroughTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-01-06Future Avengers
126Future Avengers 1.25: The Final Fateful BattleTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-01-13Future Avengers
127Future Avengers 1.26: The Future AvengersTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-01-20Future Avengers
128Future Avengers 2.01: Visco RebelsTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-07-30Future Avengers
129Future Avengers 2.02: Mission Black Market AuctionTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-08-06Future Avengers
130Future Avengers 2.03: Here Comes HawkeyeTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-08-13Future Avengers
131Future Avengers 2.04: The Boy Who Draws MonstersTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-08-20Future Avengers
132Future Avengers 2.05: The Great Kaiju ShowdownTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-08-27Future Avengers
133Future Avengers 2.06: The Mystery MistTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-09-03Future Avengers
134Future Avengers 2.07: The Hunt for A.I.M.TV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-09-10Future Avengers
135Future Avengers 2.08: The Super Adaptoid StrikesTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-09-17Future Avengers
136Future Avengers 2.09: The Inhumans Arrive!TV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-09-24Future Avengers
137Future Avengers 2.10: Moon LandingTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-10-01Future Avengers
138Future Avengers 2.11: The Rage of Black BoltTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-10-08Future Avengers
139Future Avengers 2.12: The Maximus ArmadaTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-10-15Future Avengers
140Future Avengers 2.13: The Avengers: Last StandTV EpisodeYuzo Sato2018-10-22Future Avengers