Marvel Animated Universe (2017) Timeline

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While somewhat confusing to some, there is yet another animated Marvel universe that kicked off with the new 2017 animated series on Spider-Man. And this timeline takes us more or less to the present for Marvel animation.

What’s on the Marvel Animated Universe (2017) Timeline?

This timeline started with the 2017 Spider-Man animated show, which yet again rebooted the character in animation for younger audiences, coinciding with the release of MCU film.

However, there were already two other Marvel shows in production at the time, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Assemble. Both of these shows existed in the previous 2010s animated series. Confusingly, the last season of both of these shows suddenly started taking place in this universe, complete with an all-new animation style. That is why these shows appear to start in the middle of their run. Just remember the first part of both shows was part of a different continuity.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Origin Shorts 01: Introduction!Short FilmDan Duncan2017-06-28Spider-Man 2017
2Origin Shorts 02: Observation!Short FilmDan Duncan2017-07-25Spider-Man 2017
3Origin Shorts 03: Hypothesis!Short FilmDan Duncan2017-07-26Spider-Man 2017
4Origin Shorts 04: Prediction!Short FilmDan Duncan2017-07-27Spider-Man 2017
5Origin Shorts 05: Experimentation!Short FilmDan Duncan2017-07-28Spider-Man 2017
6Origin Shorts 06: Conclusion!Short FilmDan Duncan2017-07-29Spider-Man 2017
7Spider-Man 1.01: Horizon High: Part 1TV EpisodePhilip Pignotti2017-08-19Spider-Man 2017
8Spider-Man 1.02: Horizon High: Part 2TV EpisodePhilip Pignotti2017-08-19Spider-Man 2017
9Spider-Man 1.03: Osborn AcademyTV EpisodeSol Choi2017-08-26Spider-Man 2017
10Spider-Man 1.04: A Day in the LifeTV EpisodeDan Duncan2017-09-02Spider-Man 2017
11Spider-Man 1.05: Party AnimalsTV EpisodeSol Choi2017-09-02Spider-Man 2017
12Spider-Man 1.06: SandmanTV EpisodeDan Duncan2017-09-16Spider-Man 2017
13Spider-Man 1.07: Symbiotic RelationshipTV EpisodeSol Choi2017-09-16Spider-Man 2017
14Spider-Man 1.08: Stark ExpoTV EpisodeDan Duncan2017-09-16Spider-Man 2017
15Spider-Man 1.09: Ultimate Spider-ManTV EpisodeDan Duncan2017-09-23Spider-Man 2017
16Spider-Man 1.10: Kraven's Amazing HuntTV EpisodeSol Choi2017-09-30Spider-Man 2017
17Spider-Man 1.11: Halloween MoonTV EpisodeDan Duncan2017-10-07Spider-Man 2017
18Spider-Man 1.12: Spider-Man on IceTV EpisodeSol Choi2017-10-14Spider-Man 2017
19Spider-Man 1.13: VenomTV EpisodeDan Duncan2017-10-21Spider-Man 2017
20Spider-Man 1.14: Screwball LiveTV EpisodeSol Choi2017-10-28Spider-Man 2017
21Spider-Man 1.15: The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 1TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-01-21Spider-Man 2017
22Spider-Man 1.16: The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 2TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-01-21Spider-Man 2017
23Spider-Man 1.17: The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 3TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-01-28Spider-Man 2017
24Spider-Man 1.18: The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 4TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-01-28Spider-Man 2017
25Spider-Man 1.19: Spider-Island: Part 1TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-02-04Spider-Man 2017
26Spider-Man 1.20: Spider-Island: Part 2TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-02-04Spider-Man 2017
27Spider-Man 1.21: Spider-Island: Part 3TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-02-11Spider-Man 2017
28Spider-Man 1.22: Spider-Island: Part 4TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-02-11Spider-Man 2017
29Spider-Man 1.23: Spider-Island: Part 5TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-02-11Spider-Man 2017
30Spider-Man 1.24: The Hobgoblin: Part 1TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-02-18Spider-Man 2017
31Spider-Man 1.25: The Hobgoblin: Part 2TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-02-18Spider-Man 2017
32Guardians of the Galaxy 3.01: Mission: BreakoutTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-03-18GotGThe first two seasons of this show are part of the 2010 animated universe.
33Guardians of the Galaxy 3.02: Back in the New York GrooveTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2018-03-18GotG
34Guardians of the Galaxy 3.03: Drive My CarnageTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-03-25GotG
35Guardians of the Galaxy 3.04: I Fought the LawTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2018-04-01GotG
36Guardians of the Galaxy 3.05: Titan UpTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-04-01GotG
37Guardians of the Galaxy 3.06: Money Changes EverythingTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2018-04-08GotG
38Guardians of the Galaxy 3.07: Sisters Are Doin' It for ThemselvesTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-04-08GotG
39Guardians of the Galaxy 3.08: We Are the ChampionsTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2018-04-15GotG
40Guardians of the Galaxy 3.09: FameTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-04-15GotG
41Guardians of the Galaxy 3.10: Happy TogetherTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2018-04-22GotG
42Guardians of the Galaxy 3.11: Gotta Get Outta This PlaceTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-04-22GotG
43Guardians of the Galaxy 3.12: Long Distance RunaroundTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2018-04-29GotG
44Guardians of the Galaxy 3.13: You Don't Own MeTV EpisodeJames Yang2018-04-29GotG
45Spider-Man 2.01: How I Thwipped My Summer VacationTV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-06-18Spider-Man 2017
46Spider-Man 2.02: Take TwoTV EpisodeSol Choi2018-06-18Spider-Man 2017
47Spider-Man 2.03: Between an Ock and a Hard PlaceTV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-06-25Spider-Man 2017
48Spider-Man 2.04: Rise Above It AllTV EpisodeSol Choi2018-07-02Spider-Man 2017
49Spider-Man 2.05: School of Hard KnocksTV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-07-09Spider-Man 2017
50Spider-Man 2.06: Dead Man's Party (Part 1)TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-07-16Spider-Man 2017
51Spider-Man 2.07: Venom Returns (Part 2)TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-07-23Spider-Man 2017
52Spider-Man 2.08: Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 1TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-07-30Spider-Man 2017
53Spider-Man 2.09: Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 2TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-07-30Spider-Man 2017
54Spider-Man 2.10: Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 3TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-08-06Spider-Man 2017
55Spider-Man 2.11: Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 4TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-08-06Spider-Man 2017
56Spider-Man 2.12: Brain Drain (Part 1)TV EpisodeSol Choi2018-08-13Spider-Man 2017
57Spider-Man 2.13: The Living Brain (Part 2)TV EpisodeDan Duncan2018-08-13Spider-Man 2017
58Avengers Assemble 5.01: Shadow of Atlantis, Part 1TV EpisodeMicah GunnellTim Eldred2018-09-23AvengersThe first four seasons of this show are part of the 2010 animated timeline
59Avengers Assemble 5.02: Shadow of Atlantis, Part 2TV EpisodeMicah GunnellTim Eldred2018-09-23Avengers
60Avengers Assemble 5.03: Into the DeepTV EpisodeMicah Gunnell2018-09-30Avengers
61Avengers Assemble 5.04: The Panther and the WolfTV EpisodeTim Eldred2018-10-07Avengers
62Avengers Assemble 5.05: The Zemo SanctionTV EpisodeMicah Gunnell2018-10-14Avengers
63Avengers Assemble 5.06: Mists of AttilanTV EpisodeTim Eldred2018-10-21Avengers
64Avengers Assemble 5.07: T'Challa RoyaleTV EpisodeMicah Gunnell2018-10-28Avengers
65Avengers Assemble 5.08: The Night Has WingsTV EpisodeTim Eldred2018-11-04Avengers
66Avengers Assemble 5.09: Mask of the PantherTV EpisodeMicah Gunnell2018-11-11Avengers
67Avengers Assemble 5.10: The Good SonTV EpisodeTim Eldred2018-11-18Avengers
68Avengers Assemble 5.11: The Lost TempleTV EpisodeKalvin Lee2018-11-25Avengers
69Avengers Assemble 5.12: Descent of the ShadowTV EpisodeTim Eldred2018-12-02Avengers
70Avengers Assemble 5.13: The Last AvengerTV EpisodeKalvin Lee2018-12-02Avengers
71Avengers Assemble 5.14: The Vibranium Curtain, Part 1TV EpisodeTim EldredKalvin Lee2019-01-06Avengers
72Avengers Assemble 5.15: The Vibranium Curtain, Part 2TV EpisodeTim EldredKalvin Lee2019-01-06Avengers
73Avengers Assemble 5.16: T'ChandaTV EpisodeTim Eldred2019-01-13Avengers
74Avengers Assemble 5.17: YemandiTV EpisodeKalvin Lee2019-01-20Avengers
75Avengers Assemble 5.18: BashengaTV EpisodeTim Eldred2019-01-27Avengers
76Avengers Assemble 5.19: King Breaker, Part 1TV EpisodeKalvin LeeTim Eldred2019-02-10Avengers
77Avengers Assemble 5.20: King Breaker, Part 2TV EpisodeKalvin LeeTim Eldred2019-02-10Avengers
78Avengers Assemble 5.21: WidowmakerTV EpisodeKalvin Lee2019-02-17Avengers
79Avengers Assemble 5.22: Atlantis AttacksTV EpisodeTim Eldred2019-02-24Avengers
80Avengers Assemble 5.23: House of MTV EpisodeKalvin Lee2019-02-24Avengers
81Guardians of the Galaxy 3.14: Black Vortex, Part 1TV EpisodeLeo Riley2019-05-05GotG
82Guardians of the Galaxy 3.15: Black Vortex, Part 2TV EpisodeLeo Riley2019-05-05GotG
83Guardians of the Galaxy 3.16: Black Vortex, Part 3TV EpisodeLeo Riley2019-05-12GotG
84Guardians of the Galaxy 3.17: Black Vortex, Part 4TV EpisodeJames Yang2019-05-12GotG
85Guardians of the Galaxy 3.18: Blame It on the Boss of NovaTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2019-05-19GotG
86Guardians of the Galaxy 3.19: The Real MeTV EpisodeJames Yang2019-05-19GotG
87Guardians of the Galaxy 3.20: ParanoidTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2019-05-26GotG
88Guardians of the Galaxy 3.21: Darkhawks on the Edge of TownTV EpisodeJames Yang2019-05-26GotG
89Guardians of the Galaxy 3.22: Holding Out for a HeroTV EpisodeJeff Wamester2019-06-02GotG
90Guardians of the Galaxy 3.23: With a Little Help From My FriendsTV EpisodeJames Yang2019-06-02GotG
91Guardians of the Galaxy 3.24: Breaking Stuff is Hard to DoTV Episode2019-06-09GotG
92Guardians of the Galaxy 3.25: Killer QueenTV Episode2019-06-09GotG
93Guardians of the Galaxy 3.26: Just One VictoryTV Episode2019-06-09GotG
94Spider-Man 2.14: The Day Without Spider-ManTV EpisodeSol Choi2019-09-08Spider-Man 2017
95Spider-Man 2.15: My Own Worst Enemy (Part 1)TV EpisodeDan Duncan2019-09-15Spider-Man 2017
96Spider-Man 2.16: Critical Update (Part 2)TV EpisodeSol Choi2019-09-22Spider-Man 2017
97Spider-Man 2.17: A Troubled Mind (Part 3)TV EpisodeDan Duncan2019-09-29Spider-Man 2017
98Spider-Man 2.18: Cloak and Dagger (Part 4)TV EpisodeSol Choi2019-10-06Spider-Man 2017
99Spider-Man 2.19: Superior (Part 5)TV EpisodeDan Duncan & Eric Elrod2019-10-13Spider-Man 2017
100Spider-Man 2.20: Brand New Day (Part 1)TV EpisodeSol Choi2019-10-20Spider-Man 2017
101Spider-Man 2.21: The Cellar (Part 2)TV EpisodeEric Elrod2019-10-27Spider-Man 2017
102Spider-Man 2.22: The Road to Goblin WarTV EpisodeSol Choi2019-11-03Spider-Man 2017
103Spider-Man 2.23: Goblin War: Part 1TV EpisodeEric Elrod2019-11-10Spider-Man 2017
104Spider-Man 2.24: Goblin War: Part 2TV EpisodeSol Choi2019-11-17Spider-Man 2017
105Spider-Man 2.25: Goblin War: Part 3TV EpisodeEric Elrod2019-11-24Spider-Man 2017
106Spider-Man 2.26: Goblin War: Part 4TV EpisodeSol Choi2019-12-01Spider-Man 2017
107Spider-Man 3.01: Web of VenomTV EpisodeTim Eldred & Sol Choi2020-04-19Spider-Man 2017
108Spider-Man 3.02: Amazing FriendsTV EpisodeTim Eldred & Sol Choi2020-05-17Spider-Man 2017
109Spider-Man 3.03: Vengeance of VenomTV EpisodeTim Eldred & Sol Choi2020-06-21Spider-Man 2017
110Spider-Man 3.04: Spider-Man UnmaskedTV EpisodeTim Eldred & Sol Choi2020-08-16Spider-Man 2017
111Spider-Man 3.05: GenerationsTV EpisodeTim Eldred & Sol Choi2020-09-27Spider-Man 2017
112Spider-Man 3.06: Maximum VenomTV EpisodeTim Eldred & Sol Choi2020-10-25Spider-Man 2017