Lost Timeline and Episode Order

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Lost started a worldwide phenomenon when it debuted in 2004. Since then it went on to be the talk of television, until it ended in 2010 (somewhat controversially). Now it’s still being talked about. This is the Lost timeline.

What’s on the Lost Timeline?

This is the unofficial Lost timeline for fans of the show that aired from 2004 to 2010. The show prompted several pieces of tie-in media, including a few novels focusing on side characters, a video game, some webisodes, and a multi-media online experience.

The Lost Experience as it is called, does not tell too much of a story, but the information provided is considered canon. A link to a gathering of the various websites and other pieces can be found below.

As with our other timelines, be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve this or other timelines.

Where to Start?

There isn’t much complexity to the Lost timeline. What few additional pieces of media exist beyond the show have litter bearing on where you should start. So start with the beginning of the show.

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#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Lost 1.01: Pilot, Part 1TV EpisodeJ. J. Abrams2004-09-22Lost
2Lost 1.02: Pilot, Part 2TV EpisodeJ. J. Abrams2004-09-29Lost
3Endangered SpeciesNovelCathy Hapka2005-01-01Lost
4Secret IdentityNovelCathy Hapka2006-01-02Lost
5Signs of LifeNovelFrank Thompson2006-03-01Lost
6Lost 1.03: Tabula RasaTV EpisodeJack Bender2004-10-06Lost
7Lost 1.04: WalkaboutTV EpisodeJack Bender2004-10-13Lost
8Lost 1.05: White RabbitTV EpisodeKevin Hooks2004-10-20Lost
9Lost 1.06: House of the Rising SunTV EpisodeMichael Zinberg2004-10-27Lost
10Lost 1.07: The MothTV EpisodeJack Bender2004-11-03Lost
11Lost 1.08: Confidence ManTV EpisodeTucker Gates2004-11-10Lost
12Lost 1.09: SolitaryTV EpisodeGreg Yaitanes2004-11-17Lost
13Lost 1.10: Raised by AnotherTV EpisodeMarita Grabiak2004-12-01Lost
14Lost 1.11: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy IssuesTV EpisodeStephen Williams2004-12-08Lost
15Lost 1.12: Whatever the Case May BeTV EpisodeJack Bender2005-01-05Lost
16Lost 1.13: Hearts and MindsTV EpisodeRod Holcomb2005-01-12Lost
17Lost 1.14: SpecialTV EpisodeGreg Yaitanes2005-01-19Lost
18Lost 1.15: HomecomingTV EpisodeKevin Hooks2005-02-09Lost
19Lost 1.16: OutlawsTV EpisodeJack Bender2005-02-16Lost
20Lost 1.17: ...In TranslationTV EpisodeTucker Gates2005-02-23Lost
21Lost 1.18: NumbersTV EpisodeDaniel Attias2005-03-02Lost
22Lost 1.19: Deus Ex MachinaTV EpisodeRobert Mandel2005-03-30Lost
23Lost 1.20: Do No HarmTV EpisodeStephen Williams2005-04-06Lost
24Lost 1.21: The Greater GoodTV EpisodeDavid Grossman2005-05-04Lost
25Lost 1.22: Born to RunTV EpisodeTucker Gates2005-05-11Lost
26Lost 1.23: Exodus, Part 1TV EpisodeJack Bender2005-05-18Lost
27Lost 1.24: Exodus, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2005-05-25Lost
28Lost 2.01: Man of Science, Man of FaithTV EpisodeJack Bender2005-09-21Lost
29Lost 2.02: AdriftTV EpisodeStephen Williams2005-09-28Lost
30Lost 2.03: OrientationTV EpisodeJack Bender2005-10-05Lost
31Lost 2.04: Everybody Hates HugoTV EpisodeAlan Taylor2005-10-12Lost
32Lost 2.05: ...And FoundTV EpisodeStephen Williams2005-10-19Lost
33Lost 2.06: AbandonedTV EpisodeAdam Davidson2005-11-09Lost
34Lost 2.07: The Other 48 DaysTV EpisodeEric Laneuville2005-11-16Lost
35Lost 2.08: CollisionTV EpisodeStephen Williams2005-11-23Lost
36Lost 2.09: What Kate DidTV EpisodePaul Edwards2005-11-30Lost
37Lost 2.10: The 23rd PsalmTV EpisodeMatt Earl Beesley2006-01-11Lost
38Lost 2.11: The Hunting PartyTV EpisodeStephen Williams2006-01-18Lost
39Lost 2.12: Fire + WaterTV EpisodeJack Bender2006-01-25Lost
40Lost 2.13: The Long ConTV EpisodeRoxann Dawson2006-02-08Lost
41Lost 2.14: One of ThemTV EpisodeStephen Williams2006-02-15Lost
42Lost 2.15: Maternity LeaveTV EpisodeJack Bender2006-03-01Lost
43Lost 2.16: The Whole TruthTV EpisodeKaren Gaviola2006-03-22Lost
44Lost 2.17: LockdownTV EpisodeStephen Williams2006-03-29Lost
45Lost 2.18: DaveTV EpisodeJack Bender2006-04-05Lost
46Lost 2.19: S.O.S.TV EpisodeEric Laneuville2006-04-12Lost
47Lost 2.20: Two for the RoadTV EpisodePaul Edwards2006-05-03Lost
48Lost 2.21: ?TV EpisodeDeran Sarafian2006-05-10Lost
49Lost 2.22: Three MinutesTV EpisodeStephen Williams2006-05-17Lost
50Lost 2.23: Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1TV EpisodeJack Bender2006-05-24Lost
51Lost 2.24: Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2006-05-24Lost
52Lost: Via DomusGameKevin Shortt, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse2008-02-27Lost
53The Lost ExperienceWebDamon Lindelof2006-05-01LostLearn more here.
54Bad TwinNovelLaurence Shames2006-05-02LostMeta novel set in universe.
55Lost 3.01: A Tale of Two CitiesTV EpisodeJack Bender2006-10-04Lost
56Lost 3.02: The Glass BallerinaTV EpisodePaul Edwards2006-10-11Lost
57Lost 3.03: Further InstructionsTV EpisodeStephen Williams2006-10-18Lost
58Lost 3.04: Every Man for HimselfTV EpisodeStephen Williams2006-10-25Lost
59Lost 3.05: The Cost of LivingTV EpisodeJack Bender2006-11-01Lost
60Lost 3.06: I DoTV EpisodeTucker Gates2006-11-08Lost
61Lost 3.07: Not in PortlandTV EpisodeStephen Williams2007-02-07Lost
62Lost 3.08: Flashes Before Your EyesTV EpisodeJack Bender2007-02-14Lost
63Lost 3.09: Stranger in a Strange LandTV EpisodeParis Barclay2007-02-21Lost
64Lost 3.10: Tricia Tanaka Is DeadTV EpisodeEric Laneuville2007-02-28Lost
65Lost 3.11: Enter 77TV EpisodeStephen Williams2007-03-07Lost
66Lost 3.12: Par AvionTV EpisodePaul Edwards2007-03-14Lost
67Lost 3.13: The Man from TallahasseeTV EpisodeJack Bender2007-03-21Lost
68Lost 3.14: ExposéTV EpisodeStephen Williams2007-03-28Lost
69Lost 3.15: Left BehindTV EpisodeKaren Gaviola2007-04-04Lost
70Lost 3.16: One of UsTV EpisodeJack Bender2007-04-11Lost
71Lost 3.17: Catch-22TV EpisodeStephen Williams2007-04-18Lost
72Lost 3.18: D.O.C.TV EpisodeFrederick E.O. Toye2007-04-25Lost
73Lost 3.19: The BrigTV EpisodeEric Laneuville2007-05-02Lost
74Lost 3.20: The Man Behind the CurtainTV EpisodeBobby Roth2007-05-09Lost
75Lost 3.21: Greatest HitsTV EpisodeStephen Williams2007-05-16Lost
76Lost 3.22: Through the Looking Glass, Part 1TV EpisodeJack Bender2007-05-23Lost
77Lost 3.23: Through the Looking Glass, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2007-05-23Lost
78Lost: Missing PiecesWebDamon Lindelof2007-11-07LostTake place during key moments of the first 3 seasons.
79Lost 4.01: The Beginning of the EndTV EpisodeJack Bender2008-01-31Lost
80Lost 4.02: Confirmed DeadTV EpisodeStephen Williams2008-02-07Lost
81Lost 4.03: The EconomistTV EpisodeJack Bender2008-02-14Lost
82Lost 4.04: EggtownTV EpisodeStephen Williams2008-02-21Lost
83Lost 4.05: The ConstantTV EpisodeJack Bender2008-02-28Lost
84Lost 4.06: The Other WomanTV EpisodeEric Laneuville2008-03-06Lost
85Lost 4.07: Ji YeonTV EpisodeStephen Semel2008-03-13Lost
86Lost 4.08: Meet Kevin JohnsonTV EpisodeStephen Williams2008-03-20Lost
87Lost 4.09: The Shape of Things to ComeTV EpisodeJack Bender2008-04-24Lost
88Lost 4.10: Something Nice Back HomeTV EpisodeStephen Williams2008-05-01Lost
89Lost 4.11: Cabin FeverTV EpisodePaul Edwards2008-05-08Lost
90Lost 4.12: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1TV EpisodeStephen Williams2008-05-15Lost
91Lost 4.13: There's No Place Like Home, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2008-05-29Lost
93Lost 5.01: Because You LeftTV EpisodeStephen Williams2009-01-21Lost
94Lost 5.02: The LieTV EpisodeJack Bender2009-01-21Lost
95Lost 5.03: JugheadTV EpisodeRod Holcomb2009-01-28Lost
96Lost 5.04: The Little PrinceTV EpisodeStephen Williams2009-02-04Lost
97Lost 5.05: This Place Is DeathTV EpisodePaul Edwards2009-02-11Lost
98Lost 5.06: 316TV EpisodeStephen Williams2009-02-18Lost
99Lost 5.07: The Life and Death of Jeremy BenthamTV EpisodeJack Bender2009-02-25Lost
100Lost 5.08: LaFleurTV EpisodeMark Goldman2009-03-04Lost
101Lost 5.09: NamasteTV EpisodeJack Bender2009-03-18Lost
102Lost 5.10: He's Our YouTV EpisodeGreg Yaitanes2009-03-25Lost
103Lost 5.11: Whatever Happened, HappenedTV EpisodeBobby Roth2009-04-01Lost
104Lost 5.12: Dead Is DeadTV EpisodeStephen Williams2009-04-08Lost
105Lost 5.13: Some Like It HothTV EpisodeJack Bender2009-04-15Lost
106Lost 5.14: The VariableTV EpisodePaul Edwards2009-04-29Lost
107Lost 5.15: Follow the LeaderTV EpisodeStephen Williams2009-05-06Lost
108Lost 5.16: The Incident, Part 1TV EpisodeJack Bender2009-05-13Lost
109Lost 5.17: The Incident, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2009-05-13Lost
110Lost 6.01: LA X, Part 1TV EpisodeJack Bender2010-02-02Lost
111Lost 6.02: LA X, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2010-02-02Lost
112Lost 6.03: What Kate DoesTV EpisodePaul Edwards2010-02-09Lost
113Lost 6.04: The SubstituteTV EpisodeTucker Gates2010-02-16Lost
114Lost 6.05: LighthouseTV EpisodeJack Bender2010-02-23Lost
115Lost 6.06: SundownTV EpisodeBobby Roth2010-03-02Lost
116Lost 6.07: Dr. LinusTV EpisodeMario Van Peebles2010-03-09Lost
117Lost 6.08: ReconTV EpisodeJack Bender2010-03-16Lost
118Lost 6.09: Ab AeternoTV EpisodeTucker Gates2010-03-23Lost
119Lost 6.10: The PackageTV EpisodePaul Edwards2010-03-30Lost
120Lost 6.11: Happily Ever AfterTV EpisodeJack Bender2010-04-06Lost
121Lost 6.12: Everybody Loves HugoTV EpisodeDaniel Attias2010-04-13Lost
122Lost 6.13: The Last RecruitTV EpisodeStephen Semel2010-04-20Lost
123Lost 6.14: The CandidateTV EpisodeJack Bender2010-05-04Lost
124Lost 6.15: Across the SeaTV EpisodeTucker Gates2010-05-11Lost
125Lost 6.16: What They Died ForTV EpisodePaul Edwards2010-05-18Lost
126Lost 6.17: The End, Part 1TV EpisodeJack Bender2010-05-23Lost
127Lost 6.18: The End, Part 2TV EpisodeJack Bender2010-05-23Lost
128The New Man in ChargeTV EpisodePaul Edwards2010-08-24LostAn epilogue to the series.