Lost Timeline and Episode Order

Lost started a worldwide phenomenon when it debuted in 2004. Since then it went on to be the talk of television, until it ended in 2010 (somewhat controversially). Now it’s still being talked about. This is the Lost timeline.

What’s on the Lost Timeline?

This is the unofficial Lost timeline for fans of the show that aired from 2004 to 2010. The show prompted several pieces of tie-in media, including a few novels focusing on side characters, a video game, some webisodes, and a multi-media online experience.

The Lost Experience as it is called, does not tell too much of a story, but the information provided is considered canon. A link to a gathering of the various websites and other pieces can be found below.

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Where to Start?

There isn’t much complexity to the Lost timeline. What few additional pieces of media exist beyond the show have litter bearing on where you should start. So start with the beginning of the show.

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