Known Space Reading Order

Larry Niven is best known for his Ringworld series, but that science fiction universe is far larger, including dozens of short stories and more from multiple authors writing in Niven’s universe.

Whats on the Known Space Reading Order?

Known Space consists of several series by Larry Niven that he stitched together into one cohesive universe. One of those series, Man-Kzin Wars, is a collection of short stories written by various authors, and compiled/edited by Larry Niven. The end of the Man-Kzin Wars also includes the book Treasure Planet, which is a modernized version of Treasure Island, and was itself adapted as an animated film by Disney.

So here is the comprehensive Known Space reading order. Let us know if you see anything that needs changing, adding, or otherwise modified. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy. If you do, be sure to check out some of our other timelines, such as Asimov’s Foundation Universe.

Where to Start?

While you could start with the Man-Kzin Wars, one of the better places to start is with the original Ringworld. It’s the one that got all of this started, even though there are multiple entry points.

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