Discworld Reading Order

The late Sir Terry Pratchett is the undisputed king of humerous fantasy, and his Discworld universe is by far the most expansive of his writings. It’s a great way to experience his writing.

What’s in the Discworld Reading Order?

While there are many recommended ways to read the Discworld series, written by the late Terry Pratchett, I prefer the chronological approach. There are mostly standalone novels in the Discworld series, but some of them do tie together.

What follows is the Discworld series in chronological order as best as I can place it. There are some short stories that may or may not be in the correct place.

As always, we ask you to let us know if there’s anything out of place or missing. You can do this on our contact page. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy this Discworld reading order. If you do, don’t forget to check out some of our others, such as our Dresden Files timeline.

1 thought on “Discworld Reading Order”

  1. How is this a chronological order when it’s just lumping the books together by theme?

    Just one example: Ridcully first becomes Archchanellor of the Unseen University in Moving Pictures (book 43 above) and yet somehow is in charge 38 books earlier in Interesting Times.

    Your best bet for the Discworld novels is to read them in publication order because, for the most part, that is also the chronological order.


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